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Review: Mia Tempo Subscription Box

Reviewer: Anne Cone

What is every busy woman’s favorite phrase? “You deserve a break”!

As a busy mom of three, I was intrigued by Mia Tempo’s tagline - “Treat Yourself and Take a Break”. I wondered how I could possibly make use of a box that was intended to give me some time for ME?

I decided to check out their website (Mia Tempo) to see what this was all about. They send you a monthly “care package” of spa and beauty products. 

As a bonus, these products only come from companies that are socially conscious. That sounded pretty good to me, especially because I love finding products that are from small businesses and eco-friendly companies.

The box itself was plain brown, but when you opened it up, you found a thick envelope laid on pretty tissue paper. Inside the envelope were two cards, printed on heavy cardstock. The cards remind me of a formal invitation! 

The first card tells you all about Mia Tempo’s box and their philosophy on how important it is for women to have “me time”. I couldn't agree more! This card also lets you know that for every box you buy, the company makes a donation to a non-profit that helps women. What a great bonus!

This is the “Treatment Menu” on the next card. This is important, because it’s what makes Mia Tempo different from other subscription boxes! This card takes all the guess work out of your “me” time - it gives you step by step instructions on how to give yourself the entire spa treatment in your own home.

As I’ve mentioned, I am quite a busy mom. It’s not often that I get to designate time to myself, mostly because I always feel like I have something more pressing that needs to be done.

The night after my box arrived, I put my kids to bed and proceeded to go about my nightly chores. As I did, I spotted my Mia Tempo box on the counter and I decided that there was nothing that couldn't wait until tomorrow - that box was sent for me to relax and I was going to use it!

I grabbed the treatment menu and opened up the box. The tissue paper was a rich brown and aqua, sealed with an embossed brown seal. The attention to detail in the Mia Tempo box is such a treat. Every part of it, from the tissue paper to the treatment cards is luxurious and high quality. It gives you the feeling of a decadent splurge.

What a pleasure to open this box. The smells of the products aren't overwhelming, but you can pick up a hint as you unwrap the paper.

 Step one was to make a cup of the tea, light the candle, and use the bath salts. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I brewed a cup anyways and took everything into our bathroom. I lit the candle and stuck it on the ledge near my head (so I could smell it, but far enough not to burn my hair off!), and used 2 oz of the bath salts. I also took my book in with me because I was not going to pass up some time to read in quiet!

To my surprise, the tea was delicious. It was Kiwi Lime Ginger, a sweet and fruity blend unlike any tea I've ever had. I would drink that every single night.

The candle had a hint of rose, and I am surprised how much the scent helped me to relax. It was something different and made you feel like you were sitting somewhere besides just your bathroom.

The bath salts were Amber and Fig, lightly scented. The actual salts do have some herbs and dried flowers in them so you will see them floating in your tub! It was a really fun, out of the norm way to feel pampered. I let myself have a relaxing bath while I sipped my tea and read a book I've been dying to catch up on. Thats like a paid vacation to a mom!

Next step is to use the fig body scrub and the wild rose face mask. The mask needed to be pre-mixed with honey and water, so it was nice and set by the time I was ready to use it. I let that sit while I used the body scrub, which was thick and creamy and smelled incredible. After rinsing off the scrub and the mask I felt like a million bucks! Its been so long since I treated myself to products like that.

Step three is to finish off after bath with amber and fig lotion and wild rose eye cream. The lotion was just as sweet smelling as the bath salts! The eye cream was luxurious and felt great. I also noticed how soft my skin was the next morning.

I cannot believe what a difference that hour made in my attitude the next day. I felt rested and refreshed - like I had pressed the reset button for myself. Not only are the products in the Mia Tempo box amazing, but the very idea of receiving a box that is specifically meant to give you a time out is incredible.

Mia Tempo offers monthly subscriptions, or you can buy a single box anytime you’d like. At first glance, they seem a bit pricier than other subscription boxes ($39.95 per box, discounts offered for multiple months purchased together via a Mia Tempo Membership), but when I do a cost analysis these boxes are actually LOWER priced than what I would expect to spend on products like this shipped to my door. Every item in the box I received was a deluxe sample or a full sized product, and each one will give me multiple uses. Not to mention that you get free shipping, which makes the price of a box pretty incredible.

Mia Tempo also offers a Give a Gift option that is incredible. For the same price ($39.95 a box), you have a beautifully wrapped gift sent to the door of the receiver. There is not a woman that I know (and some men too!) that would not be ecstatic at receiving this box as a gift. The price is amazing for the products, wrapping, and shipping - and the ease of sending cannot be beat! All you have to do is fill in the information and just like that - your gifting is done. I know a few ladies in my family who are getting these boxes for Christmas, and I cannot wait to give them! This is the most fun and unique gift I will give this season.

Gentlemen, please allow me to make your life easier for one moment. If you are wondering what to give your wife for her birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, you name it, look no further. Hand your wife this box, take the kids for an hour or two, and you will be the husband of the year. It simply couldn’t be easier!

In a market that is full of subscription boxes, Mia Tempo certainly raises the bar. Check them out - I promise you will not be disappointed!

Mia Tempo Website
Mia Tempo Facebook

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