Friday, December 12, 2014

Review: Freaker USA

Picture this: it's a warm summer day, you're at the neighborhood barbecue with your cold beverage in hand, when you meet someone new and reach out to shake their hand and introduce yourself, but UGH! Your nice, cold beverage bottle has left your hand all wet and clammy from condensation! Now you gotta wipe that off.

Scenario number two; it's nice and cold outside, and you've chosen to bring a comforting warm mug of something with you while you run your errands. The only problem is, your travel mug is just too hot to handle and by the time you can bring your mug to your mouth to enjoy its warm delicious contents, it's turned into a disappointing, lukewarm liquid of despair.

Both of these unwelcome scenarios could have been easily avoided if only you had a Freaker from Freaker USA.

Freaker is a one size fits all bottle insulator that is made right here in America. And when they say one size fits all, they truly mean it! I've tried mine out on everything from a baby bottle to a wine bottle from Olive Garden (you know, the ones with the HUGE bulbous bottoms?).

 Not only do they fit everything under the sun, they also do an AMAZING job of insulation! They keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot! Added bonus, you always know which drink is yours at a party (though they will kind of crush a red solo cup....).

I was sent four different designs to use,  Ate-Bit, Private Eyes, Sherlock Homie, and Cracker Jack, as well as a lovely little note. Each of us in my family picked a favorite, which was helpful in identifying our drinks. Private Eyes meant Mommy's drink, Sherlock Homie meant Daddy's, the Cracker Jack was Mischief's, while Ate Bit went on the baby's bottles when we went out.

Not only did they do a phenomenal job of keeping our hands dry and our drinks cool, we also had people going out of their way to ask us where we got these supercool drink koozies!  Being that two of them were used exclusively for small children, the Freakers saw the inside of my washing machine more than once, and have held up fantastically!  There has been no reduction of its stretchiness, even after trips through both washer and dryer!

You can find your very own Freaker for $9.99 on their website Freaker USA or by finding a store near you with their store locator . Designs switch out often, so check in frequently.

While you're looking at all of the great designs (why not choose one inspired by your home state, or one in your team's colors?), be sure to look at the rest of their frankly hilarious website.

 Not sure how to style your amazing new Freaker? Check out their Looks page, it will give you some quite marvelous inspiration.  Take a peek at their Videos page for some entertainment.  Keep an eye on their blog for news about the company and any new products. They also offer the Cuppow, a device that transforms an ordinary mason jar into a travel mug.

I don't go anywhere anymore without my trusty Freaker to protect my drinks, and I will be getting a Freaker for all of my loved ones to guard theirs as well! 

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  1. Wow, what a great way to dress up a bottle!

  2. It seems like it would also be a great way to avoid leaving water rings on the table.

  3. Cool! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  4. I could seriously spend HOURS on their site just laughing at all the innuendos and sarcasm.. This is the best company ever!