Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Moo n Cookies

Even before giving birth to my beautiful daughter in October, I knew that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed her as long as I could. I had had problems breastfeeding my son, supplementing and eventually stopping nursing entirely at nine months old, and was looking for a fresh start with my daughter.

Being a stay at home mom, I am able to feed her on demand, but I knew that pumping and having some backup just in case was a good idea, especially as I had a gallbladder removal surgery scheduled for a month after giving birth.

Oh but The Fates can be cruel! Just as I was basking in the glow of a new and wonderful breastfeeding relationship, I found out that my little girl has PKU and needs to be supplemented with a special protein free formula.

Drawing from experience, I know that even a little supplementing can take a big toll on my supply. Add on top of that, I was facing a gallbladder removal surgery where I was advised to pump and dump for 24 hours.

And I don't react very well to a pump, barely getting a couple ounces a session.

Oh but The Fates can be kind! Enter Moo N Cookies, gluten free lactation cookies and bars!

These goodies come in a wide variety of flavors and include four milk boosting ingredients: oats, almonds, brewers yeast, and flax.

The box I got contained two samplers, one double brewers yeast cookies and the other double brewers yeast bars, a bag of the trail mix in chocolate chip (which had unfortunately opened and spilled a little in the box, though not much), and a handy refrigerator magnet with the flavor abbreviations.

I had received my box of treats just before Thanksgiving and planned on eating them after our feast.

Enter another twist, where I ended up with a five day hospital stay that depleted my frozen milk stash before I could even try one bite, relying solely on my pump to keep my supply going.

I watched, helpless in hospital, as my output plummeted. By day five, I could only pump about 3 ounces for the whole day.

Thankfully, the Mister brought one of the Double Brewers Yeast bars for the ride home from the hospital. 

From then on I faithfully ate my 1-2 bars or 2-3 cookies every day, as recommended. And, to be completely honest, it was difficult to stop at just that amount. They were so yummy I had to stop myself from eating them all at once!

I found the trail mix to have too small of particles to really eat on its own, but is fantastic with some plain Greek yogurt! There was only one flavor I didn't like in my sampler, and that was the Pumpkin Spice cookie, which tasted of too strongly of cinnamon to me. Every other flavor was great though! Though it is tough to decide, my favorite flavors were the apple spice, which even had bits of apple!, and Heath bar with its toffee and chocolate bits.

 On the website FAQ, you are told that you might not see results until 5-7 days after starting, I definitely saw a difference much sooner than that.

 My daughter was not asking to nurse nearly as often, and was leaving me with extra to pump after feeding her. The most telling sign, however, was at night. I started leaking while I slept, waking up with a drenched top and needing to change the bedding, like I did when my milk first came in! It hadn't done that for weeks!

After a couple weeks, I woke up and fed my little girl as usual, and still felt so full I had to pump, resulting in 3 ounces! Remember, this is right after I already nursed until my daughter was full!

You can order your very own lactation treats from the Moo N Cookies website, or message them on Facebook. Cookies start at $15 a dozen and bars start at $18 a dozen. Trail mix is $14 for a 24 ounce baggie.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for deals!

Every treat is gluten free, and there are many options for special dietary needs and allergies.

If you're not sure about your own dietary needs, they are more than helpful.

The only people who probably shouldn't eat these delicious goodies are those who have gallbladder issues, as they do contain a lot of healthy fats.

Each treat is of a generous portion, and leaves you feeling satisfied.

You should keep your treats in the freezer until you are ready to eat, as they are very soft. They will last in the freezer for 6 months (though I can't imagine them lasting that long before I eat them all!) and the trail mix can stay on your counter for 4 weeks.

I'm completely recovered from my surgery, but I still don't react well to my pump and would like to rebuild my freezer stock, so I know that I will be most definitely ordering some more of these extremely tasty treats!

For the next few days, you can try Moo N Cookies for yourself for 10% off orders of $30 or more by using the discount code "review".  Don't delay - this is only good though Jan 10!

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  1. Great review, gonna have to check these out. I have supply issues and I'd like to do something more to help.

    Julie @ velvet-rose.net

  2. I orderes some dby bars from moo n cookies and found hairs in two different bars. Very disappointing