Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Cinder Ceramics

Reviewer: Jackie Snider

Without a doubt one of the ugliest household essentials is the toilet plunger. No matter how cute and decorated your bathroom is, the plunger is unsightly. Sure you could tuck it away somewhere but then its not there when you need it. No one wants to walk that through his or her house! Thanks to the beautiful artist, Gitti at Cinder Ceramics, you can have it right where you need it without it sticking out like sore thumb!

At Cinder Ceramics, among other amazing ceramic works, they carry one of the most unique items I’ve ever seen. Toilet Plunger covers! Its one of those things you never knew you wanted, but you absolutely need. Her husband, a contractor who specializes in bathroom and kitchen repairs, was the one to suggest the idea to her, as he understands the need of a plunger close by. She makes these delightful bathroom accessories in a variety of ‘Plunjart’ options, and if I’m not mistaken, she can take custom orders. All items are handmade! She sent me what she says is her ‘first and favorite designs.’

This beautiful, hand crafted plunger cover resembles the base of a broom. Once you add your plunger, the handle would act as the broom handle, completing the look. I did however have to go out and purchase a new plunger, for two reasons. The first reason being because this is too cute to put my old dirty plunger in. The second reason being that we only owned a plastic handled plunger, and I insisted on getting the full effect of the design with a wooden handle.

This creation is so brilliant. It is beautiful, functional, and even has the safety of your floor in mind. It has small rubber grommets on the bottom so the ceramic doesn’t scratch up the surface it is sitting on. The rubber also keeps the cover from sliding. It is small enough to reside beside the toilet where it is needed. It is large enough to fit any style plunger, or even your toilet bowl brush. The inside is nice smooth surfaces that can be easily wiped clean when need be.

These ‘plunjart’ plunger holders retail for just $49! My only dilemma was deciding which bathroom to put it in! I decided on the main floor bathroom, as it is the one guest would see most often. It has already gotten compliments by everyone who has seen it! I can’t wait to get more for all of my bathrooms.

Cinder Ceramics has lots of other ceramic goodies. They have lots of kitchen holders of various sorts, gift tags, adorable planters, and other decorations.

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