Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Let's Potty Game

Reviewer: Anne Cone 
Ugh, potty training. Just say those two words and every parent groans inwardly. There is absolutely nothing fun about the process … but, Let’s Potty is attempting to change that!

My middle kiddo is as stubborn as the day is long. I dread potty training him(he definitely calls the shots in my house), but it must be done! His preschool is starting to ask when we plan on potty training, and I don't think I can put it off much longer.

I heard about Let’s Potty and I was intrigued - making potty training a game? Yes please, tell me more!

The game arrived in the middle of the week (it came incredibly fast from Amazon!) and I set it on the counter for the weekend family night. 

My toddler was intrigued by the box - it’s so bright and looks like something fun. He kept trying to pull it off the counter before we were due to play with it. 

I was happy about that though, because then it was something that he was looking forward to doing (although he did get a small bit of snack on the top!).

Finally we had Saturday family night! Daddy was home, and we ordered up a pizza and sat around the table. 

The board is just like the outside box - full of bright colors and a lot of activity. We let our toddler point out different things on the board before we started - he saw the things we have in our house, like the daddy reading, the puppy, and the school bus.

One thing I love about this game is that its very simple. Each player chooses a character. There are 2 boys and 2 girls.

We, of course, let the little man go first. You choose a card from the stack, and follow the instruction. Each card has a short little saying to read and a very simple direction to follow.

My husband and I used these cards as conversation starters about potty training. We would say things like how big kids get to go forward when they keep their pants dry, talked about getting big kid underwear, and asked him questions about the potty. 

It was a lot of fun to actually have time together as a family where we were talking and hearing our son’s two year old take on things. We even taught him a “potty dance”, which I highly recommend!

The game keeps going until everyone’s character reaches the potty. Its a very simple game, but it gives a lot of opportunity to engage in the potty training dialogue that you need to before starting training.

We had so much fun with the game that well be trying it again next weekend! We have also discussed making the game a model for a potty training rewards system! 

Now that our toddler has some of these things in his vocabulary I really think it'll be easier to transition him off the board game and using these things every day. 

I think one of the biggest potty challenges is that kids see it as “scary” or as “hard work” and I'm hoping that playing Let’s Potty has made it look like fun instead!

One thing of note is that although this is a very simple game, it does seem to be best for kids who are able to understand the cause and effect of it - I pick up the card, I read the card, I do what the card says. The game’s recommended age is for 2+ and that sounds about right to me!

Even after my 2 year old is trained, I'm going to keep Let’s Potty in the closet for when his younger sister is potty training. I can’t imagine how fun it would be to have my toddler join us in playing with his “potty wisdom”! 

The game is fun in itself, but the added bonus of having TV off family time is what makes it a really wonderful buy.

You can find out more information, and purchase the game, at: Let's Potty or Let's Potty on Facebook

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  1. I have four sons - potty training the three older boys was a struggle each time (my youngest isn't quite old enough yet). We tried floating Cheerios and all that - what worked best for my older boys was putting them in boxers instead of underwear. It was more uncomfortable for them to have an accident in boxers instead of briefs, so they were more motivated to make it to the potty on time.

  2. Oh, that's actually a challenge, and I can tell you it was really nerve-wracking for me. I'm glad that nowadays, the only game I play is mahjong, you can try it now, and I don't have to deal with games like let's potty. I mean, I miss these days a lot, but after I remember what it was like, I stop yearning for those years.

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