Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Party in Your PJs #213: Simple Hacks to Make Life Easier!

Happy Tuesday!  With the first day of summer almost upon us, I'm focused on not only getting things done, but getting them done quickly and well so there is time to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of summer living - so this week, my attention went straight to several of the excellent hacks that were shared with last week's party.

Read on and see what I chose to feature!

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Review: Cave Tools BBQ Brush (15% promo code)

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Well, here I am back with another great Cave Tools product! This time around I have been given a BBQ Brush for review! And just in time for all the summer time BBQ parties.

This isn't your typical run of the mill brush, either. Most brushes you buy from the store are a single bristle or those weird bristles that poke straight up which bend and are never the same after one use.

Cave Tools has made a triple bristle stainless steel BBQ brush.

What does that mean? Well, look at the design.. It is 3 full bristles that are clipped together for extra power.

The innovative way that they are positioned help you easily get in between the grates on your BBQ grill, which is where all the grimy build up happens.

To check out this brush, I started out with a grill top that had been previously cooked on. I believe we had made a tri-tip on it with sauce so it was extra gross and caked on.

As with all other brushes, we heated up the grill just a bit to make the baked on bits a little easier to remove.

Come to find out, that is an unneeded step with this brush! As soon as we started to clean the grill, it was just coming off with so much ease.

Normally we have to really scrub to get the stuff off, but not with the Cave Tools Grill Brush.

It cut our usual prep time in half which is always nice.

We were able to warm the BBQ up, clean the grate and cook within 30 minutes. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

This brush is also 100% rust proof so you don't have to worry about bringing in your tool after use. I always hated finding my brush damaged or rusted after forgetting it and letting it get rained on.

My only criticism (and it really does not even affect the product itself) is that the company logo on the brush was scraped half way off when it arrived. Maybe a little quality control is needed before shipping just to ensure that their logo (which is what customers look for) is looking perfect!

At only $11.99, the Cave Tools Grill Brush would be a great gift for the BBQ fanatics in your life - if you have a grill, you need this brush!

Cave Tools is offering our readers a 15% discount on the Grill Brush with Triple Stainless Steel Bristles if you purchase from their website.  Use the code BBQBRUSH15 at checkout.

Grill Brush on Cavetools.com
Amazon Listing

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Time Fun Link Party

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We're excited to co-host the Summer Time Fun Link Party! We've joined with a group of our blogging friends to bring you a month long link party. As we jump into summer, you're invited to share your summer time posts with us! Share your crafts, DIY projects, recipes, activities, vacation ideas, and more!

What are you celebrating this summer? Cookouts, vacations, hot weather, Farmer's Market bounty and family gatherings?  Share what you're up to here, where it will be seen on fifteen different blogs!

I'm looking forward to visiting family and friends, doing a bit of traveling, and getting our home in order.  To kick things off, I'm sharing the perfect hot weather potluck offering - Quinoa Vegetable Salad, sure to be a welcome addition to any picnic table.

Meet Your Co-Hosts!

All of the co-hosts will be sharing a summer post to kick off the party. Check them out!

Link up as many posts as you'd like in keeping with the summer time theme. Come back often during the month for inspiration and to add your latest posts, too! All of the co-hosts will share a features post on July 19th.  We'll see you then!