Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Pooch Perks Dec. Subscription Box

The biggest trend in years has to be Subscription Boxes. There are so many out there that it's a little difficult to decide which ones to go for. If you are a dog lover, let me make your decision a bit easier and tell you that Pooch Perks is the Subscription Box you want to get for your canine companions.

Pooch Perks is a Miami based company that was founded by two busy dog-moms with a passion for pets and a desire to provide quality, American made treats and toys to your beloved pets. Pooch Perks is also dedicated to giving back to the canine community by donated a portion of their proceeds to organizations that rescue abused and neglected dogs.

The folks at Pooch Perks have been an absolute joy to work with. When I contacted them to let them know I would be reviewing their product, I received a very quick and courteous response.

I have two small dogs, Augustus and Achilles. When my Pooch Perks Box arrived the label had their names on it! I thought that was a super cute touch.

The box I received was nicely packaged and loaded with toys and treats. Our box was the December Holiday box, so the toys had a winter theme. Along with the toys and treats was a card describing each item contained with in and its value and how much you saved by packaging them all together.

Also listed on the card were the prices of items that would have been in the other levels of boxes that can be ordered.

From the end of November to December 23rd, the folks at Pooch Perks did an awesome BOGO campaign where they donated a box to a dog in a shelter for every box purchased!

Our box contained:
These were cute little gingerbread man shaped treats that were like beef jerky, but crunchy. Augustus and Achilles loved these and ate them up very quickly. They smelled a little gross, but if the dogs love them and they are all natural then I'm good with that.
We haven't used this yet but I can only imagine what a treat it will be.

This toy has two large, loud squeakers in it and a plush covering and penguin head. Gus isn't a big toy lover so he wasn't interested in it. Achilles liked it until it squeaked. Since then, he has pretty much ignored it. I'm sure he'll come back to it another time though.
  • Charming Pet Christmas Murray. Valued at $6
This was a toy that looks like a snowmans head. Its a soft, squeaky ball with a top hat. Achilles absolutely loves this toy. He likes to take it by the hat and fling it around. He chases after it when it bounces. Given the amount that he plays with it, it has held up extremely well.
This toy has a plush body with knotted arms and legs. Achilles and Gus both like to chew on the knots. It has also held up well.
These are a great treat for my pups. They are a good size and they can have 2 each per day. They make a great reward for training and can be broken up into smaller pieces if needed. Both dogs love them. I'll definitely be looking for these in stores.
I'll admit, I never really thought about my dogs needing sun protection. It makes sense though. I haven't used this yet, but I'll definitely be giving it a try.

The overall value of my box was $64-$80!
Pooch Perks Sub Boxes come in 4 different levels and are customized for small dogs or medium-large dogs.

The four levels are:
Pennywise Pooch: $20/month, contains 2-4 items valued at $25
Popular Pooch: $29/month, contains 4 items valued at $35
Patriotic Pooch: $45/month, contains 5-6 items valued at $55
Pampered Pooch: $50/month, contains 6-7 items valued at $60

They also have a treats only box for $20/month. Shipping is included in all their packages. If you love your furbabies, you can't go wrong with Pooch Perks.

Find out more by checking out their Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


  1. My dogs would absolutely love this!

  2. My husband would think this is crazy. If I had the spare money, I would totally get it.

  3. My husband would think this is crazy. If I had the spare money, I would totally get it.

  4. OMG! How cute is Augustus and Achilles! They looked like they enjoyed their box. If I had two pooches like that I couldn't help myself in spoiling them with their own subscription box.

  5. That is a great box for your dogs, Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon