Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Aromatic Fanatic

Reviewer – Jackie Snider

The sense of smell is such a powerful thing. It can elicit anything from warm fuzzy feelings, to wonderful memories. Everyone loves for his or her house to smell good. Is there anything better than walking in your home and immediately being greeted by a wonderful blast of scented goodness? At Aromatic Fanatic, you have over 80 different scented wax tartlets to choose from!

Aromatic Fanatic’s wax tartlets, or as they call them “Aroma Shots” come in small 1 oz containers and cost only $1 each! Each one is the size equivalent of approx. 3 cubes of other leading scent wax companies. I chose three, and the owner chose three surprises to send to me. The ones I chose were salted caramel popcorn, gypsy woman, and bonfire bliss. When the package arrived, there were also vanilla linens, yuletide memories, and mandarin mango smoothie. I immediately popped them all open to smell. The only one I was unsure about was ‘gypsy women’.

I decided to melt the salted caramel popcorn. It most definitely did not disappoint! It smelled so good almost instantly. The wax melted completely in about 30 minutes. It smelled like everything it promised. I picked up the notes of salt, sugary caramel and a slight bit of buttery popcorn. I left that one in for probably a full week and it never weakened. It smelled just as good on the last day as it did the first day. Though sadly, I decided to give another one a chance. I poured the, now, melted wax back into its container to use again another time. The second Aroma Shot I tested was Bonfire Bliss. It smelled fabulous in its container, and while it still smelled good melted, I was a little disappointed with the strength. I didn’t smell it as soon as I walked in the house like I did the other.

For the majority of the time, I kept ‘vanilla linens’ in my purse. I would pull it out occasionally, and just lift the lid and sniff. It had a great calming effect! My four year old eventually caught on and would ask me, “Can I see the aroma shot!” I decided I better give it a fair try in the warmer though. It was surprisingly stronger than I predicted it to be. It mostly just smelled ‘clean’. I really liked it and think it would be best suited in the bathroom. I certainly prefer bolder smells throughout the main part of the house.

Next up was ‘Mandarin Mango Smoothie’. It was absolutely incredible! It smells just as it sounds, with a perfect blend of sugary sweet mandarin oranges and delectable mangos. This one was also quite strong and is detected through the whole house when burned. I loved it!

Gypsy woman was one that I ordered without having any idea what to expect. Out of container it was a very strong ‘woodsy’ kind of smell. I had to message the owner at Aromatic Fanatic to tell me what I smelled. She informed me that her suppliers claim it only includes patchouli, though we both agree there seems to be more to it. Surprisingly, it was extremely dull, once in the warmer. My husband did not smell it as soon as he walking in the door after work, as he did with others. Even learning right over it, you can only just get a lightly scented smell.

The last one I have to try is ‘yuletide memories’. It smells like Santa. Seriously, however your nose detects that it is Christmas, that’s what it smells like. It seems like a mix of cinnamon, pine trees, and peppermint all in one. However, I don’t know how it does in the warmer just yet, because I refuse to burn it until the day after Thanksgiving. When I do I will be sure to post in the comments about how it does!

The melted wax pours easily back into their lidded containers. I tested out the salted caramel popcorn a second time to see if it melts the same while retaining its great smell. It passed the test with flying colors. So you can switch out the aroma shot and come back to the same ones again and again.

When I was pouring one the of the melted tartlets back into it’s container, some got on my hand. It was so soft! Honestly, it felt like a moisturizer. They are a parasoy blend of wax.

The website is laid out with seven different categories for easy searching. The categories are ‘green-earthy’, ‘bakery-coffee’, holiday-seasonal’, ‘sweet’, ‘fresh’, ‘floral’, and ‘fruits’. There is also a blog where they will talk about various things concerning the concept and business itself.

As if $1 each wasn’t enough, they do a ‘Scent of the Week’ to highlight one aroma shot at a time. Whichever tartlet they are highlighting that week, you can purchase for 20% off, making it only $.80! Still not convinced that you need to try this? Ok, how about the fact that you can get 20% off any of them, at any time by ‘sharing’ the item on either Facebook or Twitter. That’s means any of them could be yours for just $.80, and the ‘Scent of the Week’ will be just $.64!

This week’s deal (good until 11/17/13) is Cinnamon Buttercream -

“This fragrance combines a bit of dark maple syrup, rich butter, star anise, a hint of crushed cloves, and tonka bean, swirled into sugary sweet cream. It's a really nice scent if you want to enjoy a warm and cozy fragrance on a chilly day!”

I definitely plan to continue patronage with Aromatic Fanatic! With so many to choose from, I now have a goal to try them all.

Aromatic Fanatic Facebook
Aromatic Fanatic Website

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  1. These tartlets made it through numerous burns. And the yultide smelled very classic Christmas-y. It was really nice to have around the holiday!

  2. The scents sound so lovely! I love the reusability.

  3. These sound so amazing to smell especially yuletide memories. I love these types of scents in the warmers because they last longer than a candle would!

  4. I love wax melts! The scents sound so good. :)