Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: Glomtom Ergonomic Support for Gamers

This is for all my gamers out there, you know who you are: you who had to beat the same game eight times because you NEEDED to see every ending, you who just had to have that platinum achievement for getting  "100%" progress in game.

Hey you in the back! Yes, you, oh self proclaimed "non-gamer".  Didn't you drain your phone's battery no less than three times making sweet three-in-a-rows of candy or flinging disgruntled birds into curiously colored pigs?  I thought so.  Its time for us all to admit that we all have some dalliance into digital distractions, and that's just fine.

Now that we gamers have decided to join the conversation, I have something to bring to your attention.  Your posture is probably atrocious.

Think about it, your default gaming posture most likely consists of some of the following: back arched forward, shoulders slumped and rolled in towards chest, upper body supported by elbows on thighs or knees, hands dangling from weak wrists, all punctuated by jerking your body as your character gets trounced by the boss- for the 267th time.

If this sounds uncomfortably accurate of you, don't feel bad; I did the same thing.  That is, until I got my Glomtom.

The Glomtom is a simple ergonomic support that makes gaming, or any activity involving a handheld digital device, so much more comfortable that once you start using it regularly, you will never want to go without again.  All of this awesome even comes in a delightfully simple package: a cushion-like object that sits in your lap.

By simply elevating your arms fifteen degrees, posture is corrected and tension that you didn't event realize you were building up is diminished.

This all sounded to good to be true, so to check for myself I stopped using the Glomtom halfway through a session, and the difference was so shocking I had to steal it back from the wife right away.

As you can guess, the Glomtom is really comfortable.  The cushion is a very sturdy foam that has just the right amount of give, much more support than from your standard pillow from the bed, and the cover is a durable microfiber cloth that doubles as a great mousepad and is really soft (I may have caught the wife petting it once).

It even has a zippered pocket on the front for storing gaming controllers, or whatever else you would like to stash in you newest gaming accessory, like snacks.

The only thing I can find close to a con on this product is that it's a bit bulky try and toss in a backpack and bring with you to a buddy's house.  But to be honest, its bulk helps make it comfy and I don't really expect it to ever leave arm's reach of my couch anyway, so it's a moot point.

Also, thus far, it is available in a Henry Ford-esque array of color schemes ranging all the way from grey with black trim to grey with black trim (which actually looks quite sharp to me, but I'm sure some color choices would be welcome).

The Glomtom is available on their website for $59.99 and they will be sure to get you the tracking information within a day.  They advise you to plan for a week for FedEx to deliver, though rush shipping is available.

 So, if you have a gamer on your shopping list (that might even be you) please consider instead of a game, the Glomtom; every game will eventually be set aside for something new, but the Glomtom will enhance one's gaming experiences for many years to come.

Glomtom on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glomtom
Glomtom Website: http://glomtom.com/

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  1. I know someone that this would be perfect for! Thank you for posting this!!

  2. I haven't played X-Box in a long time, but this would have been good to have when i was. I'll keep it in mind if/when I take it up again.

  3. I am not really a gamer, but I have a nearly permanent bruise on my thigh from digging my elbow in it when I'm using my laptop/trackball - I love that this is firm enough to act as a mousepad!

  4. Looks cool! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  5. I giggle at its nursing pillow shape (even a place for snacks?? #winning) BUt! I know many gamers that would love this!

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