Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Clockwork Synergy

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by timepieces. Not digital clocks or watches, which are a dime a dozen, but the unusual, the unique, the innovatively designed.

So, before I tell you about Clockwork Synergy, let me tell you about the watch that led me to discovering them:

The first time I saw an ad for the one-handed Slo Watch, I was immediately drawn to it, and eventually, I got one as a gift from my mother. I began wearing it every day, because it is elegant and, for those who notice the single hand, eye-catching. 

There was only one problem with it — the band was just barely long enough to fit my larger-than-average wrist, so wearing the watch for a full day would leave deep impressions that would take a while to fade. Their company offers other bands, but they are all the same length as the original one, so there was no help there. (Note to watch companies - your customers are not all one size!)

I had resigned myself to only wearing my favorite timepiece occasionally, when I was given the opportunity to review Clockwork Synergy, which offers a wide variety of watch bands and straps in various sizes, designed to be easily attachable to a wide variety of watch brands. 

The company first sent me a leather band that was well-made and attractive, but still too short.

However, they allowed me to swap it for a nylon NATO strap, which is just what I needed.  All through this review process, I found my two points of contact at the company to be responsive and available. Good customer service is one way in which a business sets itself apart from competitors, so that is a strong point in their favor, and is the sort of thing that will make me a loyal, repeat customer.

The band arrived in a sharply-designed box with the company’s logo printed on it, silver letters on the black box. The impression is refined and stylish.

Changing the band turned out to be easy, even without included instructions.

The company provided the tool needed to remove my watch’s spring pins and detach the original band.

The NATO strap simply threads through the pins, snaking along the back of the watch.

The NATO Straps are inexpensive (the one I received sells for $14.95 at their website) and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns — I might need to pick up a couple more so I can color-coordinate my wardrobe and my watch bands.

Once on, the strap fits comfortably around my wrist, and buckles with an ample length of strap to thread through the keepers. It seems well-made, with stitching that is not likely to unravel anytime soon. I can now go back to wearing my Slo watch daily, without any uncomfortable wrist constriction.

Significant difference in length!
As a side note, Gear Patrol has an interesting article about the origins ofthe NATO strap. As the name implies, it began as a military issue item, but it has grown far beyond its genesis.

Based in Ellicott City, Maryland, Clockwork Synergy began in 2005, selling its wares through eBay, according to the company website. Eventually, the sales channels have expanded to include Amazon, and then Best Buy, along with the company’s own site.

Clockwork Synergy carries a wide variety of watch bands, in every material you could expect, natural and synthetic. Most of their choices are under $20, though a few are more, and the styles range from casual and fun to formal and elegant.

They also offer straps specifically made for Apple Watch, the Pebble Steel watch and several varieties of Android watches. Another section of the website provides bands for some premium brands of watch, such as Tag Heuer and Philip Stein. As with everything else here, they are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Finally, the company sells spring bars (starting at five pairs for $4.95) and spring bar removal tools (as low as $3.95) so you can change your own bands whenever you want without a trip to a jeweler. 

Clockwork Synergy offers a broad selection of choices, good customer service and reasonable prices. For people who need to replace a band or just want to add some variety to their accessories, their website is worth a look, and I highly recommend the company.


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