Friday, March 6, 2015

Review: SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread

What is the first thing you think of when it comes to food related allergies? I’m willing to bet, for most people, that thing is PEANUT BUTTER. To my knowledge, peanut butter is the only food banned in some schools. In others, like my daughter’s, there is a special table for those with allergies, so they don’t accidentally eat near someone eating peanut butter.

Unfortunately, when I think of what nearly every kid wants to eat (sometimes multiple times a day), peanut butter sandwiches comes to mind, again.  This causes a dilemma, not only for parents of children with peanut allergies, but also for those who host playdates with other people's children - you just don't want to take the chance!

I’ve heard of alternatives to nut butters, but this was my first opportunity to put them to the test.

SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread is a nut-free alternative to peanut butter, and in my family's opinion, it tastes a lot better! We had the pleasure of trying a jar of the creamy variety, as well as a 10 count box of 1.1 ounce creamy squeeze packs.

As soon as the box arrived we tore open one of the squeeze pouches. We all took turns tasting- straight from the pouch! Not a single person in my house disapproved of the taste. Even the baby got her first sampling of food!

It has the same consistence as the peanut butters you are used to, but a little saltier flavor. I really enjoyed it.

Since obtaining the Sunbutter, I always keep a pouch or two in my diaper bag or purse. It is a great pick-me-up if I’m having a day of rushing from place to place, as moms often do, and it keeps me prepared if I suddenly need to hold a child over until the next meal. A box of 10 retails, on Amazon, for $6.99.

Speaking of meals, my 5 year old will not even entertained the idea of peanut butter anymore. Nearly every day for lunch she wants a Sunbutter and jelly sandwich. I don’t pack her lunch for schools, but I feel confidant that I COULD without it causing an issue for a child with unfortunate allergies.

For mornings, I love Sunbutter spread onto a rice cracker!

Sunbutter has a full line of spreads which includes the creamy I got to taste, as well as, organic, no stir creamy, no sugar added, crunch, and organic. I would love to try the crunchy version!

Sunbutter sells on a few places online, though their ‘Buy Now’ button directs you to purchase on Amazon.

It took a great deal of searching to find the creamy version on there. It sells for, after shipping, nearly $9. That is a little too pricy for a 16 oz jar. on our current budget

However, if my child had an allergy, I could see justifying it.

I did however, find it at the PX on our military post for about $2 cheaper- which is surprising because I can’t find anything else there.  

So odds are good that it is in a store near you for much cheaper than what it sells online. Furthermore, on their website you can find up to $3 off coupons! I will definitely be using those and buying more!

Comparatively (to Jif, and old fashioned natural peanut butters) it is quite similar. It is however, higher in sodium, as I expected from the taste. The allergy free ingredients are definitely the selling point for this product.

If needing some inspiration in the kitchen, their website has a full directory of Sunbutter recipes! It seems just about anything you would usually add peanut butter to, you can substitute SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread! My daughter ate the whole first jar quicker than I could use any to cook or bake - next time, I'll have to hide it so I can try using it in cooking.

Sunbutter Website
Sunbutter on Facebook
Sunbutter Products on Amazon


  1. i have family members with nut allergies and would like to try this butter fir making cookies instead of peanut butter.

  2. I tried sunflower seed spread once just because it sounded interesting, and I really liked it. It's interesting -- tastes almost exactly like peanut butter, except with some sunflower seed-iness. It was too expensive for me to buy regularly when my family doesn't have peanut allergies, but for those who do, it seems like a great alternative. Especially for people who developed the allergy later in life and know the taste of what they're missing!

    1. I agree, it will not replace peanut butter in our home, unless we suddenly get close with someone that could be affected but on occasion, we certainly will. We just bought a jar of the natural kind to try. So far so good...

  3. Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop!

  4. I do enjoy other nut/seed butters occasionally. But my guys are sticking with peanut butter lol.

    This is a new brand for me, I'll be looking for it!