Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: nügg Beauty Face Masks


In spite of my very best efforts to keep the holiday season as low key as possible, there really is something about this time of year that tends to feel frantic.  When I get stressed and feeling like I can't get everything done that I want to, the first thing to go is self-care, and that is a mistake, because nothing makes a person feel more frantic and unsettled than a glance in the mirror and seeing a tired, tense face glancing back.

For all of these reasons, I was really pleased to have the opportunity to check out nügg Beauty Face Masks.  These little individual use pods provide six different 10 minute face masks that pamper your skin and provide a short, manageable break from your busy day - simple enough to fit into a full schedule, but full of 'me time' benefits.  Wonderful, right?

For this review, I tried five out of the six face mask options (I decided it was best for my dry skin not to use the Deep Cleansing Face Mask, intended to reduce shine).

There are several ways to buy these masks - they are available at Target as well as on the nügg Beauty Website.  You can buy individual pods for $ 3.29 each, or packs of five of one type for $16.45.  They also come in a variety of 4-packs for $12.99.  This time of year, they even have cute stocking stuffer 2-packs available for $5.99!

Each of the face mask has the same general look and feel to it - a soft, white, nearly opaque gel that is lightly scented.

They're intended to go onto clean, dry skin for between 5-10 minutes, and then rinsed off.  They are cool feeling, and slightly sticky (just enough that it won't drip down your face).

Unlike some masks, these do not dry while they're on the skin, and I found that made it easy to remove.

I also found that there was more than enough in one application to cover my face generously as instructed.  Unfortunately, I had leftovers each time, and there is no easy way to preserve the leftover for a second use, since it's a peel off seal.  I'd love if there were a snap on lid (like little condiment cups), but even so, you'll definitely get one good face mask experience with each pod.

None of nügg's face masks are tested on animals, and they're made in the US, using natural ingredients.

The first one I tried was the Anti-Aging mask, intended to firm the skin and reduce fine lines.  Its primary ingredients are B3, wheat germ oil, white tea extract, glycerin and aloe vera.  The scent was pleasant and subtle and I experienced a firming sensation along with a slight tingle (a frequent experience for me with anti-aging products).  The tingle was soothed once I moisturized after using.

The Hydrating Face Mask has a number of ingredients specifically intended to help the skin retain moisture.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit - no tingle, and my skin felt smooth and soft for several hours after.  I still followed up with a moisturizer, and couple happily see myself using this mask weekly.

The Exfoliating Face Mask was also a pleasure to use - not intended for sensitive skin, this mask uses jojoba beads (an environmentally safe non-petroleum replacement for microbeads) and L-Lactic Acid to remove dry dead skin cells, while the remaining ingredients sooths the face.  I was very surprised and pleased to note that my face felt smooth rather than scratched after use, and wasn't even red (that never happens after I exfoliate!).  This is definitely one I'd enjoy using regularly.

That said, it was the Soothing Face Mask that made me happiest - chock full of gentle soothers like shea butter, this does exactly what it says it will: calms the skin and reduces redness, and I found it did a much more intense and long lasting job increasing hydration than the mask specifically for hydration.  While each user's reaction is likely to be different, I think this is THE ONE to get if you plan to only try one, unless your skin is very oily.

The last one I tried as the Revitalizing Face Mask, which has a wonderful cool mint scent and again, did just what it says it does - refreshes and plumps the skin (much like the anti-aging mask, but in a way I found more enjoyable).  With this you want to be very careful around your eyes (and remember that fumes carry), and wash your hands very well after application, but as long as you're cautious I think this would be a lovely pick-me-up for anyone feeling tired and worn down.

I would strongly recommend keeping a few of these on hand, and think nügg Beauty Face Masks would be perfect stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, or as a part of a spa-themed gift basket.  I definitely plan on buying more for myself.

Nap Time Craft: Cake Stand Tutorial

A few weeks ago I finally made it to the Dollar Store (after trying to go there for a good two years now - here at Fort Irwin, we live very far away from everything!). 

As I was wandering down those isles of amazingly cheap items I remembered a Pinterest post that crossed my path a few years ago and the memory of a Cake Stand with Dollar Store items popped back in my mind. 

I have been looking at those pretty cake stands ever since I started baking, but they are so incredibly expensive and this was just the perfect opportunity for me to satisfy that inner crafty monster while making something that I always wanted and without my husband coming after me for blowing the budget! 

DIY Dollar Store Cake Stand

Here is what you will need:
  • Dollar Store metal plates (I choose round and oval ones)
  • Dollar Store candle holders
  • Super glue
  • Spray paint
  • a bigger cardboard
total time: 20-30 min including time to dry.

Step one:
Glue the candle holders to the metal plates and let it all dry (I waited 5-10min just to be sure)

Step two:
Place them with the metal platter down and the candle holder up and give them a nice coat of spray paint (don't forget to protect your surface with the cardboard!).

I also recommend doing this outside, in the garage or at least in a very well ventilated place.
Let it all dry for about 5min.

Step three:
Turn the cake stands right side up and give the up side a good paint coat as well and let it dry.

(Repeat Step two and three if wanted until you have the coverage you like!)

Step four:
admire your super easy finished product :)

It is really a super easy craft and the best part: you can get it all done in a single nap time!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Framebridge Custom Framing


This review is going to be a good one for all of you art fanatics and home decor junkies! I am one of those people with a million pictures on my walls in a bunch of the same old matching frames you can get from Target or Walmart.... I love eccentric frames but generally speaking, when you find them in the store, you know at least one person who has the same frame... Framebridge will most definitely change that for you.

Framebridge is an online custom framing service. You can set up your order via computer or with a downloadable iPhone app.

You choose the frame type that you want (they even have a cheat sheet, if you are looking for a specific thing to be framed.. ie: diploma, picture, etc). Pricing and Sizing are based on Length and Width of your "Art" and not the frame. It is as follows:

Instagram $39 (printed at 5" x 5")
Extra Small $59 (up to 5" x 7")
Small $79 (up to 9" x 12")
Medium $99 (up to 16" x 20")
Large $139 (up to 24" x 36")
Extra large $159 (up to 32" x 40")

You then submit your "Art" online or opt for them to send you a mailer to fit your art and submit it that way. 

Once your art is received, they email you with any questions or concerns and then your art arrives shortly after! 

Seems pretty cut and dry right? Well... I had a few hiccups that I want to discuss.. So I chose the frame I liked from their website and started the process of moving forward. I made a mistake - I chose to send in my artwork, which I later realized I should have submitted it to them online (due to me not having the actual art, just a picture online), this was quickly changed through an email to a great customer service agent for Framebridge. The site itself was a little confusing but if you take your time, read all the fine prints, you will navigate through it, and I very much appreciated the friendly help I received when I got confused.

One thing that I did not care for was the fact that only some of the frames offer different coloring for the Mat Selection! I did not know it was even an option until after I ordered and went back onto the website to look around, that I was able to choose a different color mat if wanted. Bummer! My husband even mentioned that our photos would have looked much better with a black mat compared to the white mat we got.  

I opted for a Large and Small Frame when I was making my choice. I went with the HATTERAS frame which is so rustic and just gorgeous! This style totally fit my household and I had the perfect pictures for it. I chose to put some pictures from my honeymoon into the frames and Ahh sooo perfect! 

I received my frames in a nice neat packaging that included some extra equipment for hanging options. I LOVED how my pictures looked in these frames, let me tell you! I fell in love! I went to hang them right away and was devastated when I noticed that there was rippling in one of the pictures. I immediately got on my email and let them know what I noticed. They asked for pictures to see what had happened. I got a very quick response, an apology and a tracking number with a new frame being shipped out just a few days later! I can say that this is one of the best qualities in a company, customer service, attentiveness and understanding! This company was great to communicate with and work with. 

While I myself would not pay the prices for these frames (I am SO frugal, it is almost embarrassing), I think this would be a great addition to anyone's home who appreciates art and nice frames. There are so many choices to choose from and they customize to your size. 

They offer styles such as Classic, Clean, Eclectic, Canvas and Other. With choices of colors, sizing and visual differences, you  definitely have some options while on their site. You can do Float mounting (which is beautiful for old style pictures to show its true character) for an extra cost than the regular mat style. 

They use Acrylic instead of glass in their frames as well. This helps to prevent the glare that glass does and it is safer for the shipping process. 

Do yourself a favor and check them out! I will highly recommend this company to my friends and family!!

If you use the code RCH10 at check out, you'll get 10% off your first order!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Awesome Life Friday #44 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome and Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Word My Son Taught Me to Eliminate From My Vocabulary


A few months ago I realized I was starting to tell my son “to hurry”. One day as we were out walking, I stopped in the middle of telling him to hurry to our next location. Were we really in a hurry? No. Did we need to hurry? Absolutely not!

I started thinking about why I was telling him to hurry. Was it the constant reminder of society that tells us to rush? Was it that his little legs don’t walk as fast as mine? Was it that we are on a military base and hear “hurry up and wait”?

I had to remind myself: Slow down, “hurrying” means you’re missing what’s right here.

Every time I was telling my son to hurry, what was I missing out on? The world is all new to him and he is an explorer ready for adventure. He often shows me things I have never noticed before.

When he wants to stop and smell the flowers, why not!? I could use some aroma therapy to rejuvenate the day. We now stop at dirt piles in odd locations, pull out the construction toys and dig.

I now let him take his time and show me everything from his perspective. He’s taught me to be present, slow down, and not rush through his childhood. If we really need to be some place at a certain time I backwards plan and allow way more time than we actually need.

I don’t want him to learn “to hurry” as a child. The world of rushing can wait for him to decide on his own if he wants to be a part of it or not.

Slow down, and enjoy life. Let the “hurrying” go.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review & Giveaway: EcoAble Long Sleeved Bib with Crumb Catcher Pocket


Having two small children (4 years and 13 months), I am no stranger to the messes that come with them. Especially when it comes to mealtimes. Purees and sauces can fly across the room, don't you know? And then there's the general drooling mess while chewing on something when teething. Shirts get soaked. Laundry is done three times a day trying to keep up. In the end, I'm exhausted and adorable outfits are stained.

Most of my bibs simply don't cover enough area to really be worth having to wash them as well after every meal. Thankfully, EcoAble's new Long Sleeved Bib with Crumb Catcher Pocket has come to my rescue.

That's right, EcoAble, the cloth diaper company that Jackie has reviewed multiple times, now offers a long sleeved bib.

But, Jessica, how is a bib long sleeved? Doesn't it just go around the neck, and cover the minimal amount of shirt? Not if you're EcoAble!

This bib is in a smock style, so it actually covers the entire front of the shirt as well as having the long sleeves, and a velcro closure in the back at the neck. It also features a nifty little pocket crumb catcher, which helps to prevent the mess from getting onto the pants. This really is a full coverage bib!

The bib is one size, fitting 6 months to 2 years. My daughter is in 18 month clothing, and this fits perfectly: some room to grow, but not drowning her in fabric.

This bib is made of PUL fabric, which, if you're not into cloth diapering, is a waterproof laminated fabric that is easy to clean. Seriously, for the most part, you can just wipe the messes off of the bib with a washcloth. For when you do need to wash it, simply put the bib in the washer on a gentle cycle and air dry (although, I'll be honest, my washing machine does not have a gentle cycle, it has a cool and a hot cycle, so I just put it in cool with the rest of my laundry, and I've had no issues).

Now, you may think that air dry means it will take all day to dry out and be usable again, but that isn't so. Even here, in rainy Washington State, it only takes an hour to dry.

My absolute favorite part of this bib, hands down, has got to be the elastic at the wrists.

This little detail creates a seal around the hands, so zero mess finds its way onto the clothes underneath.

I've seen her little hands absolutely covered in mess, certain that the clothes below the bib are going to need a wash. I should not have worried! The elastic wrists do their job well!

I love this bib so much, I've even taken to having her wear it around the house before we go out, so if she decides to snack on something, I don't have to worry about her needing to change her clothes at the very last moment.

EcoAble believes that childhood should be a celebration, and that is certainly evident in their many adorable prints! With 18 different colors and prints to choose from, you can't go wrong. I decided to go with the birds print, and I was well rewarded. While it looked super cute online, it was nothing compared to how it looks on the baby. Not gonna lie, I squeed so hard when I first put it on her.

Adorable print + adorable baby = mommy making funny noises.

You can find your very own EcoAble bib in all of the adorable prints and colors online in their store or on Amazon for 14.99. I honestly think that every parent of a messy toddler (is there any other kind?) should have at least one.

EcoAble is offering one of these fantastic bibs to one of our US readers!  Read on to see how you can enter.

One US reader will win an EcoAble smock bib in the fabric design of their choice, from what's in stock at the time this giveaway ends ($14.99 value).

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Party in Your PJs #83

Welcome to Party in Your PJs!

Happy Tuesday!  Reviews, Chews & How-Tos has joined the Party in Your PJs Link Party - your posts will now be seen on five different blogs each week.   In addition to Kim from The Cookie Puzzle and Bree from bumblebreeblog, you'll also find Party in Your PJs every Tuesday evening at Grandma Ideas, Wood of Bell Trees and... here!

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Bree @ bumblebreeblog

Bree explores the possibilities offered by new and recycled materials to create solutions for decorating, the holidays, and gift giving that combine thoughtful inspiration with myriad materials and careful planning to create excellent projects. In addition to crafting, BumbleBreeBlog includes craft and blog related lifestyle advice ranging from wedding vendors to blog tips, and every bit of inspiration along the way. Bree Inspired! 

Kim @ The Cookie Puzzle 

Kim is a small town girl who love simple things. Simple cookies, simple crafts and simple people. She is a wife, mother to one son and two adorable fur babies. Slightly addicted to reality TV and sitcoms, but she loves curling up with a good book or a good walk while listening to podcasts. You can find her at The Cookie Puzzle, where she shares her love for cookies and crafting. 

Nina @ Grandma Ideas

How is this: Nina is wildly in love with her grandchildren. She delights in doing activities with them that strengthen their relationship –- playing games, doing crafts, snuggling, reading stories to them, and cooking together. She enjoys reading, technology, and traveling. (Tahiti is her most favorite place on earth!)

Lynda @ Reviews, Chews & How-Tos 

Lynda lives outside DC with her husband Michael and elderly beagle, Sadie. She and her daughter Jackie started RCHReviews as a way to spend time together in spite of living across country, and along the way they've added several friends as regular contributors. Between them all, they bring together many different perspectives and lifestyles with one common philosophy - try new things, have fun, and remember you are awesome!

 Heather @ Wood of Bell Trees

Heather is a wife of a peanut butter fanatic and mom of one silly human and one furry canine, wrangling life on 2nd shift and glitterizing everything as she goes!

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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Trust Your Melody by Lana Mayes


A couple weeks back, the topic of RCH came up in a discussion on one of my Clubfoot support pages on Facebook. I believe it was concerning my review on the bar covers for the brace. A fellow mom, Lana Mayes, inquired about where to find the site. After a little while, she returned and asked if she could send me a copy of a book she had written. She decribed it as a parenting book that talks about her struggles with numerous aspects, Clubfoot being one of them.

I had yet to read a single adult book (there are various children’s book on the subject) concerning clubfoot, so I was very intrigued to dive into this one! As I was scheduled to move in a weeks time and the book would be sent from Australia, I had her ship it to my next stop. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

About a week into my visit with my mom, it came in a the mail. It was beautifully wrapped, and included a delicious chocolate, bookmark and business card.

I decided to save the reading for the upcoming 9 hour flight to Germany I had coming up –but happily enjoyed the chocolate treat with more promptness.

Once we  were settled in our airline seats, (and kids magically asleep!). I  pulled out my copy of Trust Your Melody by Lana Mayes.

The first thing I noticed was how somber the cartoon people on the front cover appeared. The older boy (sporting his clubfoot brace) looks almost angry, the younger baby has visible tears running down his sad face, and the mom…she looks done.

My one year old loves the cover! I don’t know if it’s the bright hot pink background that draws her in, or the cartoon picture (she does point to the boy in Boots and Bar just like hers and lights up) but she has stolen this book from me numerous times.

By the end of the second chapter, titled ‘Welcome to the Club’ I was in tears. I read it with my mouth hanging open, while actually nodding at the paperback in my hands. Although I’m right around 18 months past Penelope’s prenatal diagnosis, I recalled each and every feeling and thought that Lana describes. I easily could have written that chapter.

In similar fashion, we were clued in that SOMETHING was questionable, but left to wonder what the heck that meant. She tells of having to assure herself that it’s ok to grieve. That one took me awhile. There were so many people, people in my actual life, dealing with much bigger issues, but that didn’t stop my world from flipping upside down and worrying about what was to come. Clubfoot, or any other challenge that life throws you and your offspring, it is OK to grieve what you imagined, and what will never be.

After that chapter, I had to put it down. One, because I didn’t care for the crying that was taking place in a public, and quite crowded, space.. and two because I it was clear I needed to join the kids in slumber on this redeye.

A few days later, at our new 1am, I discovered the hell of jetlag. Sleep was nowhere in sight. For about 3 nights in a row, I was up until nearly 5am. In those 3 nights, I breezed through Trust Your Melody, soaking in every story. Much I could relate to, some I just wanted to reach out and hug this poor mama and thank my lucky stars that I didn’t deal with the same trials.

It took a few chapters to realize that it isn’t written in chronological order. Each chapter is a different subject matter with stories and personal recounts jam packed. I was slightly confused when her oldest Zachary, was 1 at the end of a chapter, then suddenly a few weeks old in the start of the next. Also, the book begins with her friend Melody, encouraging her to take a therapeutic journal writing class, which eventually led to Lana realizing she has stories to share, and a book that needed writing.

This friend, Melody, is not the Melody she is encouraging you to trust, of course. She is referring to the little ‘Melody’ we each have inside of us. The wisdom filled, positive voice that’s always there when we need it most.

Less than a third of the book is actually directly about clubfoot, but it’s still a large contributing factor to understanding the depths of challenge that Lana dealt with as a mother to two (under 2!)

In all honestly Clubfoot seemed like small potatoes in comparison to the Reflux issues her son Zachary also dealt with. Admittedly this wasn’t an issue I know a lot about, so I couldn’t relate as personally as I did with other concerns. That didn’t make the book any less interesting. It opened my eyes to how easy I’ve had it, and helped me appreciate things better. I will never look at a tantrum the same way now that I know how much worse it could be!

Lana is so real about every aspect surrounding her mommyhood. She gives lots of details about the tumultuous second pregnancy, with son Thomas.

I laughed, I cried, I audibly said ‘yep!’ as she described a few of the physical ailments I, too, limped through, (seriously, Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction is so awful…) all while being in complete awe of everything she was dealing with at once.

She seems to have a wonderfully loving husband, though doesn’t touch on him too much, clearly keeping the focus on her and her struggles.

Based on the cover, I wondered if she was a single mother, but when she does mention him, she speaks very highly. There is also a serene beach family photo in the back of the book.

There are two chapters I love the most. Chapter 6 ‘Broken Down Body’ goes into great detail about the bad and ugly no one likes to hear-  unless you need to be reminded that you aren’t alone. Pregnancy, labor, delivery and motherhood takes its toll, much of that is normal, but some things need medical attention. Fecal Matter Transplant- did you know that was a thing? Me neither.. now I do.

Chapter 8 ‘My Mummy Mask’ is so raw. We all wear masks, for better or worse. Very few people will ever see your completely authentic, take it or leave it, self. Moms in particular get so much pressure to perform a certain way, and do so with such a smile.

Lana says it best:

 “... by fiercely protecting my ‘privacy’ and not being honest, very few people knew how much support I needed.” 

We dwell about how no one gets it and how alone we feel, but the truth is, we don’t know what's behind everyone’s mask. Nor do we know how much better off we would be if we let people in to help us. Even if just to your medical staff, don’t keep the whole world believing your façade.

There is also a chapter about tips and tricks that she accumulated through her personal life. A bit of it is about how to deal with Reflux, but most of it is about clubfoot. I loved reading her advice. She is further in her journey than us, in fact, her boy ends his time wearing braces in just a few days!

She ends the book with a unique kind of glossary. Using words or phrases she discussed throughout the book, she gives HER definition to them - what they meant in conjunction with her life.

It is a nice quick read with just 127 pages. You don’t have to be left guessing how things manifest, because she has a beautiful blog to keep us all updated!

You can buy a copy of Trust Your Melody for $30, purchased via her personal website or download a free sneak preview! An E-book version will be available soon, according to Lana.

I would recommend this book to anyone in the first year or so of motherhood. It’s a nice reminder that we aren’t alone, that you can DO this, and that this too, shall pass. I wouldn’t want to gift this to someone with the birth of a baby still on the horizon; it may be a bit too scary without your own stories to draw from.

I plan on holding on to my copy and can’t wait to find just the right mom to pass it along to - Meanwhile, Lana is giving away a copy of Trust Your Melody to one of our readers WORLD-WIDE!  The winner may select either a paperback book or an ebook (which will be available in early December).

Read on to see how you can enter!

To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Rafflecopter below, then leave the name you commented under and your email in the box in the Rafflecopter entry. (This allows us to contact you if you win!) This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.

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Once the winner has responded and confirmed, their first name will be posted on our Giveaways page.

Good luck everyone!

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