Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Pony Princess

Having an adorable little girl, I am always on the lookout for adorable clothing for her to wear. The cutest little girl needs the cutest little clothes, right? And, being like most little girls, there are two things that can always keep her happy, princesses and ponies. Now, if only there was a way to combine cute clothes, ponies, and princesses....

Pony Princess offers wonderfully adorable clothes for our wonderfully adorable little girls. While there may not be any actual ponies or princesses to be found, only hoof prints and tiaras, the clothes are undeniably cute.

I had the opportunity to try out four sweet little outfits and one cute bag. Each dress was more adorable than the last. I had two sleeveless dresses, one tee shirt style dress, and one long sleeved dress, with a set of leggings for my baby girl to rock.

The first dress was a cotton pink and white chevron dress with pretty pink lace ties for straps. At a 2-4T size, this dress was the only one that was legitimately too big for my daughter who will probably need 2T clothes by next month. Like all the dresses, this one has a Pony Princess logo and the words Pony Princess embroidered on it. I love the fact that it is embroidered, and not just a screen print, as it makes the logo more durable. I can't wait for her to wear this fun dress this summer though! This dress retails for $16.99 and is available in 2T-4T and 4T-6T sizes.

The next dress was a pink sleeveless dress in a soft cotton. This 2-3T sized dress was initially a little too big, but she has quickly grown into it. The logo and name was once again on the chest, but on this there are also a smattering of sparkly rhinestones surrounding it. The sparkles make my daughter's day as she loves any and every thing that sparkles and glitters. This is a great dress for around the house in the winter when we aren't planning on going much of anywhere, but I know I'll be picking it more and more often once spring and summer roll around. This dress is retails for $19.99 and is available in 2/3T, 4/5T, and 6/7T sizes in three different colors: black, pink, and white.

The next dress was the one we have used the most. It is a white long sleeved skater style dress made of polyester and cotton. The 2/3T sizing is still just slightly too large for her, but it is just so soft and wears so well, I find myself picking it out of her closet often. The embroidery is on the skirt this time, which leaves the neck area ripe for showing off any costume jewelry she may decide to wear that day (remember the love of sparkles? Yeah, she wants to wear all the pretties). We have worn this dress out shopping, visiting friends, and even to doctor's appointments. With just some leggings, this dress is great for our mild Washington winter. This dress, like all of the others, is comfy enough to nap in, and tough enough to play in. The white longsleeved dress retails for $19.99 and is available in 12-24month, 2/3T, 4/5T, and 6/7T sizes.

The final outfit is a tee shirt and legwarmer combo. The tee shirt is marked as a regular tee, and I suppose once my baby gets to actually wearing a girl's medium size, it may actually be one, but for the moment, it is a tee shirt dress. This ruffled tee is made of cotton and is white with pink ruffled accents at the sleeves and hem. The logo is once again on the chest, and is surrounded by the sparkles, much to my daughter's happiness.

 The leg warmers are pink and white chevrons and have adorable pink ruffles at one end. They say that they are one size fits all, but I doubt they would fit very well on any child smaller than 2T, as they just fit my girl. I love putting these two together for playtime around the house, but I have also used the leg warmers with different dresses (like the long sleeved dress when going out) and shirts. The tee shirt is available in two sizes, medium and large, and two colors, white and black; it retails for $15.99. The leg warmers have two pictures on the website, one of the white and pink chevron that I got, and one of a white with pink tiaras and the word princess repeated, but no way to select which one, and retail for $9.99.

I also got a lovely burlap tote to keep goodies in. This is very generously sized, and is honestly too big for day to day use for me. It is, however, just the right size to pack a picnic lunch to the children's museum and to put the ever growing collection of stuffed animals in! I also see myself using it as an overnight bag and even as a pool bag once the kids are a little older. This, too, has the Pony Princess logo embroidered on it, making it easily identifiable. The tote retails for $29.99 and the website says it is available in oat and burnt orange, though there is no way to select your choice.

I do think the website could use some work, so that it is more easily possible to select the item you want but with good quality merchandise and good prices, that's an easily fixable situation - meanwhile, I suggest making use of the "Contact Us" button to make your selections clear when you order.

In all, I enjoy the Pony Princess clothes, and will most definitely be keeping my ever growing little girl in clothes that proudly proclaim her as a Princess of Ponies and would encourage all of my friends with their own precious Princesses to do the same!


  1. She is looking cute in this dress. Actually the dressing is so adorable.

  2. Such a nice and pretty dress. I recently brought an apron for my kids, as they play with colors a lot and tend to destroy their pretty dresses. The aprons are very nice and have a free lace to make them fit properly.