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A Fanson in Tulsa

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Living the life of TTC (Trying To Conceive)


There is a whole world out there, with its own language to decipher, composed of women trying to conceive, or TTC.

As you try to navigate it, all the acronyms being used can be so confusing! Some common terms seen on the TTC support scene are:

  • AF- aunt flow,  
  • BFN- big fat negative, 
  • and MC- miscarriage. 

I am among these women who are TTC, and one of the ways I deal with it is connecting with others in a similar situation, seeing their stories as they choose to share, celebrating pregnancies (sometimes grudgingly), and crying over others.

This has been a hard journey, and I'm still on it. Maybe someday I can do a follow up post about morning sickness, and odd cravings.

I've always wanted to have kids, two of them. I grew up with a single mom taking care my  younger brother and me, and I envisioned the same life for me. That may seem sad, not having a partner to raise my children with. To me though, it was a sign of a strong woman to be the role of mother and father, and to be there for the ups and downs.

However, I have been with my honey for 11 years, married for almost 9, and now I couldn't imagine doing anything without him.

He has two boys, a 15 year old, and a 19 year old. I have seen the boys grow for over 10 years, and seen how my husband has raised them. Even when neither lived with us, he was 100% there for them. His love for them, and commitment to be present in their lives was one of the first things I loved about him.

My husband and I talked often about having kids, even when we were dating.  I decided one would be fine, as he has two kids already. He wanted none. I thought we would just date for a little while.

Then he proposed, so we talked kids again. Some day, he said.

A few years after being married, I had my first confirmed miscarriage, which prompted more conversations about the right time for us to try for a baby. We decided to wait a few more years before stopping birth control.

In preparation for wanting to get pregnant, I talked to my doctor. I mentioned to her that previous to my confirmed miscarriage, I believe I had another years before, in my early 20’s. Back then, I was going to a free clinic, and was just another girl. I was too scared and embarrassed to call them, until a few days later.

I was told it was too late to confirm a miscarriage, so they said it probably wasn't. No appointment was offered - this was all discussion over the phone. It's haunted me though, I remember so much pain, and lots of blood.

After explaining this to her, my doctor told me that if everything is not perfect, the pregnancy will not be viable, and that miscarriages are much more common than most people know.

To have a healthy pregnancy, my doctor suggested I lose 34 pounds, from 174 to 140. She gave me a list of foods to try to avoid and suggested a few days of exercise each week. This would help get my body in a healthy place, and possibly get rid of my mild sleep apnea, and fairly consistent migraines.

I was all about this idea. If this will give me a baby, let's do it.

I learned about Herbalife, drank two shakes a day, ate healthier, and started doing boot-camp like workouts 3 days a week. The weight melted off! I started to look and feel so much better, I was sleeping through the night, and noticed a huge decreases in migraines too!

Then it happened. I got pregnant!

I took the test when my period was late, and it told me what I have waited and waited to see: big, bold PREGNANT.

This was two years ago.

I knew I was pregnant for about a week before I started spotting, and cramping. I miscarried. This is now two, maybe 3 lost babies.

I worked so hard, lost weight, got healthy, and cried. And cried.

A few months later we started trying again.

I get an ovulation tracking app Glow, log way too much info daily, lay still for at least 15 minutes after having sex, even grab some ovulation tests to pee on daily.

Month after month is a disappointment.  I start questioning everything.

I wonder if Herbalife had a negative effect? So I see a nutritionist, bring all my products and go over them one by one. She scours the labels, talks to me about how many shakes I drink, and my other eating habits. She declared Herbalife shakes safe for pregnancy, and nursing later.

Phew, I love my shakes!

Then I started looking into some infertility sites, starting with Kaiser, and clicking each link Google gave me.

Until I went through this, I always thought infertility was the inability to get pregnant. For me, it takes forever, like, a year,  to get pregnant,  but I do get pregnant. Infertility is also the inability to remain pregnant.  Ok. That's me.

There are tons of sites one can go to for information, but almost more helpful are the sites to go to for support. I mentioned before reading others' stories. They can be so heart-wrenching. For some, after multiple miscarriages these women report they are finally pregnant. I can do that, right?

9 months ago, my period was late again, and my breasts were really sore. For a month, sore.  I took a test and there it is, digital read out says PREGNANT.

I wait a few days and tell my mom on her birthday, July 21st.

I know how things may turn out, but I felt different this time. My breasts never hurt for so long, nor had I been so exhausted. These are great signs! I don't tell people, just my husband, mom, and a cousin who was a few months pregnant with her second child.

My cousin tells me that her sister is pregnant, too. My other cousin told her mom on her birthday, July 18th, like I did. We each conceived within a week of each other. I thought to myself that God, if there is one, wouldn't make me lose my baby and watch my cousin be pregnant, and have a happy, healthy baby.

It's not about being competitive, which I know I can be. It’s about knowing trimester by trimester where I would have been, and watching this new person grow, knowing I would have a child the same age.

Horrible, negative thoughts, I know.

I got an ultrasound, all looked fine, I saw my little cheerio, and of course blood tests were done, too.

I got a call a few days later from a nurse, letting me know my thyroid levels were within the normal range, but higher than they wanted. I was advised to get a prescription to moderate my hypothyroidism. I even talked to a specialist who explained that the thyroid is like a thermostat for the body, and having the wrong levels could affect pregnancy in a big way.  Good thing I got my prescription.

Another blood test showed that my hCG levels were not rising as much as they should. I look online and to see what this meant.

So many stories, those who had slow rising levels and still had a healthy baby, some that miscarried shortly after, and horrifically, some that miscarried in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I just couldn't imagine that.

I had hope though, even though the doctors were letting me know I had a good chance of miscarrying again. No, that can't happen, I think.

Then I start spotting. Then light cramping. Then more.

I couldn't believe this was happening again. How? Why?

A few days later I pass what was my baby. I froze. What was I supposed to do, flush? I couldn't.

My husband comes back to the bathroom when I don't come to the living room after a long time. I broke down. I couldn't go back in the restroom. He flushed. It was the size of my thumb.

I couldn't handle the loss.

I cried, but wouldn't allow myself to really cry. We had both boys home, but we didn't tell them. I hid how I felt. My mom, who lives in Oklahoma came to California to give me hugs and support.

I don't think I've really let myself go, and really, really cry, even still. I watch TV,  look at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I listened to audiobook after audiobook so I wouldn't, and don't have to think.

My husband and I have since gone to see an infertility specialist. I have lost vial after vial of blood to numerous tests. All is normal, including a genetics test. I am genetically normal, I never thought I would be happy to hear I was normal. I had a very thorough ultrasound to determine if I had any abnormalities, nope, again, normal. My husband, having two children is also good to go.

Diagnosis: bad luck. Really? Four miscarriages, and I'm unlucky.

When I do become pregnant again, I will need to take progesterone for 12 weeks, and I have continued to take my thyroid medicine. I will be considered a high risk pregnancy.

I was not able to go to my cousin's birthday party where she told the family she and her husband were expecting, to her gender reveal party, or her baby shower. Two were because I was not ready to be around her, one because of work. I haven't yet told her I was due the same time as her, but lost my baby. I didn’t want to take away from her joy of pregnancy, it didn't seem right.

My cousin had her daughter a few weeks ago. She is precious. I have seen pictures. I know when I see them in person, I will cry, and tell her. Again, I don't want to take away from her joy of motherhood.

Every month I still hold my breath that my period won't come. I take my prenatal, and I log everything on my Glow app. I was inconsistent with logging and taking my prenatal, but I am getting back on track.

I was inconsistent because I was mad.

I have read that green veggies should be eaten in abundance to increase fertility, cool, I like green things.

I heard that consuming Royal Jelly, the uber distasteful honey/wax that is fed to Queen bees would help with fertility. You only take a tiny bit at a time.  I am already through the jar.

I read witches would braid their hair, wear shoes with laces, and clothing with ties, and as tying each item think thoughts of holding in a baby would help negate miscarriage. I braid all the time.

All the time.

I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I've lost weight, gained some back due to emotional eating, and am losing it again.

I know when I'm ovulating, even without the tracking.

Someday, someday when the time is right, I will have my child.

In the meantime, I braid, draw, and try not to be stressed out, or think about not being pregnant.

I drew my mom a tattoo idea years ago, two teddy bears leaning against each other, one with my piercings, one with my brothers. I've redrawn this with bubbles, symbolizing the babies lost.

Someday I can draw a tiny teddy bear, without a bubble. Someday.

I am hoping that in sharing my story, I will help others, if anything to show they are not alone. If you would like to share your story, please do. I know reading all the stories I did helped me cope. Some of the support sites I read from were the Glow app forums,, and

Thank you for reading, and letting me get this all out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Review/Giveaway: EcoAble Ultimate Cloth Diaper


I felt pretty honored to be entrusted with EcoAble's newest diaper style to showcase for you all. I have really enjoyed every opportunity I've had to work with EcoAble's line of cloth diapers.

The EcoAble Ultimate Cloth Diaper is a versatile system made to meet many diapering needs. For starters, it has a PUL-lined shell (a waterproof laminated fabric) with mesh inner lining and a thin sewn-in soaker. Additionally it comes with a snap-in hemp insert.

Various components of the design, along with how you choose to customize absorbency allow this system to be used as a daily cloth diaper, a swim diaper or a potty training aid.

What makes it a potty training diaper is the snaps being on the side of the hips, with lots of elastic around the waist.

There are multiple snap options to adjust waist, which allows for easy up and down/on and off capabilities for a potty training toddler.

Furthermore, by removing the snap-in liner, you are left with a very slim soaker that is great for a small accident.

The previously mentioned attributes are also what make this piece great for water play. Most public pools require a diaper on anyone not fully potty trained, and disposables can get so heavy with water, it impedes playtime! The thin soaker wouldn't hold enough to get weighed down, but the PUL and elastic will hold in any solids as required.

To make this a fantastic every day cloth diaper, just snap in the included hemp insert and use as normal.

I love the multiple functions in one product, but I think I will appreciate it more when I'm actually needing them all. Currently we are nowhere near potty-training (and it's also not really pool weather yet) so I'm not really finding myself grabbing for it as my everyday diaper simply because of the side snaps alone.

I understand how convenient they will be when the time comes that she will be pulling on and off her own bottoms to go potty, but for now it's mostly just a hassle to get them snapped at diaper change while she is rolling about.  So, I'll be holding it back for the day when my challenges change to something it specifically addresses.

I reviewed the Yellow Medium which fits between 17-26lbs. My daughter is nearly 20lbs, which I would still consider on the low end of that, and it seemed to fit best on the biggest setting of waist snaps.

It can still snap to the middle setting however I felt that it dug into her belly a little too much. Maybe a size up would be best.

The diaper comes in 4 sizes: Newborn (5-12lb), Small (10-18lb) Medium (17-26lb) and Large (25-33lb). Each come with one rise snap down.

The only difference between the sizes is that both Newborn and Small come with double leg gussets to avoid blowouts and cost a dollar less than the Medium and Large at $15.50. Each size comes in both adorable prints and vibrant solid colors.

Once again, EcoAble is offering one of these great cloth diapers as a Giveaway for one of our US readers!  Keep reading to find out how to enter.

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Good luck!

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Party in Your PJs #104

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Skillet Enchiladas


One of my favorite dishes growing up was enchiladas and I loved when my mom would make it! What's funny is that when she would tell us that is what is for dinner, it was still a bit of a mystery as to how they'd show up on our plates.

Sometimes she would make them cassarole style, with them all rolled up tucked into a dish, topped with red sauce and cheese and baked to perfection.

Other times she'd make them stacked on individual plates by flash frying each tortilla and layering them with meat, sauce and cheese 3 high. I think that was my favorite. I only ever recall ground beef and red sauce, though I know it can be made with many different ingredients.

As an adult, I have only made enchiladas one way. I tried it like this one day, and just never needed to switch it up after that!

Skillet enchiladas are all the flavor and texture you are looking for with fewer dirty dishes and less time consumed - a must when you're raising small children.

Skillet Enchiladas
Serves 4


12 small white corn tortillas
1 lb ground beef
1 small onion (red or white)
1 package taco seasoning
1 small can red enchilada sauce
Shredded cheddar or mexican cheese

Heat 3 tbs of oil in a frying pan.

Cut tortillas into small squares and add to pan, stirring as needed.

Once tortillas has soaked up all the oil, add another tbs on top to avoid burning and continue to shift around pan until a slight golden crunch has appeared. Remove the fried tortilla squares from pan and set aside.

Brown ground beef, adding chopped onion near the end.

Stir in taco seasoning and coat beef.

Add tortillas strips back to pan.

Pour in can of enchilada sauce and stir until contents are covered. Heat and let simmer for about 15 minutes to let the flavors meld.

Serve onto a plate, Add cheese, sour cream, salsa, or avocado as desired

Tortillas could be either white or yellow corn. I've tried them both and prefer the white.
Spice level of the seasoning can really customize this dish.  If you make your own seasoning blends, use that instead!
For more variation you could add corn or black beans as well!


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No Awesome Life Friday This Week

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Hi, all!  This week, I've just had no time to get our Awesome Life Friday Link Up Party together -we've been up to our eyeballs in home renovations (and I can't wait to share some of the progress with you), and this week, we've been dealing with no kitchen!

Which makes meal prep, dishes clean up and all sorts of things harder than they usually are, and the time just got away from me.

We'll be back next week and share some features from last week's party then - meanwhile, as long as you're here, share your links with Party in Your PJs through Sunday evening!

Also, if your link has any sort of Cinco de Mayo theme - a Mexican inspired recipe, decor or craft project, activity or essay - then share it with us on our Festive Cinco de Mayo link up!  I look forward to seeing what you've brought!

We'll see you next week!

A Fanson in Tulsa


This past October, my family was up for a military PCS from California to Germany. We decided that instead of flying out of the West Coast, we would drive across country to make lots of stops and visits along the way, ending at my mom's house in Maryland for a few weeks before going overseas via Dulles Airport.

Among the planned stops was Tulsa, Oklahoma – for a few reasons.

My Dad's first wife, my stepmom, Beth resides there and we are pretty close. Though I didn't know her growing up, I will always consider her family. We had stayed with her when we were in town before, but in the past it was quick overnights without getting to see the sights. Not this time! We stayed 3 nights, and loved being able to be leisurely about exploring Tulsa, instead of rushed through.

My husband already knew full how I likely had our days planned out, and for the most part, I definitely did.

It was easy, really... Tulsa OK is the hometown of my favorite band, Hanson and I already knew all their favorite spots to eat and shop and couldn't wait to experience them for myself. Judge away, no shame.

We didn't arrive until nearly 5am, after a ridiculously long drive, so the first thing we did was go straight to bed! But I didn't want to waste the next day, so we headed straight out after a short sleep.

I had a list of places to try for breakfast based on Hanson recommendations and spottings, but had to keep in mind we had a 1 and 6 year old in our midst, so needed to be sure to go somewhere they would be accommodated as well.

I should also mention that I was under no delusions that I would actually run into my favorite celebs as I knew they were currently touring on the East Coast. That said, we settled on a place called Blue Moon Cafe. It was a small place with mostly locally sourced salad and sandwich type items. It was quite tasty and gave us a quiet place to GPS plan the rest of our stops.

After our breakfast we walked just a few blocks down to a place called IDA RED. It is primarily an “I HEART Tulsa” kind of boutique, but also a well known Hanson favorite – it's even a stop on the tour during Hanson Day every May.

They had a ton of unique soda flavors from a local company and strange foreign foods and candies (like beer cotton candy!) I didn't purchase anything Tulsa specific, except post cards for my collection, but I got a few goodies.

My favorite find was my FREAKER USA!! (Jessica reviewed them a few months back so it made me pretty giddy to get my hands on one!)

After IDA RED we hopped in the car and headed to our next stop, Dwelling Spaces.

From my research this place is kind of the obvious, that all fans seem to know is THE place to be for Hanson Fans. Apparently they occasionally have Hanson merchandise, even.

 But one of the real shining lights is the coffee shop inside called Joe Bots.

Rumor has it, they can draw a mean foam Hanson symbol on your cappuccino. As curious as I was to test this theory, it was hot, and I needed an iced chai... so the mystery remains. The shop itself was awesome, but a bit expensive in my opinion.

After a short break to Geocache, we were back on our way.

Next up was Hanson's recording studio!! I was possibly most excited for this. I knew they weren't there, and that it was legit just a picture outside a building, but it was a mindset – they without a doubt, stood here, touched this doorknob, took a picture in this exact spot.

As we were looking for it, I also came across Cain's Ballroom. This is by far their most favorite place to play, and they speak of it often. We didn't bother to stop, but at least had to take a pic to say I was there..

Our next leg of the adventure was another I was quite excited for! We were headed to a site where they had filmed parts of their “Thinkin Bout Somethin” Video.

So off to the corner of N. Greenwood and E. Archer we went! It wasn't hard to find. It's just a street view with the overpass in the backround.

I wasn't able to get a replicated shot, but it's clear it was filmed quite overhead.

If you go a bit further past the bridge you'll find the iconic blues mural they used as well. It was so interesting to see how much was photoshopped and changed for it! I loved standing there. I felt very connected to my favorite band. 

Two more stops to go on my personal Hanson tour of Tulsa! 

Next up was a sweet shop. Every Valentine's day on they sell boxes of chocolates with their different iconic symbols on them. 

These are made by Glacier Confections. Although the shop is small, I was amazed by the selection! If you can dream it, they'd already made it. 

On a big screen behind the counter they even had the original Willy Wonka playing on repeat.

The lady behind the counter was one of the sweetest retail people I've ever met. She was happy to chit chat and answer anything and she was the first person all day that I told what personal tour we were on. When she said she was happy to answer any questions I say “I have one.... have you ever personally MET Hanson??” haha! 

Sadly she hasn't but she did know what I was talking about which was good enough. We spent a good bit of money for some of the most exotic artisan chocolates and truffles...a good few were alcoholic. ;)

The very last stop on my Hanson propelled tour was their childhood home. They no longer owned it of course and the address is public knowledge from when it was sold a few years back.

Obviously I wouldn't overstep any boundaries but I just wanted to SEE it. It's where it all began. It's where they got the name 3CG (Three Car Garage) and created many of the songs I've come to love.

So after a long drive to Mounds, I found that it was entirely inaccessable. Not only was it completely invisable due to the tree cover but there is a lovely sign warning people away...I'll assume I'm not the first Hanson fan to search out this sight... Le Sigh...

We ended the night with meeting up with our wonderful hostess at a Mexican restaurant in town. I had originally thought about wanting to try either Mexicali or Caz's Steakhouse which are notable to the Hanson Fangroup, as these are where the boys take everyone during Hanson Day weekend, but we settled on Cafe Ole without regret. They had wonderful food, and even better margaritas to be enjoyed on the patio.

Our second day was spent doing much needed laundry and being lazy after days on the road with many more ahead. When Beth returned after work we spent the afternoon enjoying her farm land filled with beautiful horses. 

My girls had been begging to meet them and were so happy to get on the golf cart like vehicle and go feed the animals. 

The night topped off with a delisious dinner at JL's Bar'B'Que. This place was insane! It was buffet lunch line style and they top you off like no one's business. 

We went the out of towner way and got the sampler. I believe it filled two trays with pulled pork and chicken, sausages, cole slaw, potato wedges, texas toast, corn, you name it! Between the 4 of us, we still couldn't come close to finishing it! 

After dinner we ventured into a local Amish store and bought the kids some fun new toys and snacks for the next leg of the drive we'd be facing the next day.

On day three, all we had time for was packing and a lovely last meal at a diner I can't remember the name of. 

I had so much fun on this trip with family and finally getting to experience a part of the world I've been eyeing for more than a decade and a half. I will make it back again someday and happily stand in all the same spots once again. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a beautiful city filled with friendly people and much to offer. Hanson fan or not, I recommend checking it our some day.