Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Kendra Studio Jewellery

Reviewer: Jackie Snider

"One of a Kind. Timeless. Sexy. You.” That’s the tagline on Kendra Studio Jewellery’s Facebook page. Nothing could ring more true when describing her breathtaking pieces! Each piece is handcrafted and unique from one another. 

The artist, Kendra Roberts is so incredibly talented. On top of that, she is very personable and such a pleasure to work with.

It’s no wonder Kendra Roberts really knows what she is doing! From a young age, she was very interested and talented in art. In college she refined that to focus on jewelry making. She completed her Master’s in the art at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Having that under her belt, she moved to New York, where she opened up Kendra Studio Jewellery, where she currently resides.

Kendra handpicked a piece for me based on a little detective work she did on my Facebook profile. She discovered two things that really make me who I am; I am a mother, and I am a military spouse.  The piece she chose was a Mother of Pearl circle pendant with a feather drop.   The mother of pearl is clearly hinting at the mother aspect of my life, while the shape of the piece is reminiscent of a crest of sorts, signifying both family and militant lifestyles. I was very impressed with the personal touch she connected me with the piece. 

The necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy to finally have real adult jewelry! I did have to buy an extension for it, as it was far too snug when it first arrived. It is a 16-inch chain on its own, and I got a 4-inch extension and now it lies perfectly. 

On Kendra’s Etsy page she displays necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, cuff links, and more. All of which are so amazing! This is far from cheap costume jewelry. Each piece is handmade with semi-precious stones or shells, lain in sterling silver. Each stone or shell is hand-cut and hand-polished by Kendra herself. Her prices range per piece, as no two is alike. My necklace would have retailed for $125, which appears about average for her jewelry.


Kendra Studio Jewellery’s debut was nothing short of appropriate for the level of ‘stunning’ found in her work- New York Fashion Week in 2005! Since then, KSJ has been featured on many media outlets. One of those avenues includes HGTV, which ran a segment in 2007 showing how the jewelry is actually crafted! I’ve watched it four different times and I just find it absolutely intriquing. 

 In the video you really get a sense of who Kendra is as a person. She seems so sweet and bubbly, and someone you really want to support in her endeavors.

Even though it was not part of this review, I can’t leave this without making the mouths of all the readers water uncontrollably as mine did when I saw this piece:

This necklace is called Seascape at Sunrise. You can see the blue/green colors of the sea on the bottom with the orange/red tones of the sunrise over top of it. This is made with Turquoise, lapis, rhodonite, mother of pearl and abalone shell, apple green turquoise, certified ivory, red and violet spiny oyster shell inlay in sterling silver. Even from the back it makes a statement with the ten-inch drop the chain makes. This breathtaking one-of-a-kind necklace could be yours for just $6,250! Whew, what I wouldn’t give!

Kendra’s jewelry can be found in 24 different shops across 17 states!

NOTE TO HUSBAND—Dear, I’m going to need a matching pair of mother of pearl earrings. See picture below:

Kendra Studio Jewellery on Facebook 
Kendra Studio Jewellery Website
Kendra Studio Jewellery on Etsy


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  1. Lovely necklace! I love mother of pearl and other beautiful shells. Abalone is especially pretty too. I checked out Kendra Studio and also would love everything on there. Great craftsmanship.

  2. I love handcrafted jewelry, and this is wonderful! I love the Seascape at Sunrise!

  3. What a talented artist. I'm surprised by the price of Seascape at Sunrise. But, I'd never be able to create such a work of art. Can't imagine the hours needed and talent.

  4. I love all the colors and textures she uses in her jewelry they are just so beautiful and she has something for everyone with all the designs and styles she makes.

  5. Love that each piece is made by her. That necklace is so beautiful too I could see it working during daytime and for date nights.

  6. I like the design and style of this jewelry. It's pretty yet elegant.