Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Box of Happies

Reviewer ~ Jackie Snider

Monthly box subscriptions are so popular right now! Whatever tickles your fancy, you can find a box catering to just that! This month I got to experience the very joyful Box of Happies! This box is a compilation of unique handmade artisan goods delivered straight to your mailbox. Each box comes with 3-5 surprises, all sure to put a smile on your face!

When my November box came, I was really excited to see what kind of products were included. This first thing I noticed was that the box itself, is an item. Box of Happies puts all the artisan goods in a reusable plastic container. That is something I have never seen from a box company before! I was very impressed by the creativity of the design.

Everything was wrapped in bright yellow tissue paper, except for two very important cards. One shows a list of 26 different ideas of how to reuse the plastic container. Some of which I honestly wouldn’t have thought of! The other was a business card listing the featured artists in this month’s box. It supplies you with links to each, as well as the retail value of each item. According to the card the complete retail value of the contents of the box is $33.75 (plus the value of plastic box itself). The boxes cost $28.99 each after shipping, which makes this a pretty good value.

Inside the box were 5 diverse, individually wrapped products. There was a beautiful necklace, a sunglass pouch, pretty dangly earrings, a 3 pack of homemade scented soap bars, and a tissue holder. 

The first item was a really cool sunglass pouch from This Nifty Earth. It is approximately six inches long and four inches wide. It is made of muslin cloth, making it very soft and durable. I love the fun beach style coloring on it! While I love the idea, I’m not much of a sunglass wearer so I don’t imagine I’ll get much use out of it. When I do wear them though, I do just throw them in my purse, causing them to get dirty or scratched. For that reason, I’m happy to own this and, if nothing else, I’m sure I will find another use for it. This pouch retails for $8.

The next item is a three pack of all natural handcrafted scented soap bars from Wild Herb Soap Company. The three soap scents were Tango in Paradise, Green Tea and Aloe, and Arizona Wild Honey and they all smell intoxicatingly good! Each bar is 1oz. I personally don’t think I will be actually using these soaps. Honestly, they are just way too pretty and smell way too good. I plan on just having them as decoration in my bathroom. My husband smelled them and said, “wow! Do you think we can melt them in the Scentsy warmer?!” A three pack like this retails for $3.75.

Also in the box was a ‘Box of Happies’ exclusive. It is a gorgeous silver colored swoop-bead necklace. As much as I really love this piece, I wont be able to wear it. I have a pretty sensitive metal allergy and this necklace really set it off. I wore it for two days straight and ended up with a swollen and itchy neck for a week! That says nothing about the quality of the piece, its just unfortunate that there is a part of this box that I can’t use. I am going to find a nice cord to replace the chain and hope that makes it wearable for me! This necklace retails for $8.

The fourth item in the box is a handmade cloth tissue holder by BadBaby Quilts. It is fun and cheery and definitely earned its place in a box full of happies with its bright colors! It measures 5 inches by 3 inches and holds a travel pack of tissues nicely. It fits perfectly in any purse, and makes your tissues much easier to find, when need be. I love this item! The tissue holder retails for $4.
 The last item is my favorite in this month’s Box of Happies! It is a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings by Forest of Jewels. They are so dainty and classy looking. An added perk, for whatever reason they do not seem to effect my metal allergy. I’ve been wearing them pretty much the whole weeklong. These earrings can be purchased for $10.

Most of the featured businesses had business cards in the box, though sadly not all. On top of that, there was a random business card for a business that was not even included, so I’m not sure if that was an accident.

Overall I am very pleased with the contents of this box. Though not everything was perfect for me, it was a very good selection with a lot of diversity. This box would be a great gift for yourself or others, especially with Christmas on the horizon. Box of Happies is most definitely geared toward women of all ages.

Box of Happies stands apart from other subscription box companies with how they allow you to customize the plan. You can choose the usual options (A three month plan costing 85.47, a 6 month plan costing $170.94, or a year long plan costing 341.88.) or a single box costing you $24 a box plus $4.99 flat rate shipping, making it $28.99.

The unique option I haven’t seen with other companies is that you can also pick and choose individual months in which to receive them, and they don’t have to be consecutive. So, say you know you want to pay for three months worth of boxes, but in the next three months, you will be on vacation one of them, you can choose which months in which they will be delivered. Or maybe you have multiple daughters and you want to plan ahead for boxes to arrive on the months of their birthdays, you can make that happen! There are no reoccurring fees because you pay for it all upfront.

Box of Happies is a little pricier than some subscription companies, however well worth it for the value of products included in each! I definitely got a lot of ‘happies’ by reviewing this box and I will definitely purchase another in the future.

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  1. You know the one thing in this box I didnt think much of is the one I use most often. The tissue holder! I have loved having it in my purse, easy to find, easy to refill at all times.

  2. Thanks for the review. I LOVE subscriptions and will put this one on my personal "wish list"

  3. I love the name of this subscription. Who wouldn't want a box of happies?! Sorry about the metal allergy :( I'm lucky in that I can wear anything and not worry about it, but have friends who have a hard time finding cute earrings that they like and that also don't cost a fortune! Thanks for the review!

  4. Heh, I love the name! It's seriously packed full of happy if the ways to reuse the packaging is just the beginning!

  5. This looks great for a family member! Thanks!