Monday, November 2, 2015

No-Sew Tabletop Ironing Board

Are you a quilter that needs a smaller iron board that you can use while sitting down? A crafter that needs to occasionally smooth out wrinkles or flatten a seam on your latest project?  Perhaps you're a
parent that wants to teach your children how to iron and want to make them a mini board or even want to iron your clothes while on the go?
This board is for you, and it's easy to make!

I personally made this board to press my seams open when I am sewing bags or quilter blocks, etc. But then my son came to me and asked for one so...why not teach them young.?

No Sew Tabletop Ironing Board
Materials needed/used:
1) Iron
2) Scrap piece of wood the size and shape of your desired ironing board (repurposed is fine)

3) Hot Glue Gun with (Optional Popsicle sticks to spread glue)
4) Staple Gun with staples
5) Outer Fabric (repurposed sturdy fabric is fine)
7)If you decide on an different backing fabric you will need that as well8) Hammer
9) Ruler with marker and  fabric scissors
The first time I did this, I found a 10 x 9 1/2 board laying around my garage so that is what I used.

First, measure the batting.  You'll want this to be good and thick, so use a double layer, by folding it over before laying it on top of your board. Lay a ruler on top of the batting and mark your cut marks with a marker, making sure you have about  2 inches of overhang around the entire board.

Cut through both layers of batting by following your cut marks.

SIDE NOTE: Before beginning the next step, make sure you have the right size nail, by holding it up to your board. Make sure the nail will not go entirely through the board, leaving sharp spikes on the other side.

Once this is done, take the staple gun and begin stapling around the board.

Start with a short side first being careful not to pull.  Put a staple in the middle of the short side, then two on each side.  Repeat with the other short side, this time pulling to make sure it's a tight fit, then staple middle and then the two sides and hammer down.
When you get to the longer sides, this is where you have to turn in the corners. Start as you did the short sides with the middle then doing the sides two on each side from the middle.

Once you have done this, turn your corner to the middle of the board with the thickest of the batting this will create a round corner. Do the same for the other side and pull so its a tight fit.
After your batting is on, you will do the exact same thing for your outer fabric. For my project, I  re-purposed an old queen size sheet.

Lay the outer fabric on the fold as you did with the batting, so when you cut you get two pieces.This time, once you lay it out you will 3 inches out from the board before cutting, and then follow the same exact steps as you did for the batting.

Now use whatever backing fabric you decided on - this is the fabric that will be on the underside of your ironing board. Sturdier fabric is best, so if you are using a repurposed sheet or other thin cotton, I would recommend 3 layers of the thin material.

For my project, I used some cheap white fleece that I got from Walmart.

As before keep it on the fold so you will have two levels, and cut around the board 1 inch out. This 1 inch will be used to fold the fabric into the board to make a nice edge.
I found it easiest to make a long line of glue onto the board and fold the backing fabric onto that and hammer down to spread the glue.

This time, start with one of the longer sides and remember not to pull, then go to the other long side, this time pulling gently to ensure it is taut (not too hard or you'll pull the whole thing loose before it dries!

Once you have done both the longer sides, cut an inch to an inch and a half triangle off at the corner, then fold one side in and with your fingers push the fabric under and creating a rounded corner.

If you are using the same sheet fabric as for the top, it will come out much better than the fleece I used, as it super stretchy and soft.

Do this for all sides and hammer down to spread the glue.

Let sit for at least 30 minutes to dry. Then you are completely done and ready to iron on it.
Hope you guys enjoy making these, remember you can do this with any size.


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