Thursday, March 12, 2015

Last week's Awesome Life Friday Features!

 It's Awesome Life Friday again! We're so glad you've joined us! Here's what we've been up to this week:

This lovely Etsy shop offers handmade candles full of intentions and spirituality in a variety of styles (including custom wedding candles!).  Aurora used her Anu devotional candle to help bring more financial abundance into her life.
These healthy real food bars provide nutrition and taste on the go - and unlike most 'energy bars' they don't do it with sugar - packed with vegetables and spices, they provide a savory alternative to eating yet more 'dessert'.  The Giveaway will let one winner try out 2 bars in each of their four flavors.

There's no question that kale is good for you - but if you haven't found the way to love it, check out Aurora's method for cooking it up, so that you, too, can get some greens in your life.  With garlic and bacon, this is hitting all the good stuff!
This tasty, paleo-friendly nutbutter replacement may be just the answer to those who aren't able or don't wish to eat nutbutters - it tastes and spreads just like peanut butter, and when Jackie reviewed it, it was a thorough winner with the picky five year old.

TigerNuts are paleo-friendly tubers that Organic Gemini makes into great, earthy snacks, flour, and even a variety of horchata drinks.  Daniel tried the flour on a batch of cookies, and we're offering three winners the chance to try the TigerNut Raw Nut snacks and flour for themselves.

We had a lot of fun reading last week's posts  - there was food for the body and food for thought!  Here are this week's featured picks, but our thanks go out to you all!

These look so delicious - they'll be turning up on more  than one menu around here soon!
There are dozens of fun, creative and educational activities here with a St. Patty's day theme - just in time for a weekend bit of together time.

If you've not heard of this lymphatic condition, please read up. As with anything, early detection and understanding changes lives.

We may have lost an hour, but we did gain an opportunity to remember a few annual tasks!

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