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Review: The Neutronics

Reviewer :Jackie Snider

I listen to a lot of different genres of music. I’m open to listening to just about anything. I’m a firm believer that even if you don’t like a song or band enough to put your own money into it, you have to at least admit when they have talent. Not everything that is talented is going to be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Some music artists are very much an acquired taste. I believe that to be the case with this band. 

Introducing, The Neutronics! 

Before taking on the review I wanted to scope them out. I went to their website and listened to what they had for sample. I knew right off the bat that it was a little strange, but I liked what I heard. I thought it was silly and fun, and I was eager to hear more! I’ll admit the first time I listened to the CD all the way through, I was not a fan. My first thoughts were that it was long, and strange, and I just couldn’t connect. However, the more I listened, the more it grew on me. In fact, ‘She’s Gotta Be’ is constantly stuck in my head and I don’t yet mind that fact. 

The Neutronics is made up of four, very handsome men hailing from East London. They formed in 2008 and have released one, self titled, album. The Neutronics are currently putting finishing touches on their new EP titled ‘Kryptonite’.

 Myself, as well as many people who I have had listen to a few tracks have all said the same thing. The lead singer definitely has some Lenny Kravitz influence going on. Although strangely enough, that is not listed among the influences on their Facebook page. According to them they are influenced by the likes of many, including Jimmy Hendrix, Prince, Foo Fighters, Bob Marley, and for added humor ‘That sound that your girlfriend makes when I hit her G-spot’. 

They have so much soul and funk and explosive energy in every line they melodically deliver. Some of the songs showcases lead vocals (Delroy Blake AKA Supa Soul Brotha Del) better than others. I liked it best when the back-up vocals were present as well. 

The other members of the band all have fun nicknames too. The three remaining members go by The Professor, MegaTal and The General.
The Neutronics have definitely mastered the art of getting their personalities to shine through their music. Just in the small amount of time I’ve known of them, I feel like I really know the guys. 

The concept of their self-titled album, is quite interesting. According to the bio on their website, the album tells a fantastical story of Supa Soul Brotha Del discovering his musically inclined heroics. Supa Soul, a guitar-slinging warrior is able to rid the world of ‘EvilAntiFunkAzoids’ by playing his guitar and singing. The transformation to superheroism, meeting the rest of his league of heroes, and of course, the search of love are the focal points in the songs. 

The first song is nearly ten minutes long and is broken into four story arcs. It begins as he comes in on the space ship and ends when he is up against the EvilAntiFunkAzoids. Does he rid the world of them? Does he, in fact, find love? I guess you will just have to buy the album and find the answers in the lyrics for yourself! 
As mentioned before, I really like ‘She’s gotta be’. In it, Supa Soul describes what he needs in a partner. I really love what he says, and even more so, the way he says it. One of my favorite lyrics is I don’t mind if my baby wanna spend my hard earned money on clothes, 
Just as long as when I get in she’s willing to take them off’

Throughout, he sings of just wanting someone that clearly is into him for him, not just what he can provide. Its also noted that she would need to make sure to make herself desirable too. Parts of this song, and others, have quite scandalous undertones. Some are more obvious than others. Its all in good fun! 

The album is filled with some of the best titles I’ve ever heard. Track 6 is called Psychofunkadelia, and ending the album at track 8 is Smelladocious. 
While I do not believe that everyone will love The Neutronics, I am definitely interested to see how far they go. I honestly think they have the talent and personalities to go quite far and I don’t think this will be the last I hear of them. These guys clearly love what they do and that, to me, is one of the most important elements in a musical career. So all in all, I give it a thumbs-up and think they should definitely keep up the good work! After all, they didn’t get almost 13K Twitter followers for nothing! 

I also just want to mention that my Spell-Check has never been so angry! It insists, with its tiny red squiggles, that the majority of this review is made up words. Then again, I suppose it’s right! 

Aside from their other various forms of social media, be sure to check out The Neutronics on Reverbnation . There are some fun videos on this site, where the guys explain themselves further, as well as a music video!

The Neutronics Website
The Neutronics on Facebook
The Neutronics on Twitter 

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