Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review: Pet GiftBox January Subscription Box

As many of you know by now, I absolutely adore my pets and love to spoil them rotten treat them like the beloved family members that they are. The Pet Gift Box subscription box lets me do just that.

This is my second month with them, and Gregor and I are still loving it! For those of you who haven't read my first month's review, Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box for your dog(s) and/or cat(s), with plans starting at $18.99 a month. Each month a lovely box that is printed to look like a present shows up at your doorstep/mailbox with your furbaby's name.

 While many subscription boxes let you view what you are getting each month before your box arrives, Pet Gift Box purposely does not; every box is a surprise, making it feel even more like a highly anticipated present.

Each month seems to have a theme; December's box was obviously the holiday season. My January box had a Super Bowl theme. Now, my household isn't big into football, and we are much more likely to watch the Puppy Bowl than the Super Bowl, but this box was still a lot of fun.

To start us off, there were two different bags of treats: the Brew Buddies and the Grill-icious All-Natural Bite Sized Beef Treats.

The Brew Buddies are a malted barley treat in an amusing beer bottle shape. Honestly, they smell of meaty dog treat, and not at all like beer, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Gregor happily munches these, then comes a beggin' for more.

 The Grill-icious treats are hamburger shaped goodies made of only beef and sweet potato. They have a chewier consistency and they take Gregor longer to finish, but still are a tasty snack.

Also in the box was a curious bottle of Bowser Beer. A non-alcoholic, non-carbonated doggy beer made from meat broth with no hops, this “beverage” is supposed to give you the feeling of sharing a cold one with your best (fur)buddy. Preferring wine, I don't drink beer. The Mr drinks gin and tonics, not beer. So for us, this was just....odd. 

I poured this “beer” into a bowl for Gregor, and even he thought it was a little odd. After about an hour of him side-eyeing it, I just mixed it in with his dinner, and he gobbled it right up.

The first of the two non-food items in the January box was a cute little football shaped Remarkabowl. Unfortunately, the key word for us is little. Gregor gets his doggy dish filled once a day with three cups of food, which exceeds the capacity of this little bowl. While the packaging also markets it for use with children, I'm just going to pass this along to a friend who a)has a smaller dog and b)actually likes football.

The last item was actually something I didn't think much of either way at first. At first glance, the stuffed football toy seemed just like any other doggy toy. Fuzzy outside, stuffing with squeaker inside. I thought the kids were going to get more play from it (Mischief LOVES anything ball shaped). And, maybe with another dog, that would have been true. While to my ears, the squeaker sounds like a million other squeakers, Gregor knows instantly if it's this toy you are taunting him with from the other room.

This innocent stuffed football almost instantly became his favorite toy. If all of his other toys are put on top of it, he will dig to get this now slobbery ball. Being a football, the kids are actually tossing it for him with some semblance of distance (hey, five feet is really far when you're only three feet tall), which delights my Muttface.

I have to say, even with a theme that maybe wasn't the best fit for my particular family, I am still very much pleased with Pet Gift Box, and Gregor and I can't wait for February's Box!


  1. That is so cute the football themed doggy box :-) My husband would like that one too! #productreviewparty on!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest dog bowl I have seen. My pooch needs a new one! #productreviewparty

  3. Cute theme! Always wondered what is in the petboxes ~

  4. OMG that is so cool! My dog would be all over that. I would even let him pull the stuff out of the box since he loves doing that too. Very cute! #ProductReviewParty

  5. I only have fish, but may have a dog in the future. This is a wonderful subscription box for pets. #ProductReviewParty