Friday, March 27, 2015

Last Week's Awesome Life Friday Featured Posts

As I mentioned on this week's Awesome Life Friday posts, a wave of Spring Fever caught me and I found myself unable to bang on the keyboard when there were squirrels to watch.  I hope your week's been full of lovely distractions, too!

But... because of that I was slow to get this week's Featured Posts ready to show off - so here it is, a bit late, but all totally awesome!

First, though, here's a peek at what we've been up to here at Reviews, Chews & How-Tos:

Lynda shares here experiences with this fabulous mother-daughter duo of handcrafters - and we have a pair of adorable bags being given away - go check them out! I bet they'll be your new favorite Etsy shop!

Lynda also shows off her latest Petbox Subscription box with a whole lot of help from Sadie Beagle who graciously offered to taste and play with all the goodies. She's a good dog that way.

First time reviewer, Bree, shares an in-depth review of "Things We Don't Talk About", a wonderful documentary that discusses the Red Tent Movement.  There's a whole digital package available to one giveaway winner that includes the movie, ebooks, an audiobook, and a collection of meditational music.

Finally, Amber shares this delicious and hearty soup that is easily put together in a crockpot.  Dump it, set it, and forget it - more time to watch squirrels!

Now it's your turn!  Thank you so much for sharing so many delightful posts - I believe we very easily could have just Featured every single food post there was (it was as bad as shopping hungry, trying to choose).  These all were the ones we agreed upon, but if you didn't graze last week's link up, you should - you won't want to miss a thing!

Whoa.... this one actually tempted me to lick my screen.  Pastry and ricotta encase tons of delicious savory 'toppings'. Yes. Please.

I love Pysanka, and have a small collection I'm never sure how to display - this sweet and simple methods shows them off beautifully!

 I absolutely love the cheery yellow on this wreath - and the clear instructions are giving me so much inspiration. I can't wait to try this.

This dessert has it all - decadence, nutrition, and it fits into several dietary lifestyles.  Again with the desire to lick the screen...

What a brilliant idea!  A little grassfed butter and cinnamon turns a cup of matcha tea into a rich, warming cup of comfort.

I hope you'll head over to this week's Awesome Life Friday and share your posts! We are so grateful for your visits!

Have a lovely weekend, and watch those squirrels - they're hilarious!




  1. Thank you Lynda for featuring my Ukrainian Eggs this week. A lovely surprise.

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