Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: nügg Beauty Face Masks

In spite of my very best efforts to keep the holiday season as low key as possible, there really is something about this time of year that tends to feel frantic.  When I get stressed and feeling like I can't get everything done that I want to, the first thing to go is self-care, and that is a mistake, because nothing makes a person feel more frantic and unsettled than a glance in the mirror and seeing a tired, tense face glancing back.

For all of these reasons, I was really pleased to have the opportunity to check out nügg Beauty Face Masks.  These little individual use pods provide six different 10 minute face masks that pamper your skin and provide a short, manageable break from your busy day - simple enough to fit into a full schedule, but full of 'me time' benefits.  Wonderful, right?

For this review, I tried five out of the six face mask options (I decided it was best for my dry skin not to use the Deep Cleansing Face Mask, intended to reduce shine).

There are several ways to buy these masks - they are available at Target as well as on the nügg Beauty Website.  You can buy individual pods for $ 3.29 each, or packs of five of one type for $16.45.  They also come in a variety of 4-packs for $12.99.  This time of year, they even have cute stocking stuffer 2-packs available for $5.99!

Each of the face mask has the same general look and feel to it - a soft, white, nearly opaque gel that is lightly scented.

They're intended to go onto clean, dry skin for between 5-10 minutes, and then rinsed off.  They are cool feeling, and slightly sticky (just enough that it won't drip down your face).

Unlike some masks, these do not dry while they're on the skin, and I found that made it easy to remove.

I also found that there was more than enough in one application to cover my face generously as instructed.  Unfortunately, I had leftovers each time, and there is no easy way to preserve the leftover for a second use, since it's a peel off seal.  I'd love if there were a snap on lid (like little condiment cups), but even so, you'll definitely get one good face mask experience with each pod.

None of nügg's face masks are tested on animals, and they're made in the US, using natural ingredients.

The first one I tried was the Anti-Aging mask, intended to firm the skin and reduce fine lines.  Its primary ingredients are B3, wheat germ oil, white tea extract, glycerin and aloe vera.  The scent was pleasant and subtle and I experienced a firming sensation along with a slight tingle (a frequent experience for me with anti-aging products).  The tingle was soothed once I moisturized after using.

The Hydrating Face Mask has a number of ingredients specifically intended to help the skin retain moisture.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit - no tingle, and my skin felt smooth and soft for several hours after.  I still followed up with a moisturizer, and couple happily see myself using this mask weekly.

The Exfoliating Face Mask was also a pleasure to use - not intended for sensitive skin, this mask uses jojoba beads (an environmentally safe non-petroleum replacement for microbeads) and L-Lactic Acid to remove dry dead skin cells, while the remaining ingredients sooths the face.  I was very surprised and pleased to note that my face felt smooth rather than scratched after use, and wasn't even red (that never happens after I exfoliate!).  This is definitely one I'd enjoy using regularly.

That said, it was the Soothing Face Mask that made me happiest - chock full of gentle soothers like shea butter, this does exactly what it says it will: calms the skin and reduces redness, and I found it did a much more intense and long lasting job increasing hydration than the mask specifically for hydration.  While each user's reaction is likely to be different, I think this is THE ONE to get if you plan to only try one, unless your skin is very oily.

The last one I tried as the Revitalizing Face Mask, which has a wonderful cool mint scent and again, did just what it says it does - refreshes and plumps the skin (much like the anti-aging mask, but in a way I found more enjoyable).  With this you want to be very careful around your eyes (and remember that fumes carry), and wash your hands very well after application, but as long as you're cautious I think this would be a lovely pick-me-up for anyone feeling tired and worn down.

I would strongly recommend keeping a few of these on hand, and think nügg Beauty Face Masks would be perfect stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, or as a part of a spa-themed gift basket.  I definitely plan on buying more for myself.


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