Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Golden Hands Design

Reviewer: Lynda Hardy

I have had my eye on the Etsy shop Golden Hands Design for awhile now, and I was very excited when Cathy agreed to let me review one of her handcrafted creations. Her shop is full of really beautiful and whimsical knit and crocheted creations - she has some beautiful cowls and shawls, a large variety of hats and fingerless gloves, some really adorable wine necklaces (you have to go check those out!) and some waifish summertime crocheted tops and barefoot sandals.

Cathy's beautiful daughter models most of the items she carries, and her son in law handles the photography - I think the presentation goes a long way toward showcasing Cathy's handiwork. I knew the summer items weren't for me although they'd be perfect for a younger person, but beyond that, I couldn't begin to narrow down what I'd most like to try for review, so I asked her to surprise me after we spoke a little about my general preferences.

The result was an absolutely delightful crocheted Elf Hat created just for me in a gorgeous soft deep eggplant 80/20 acrylic and wool blend, intermixed with some sparkly and turquoise fibers. The design reminds me of some historic Old European designs - very warm and practical as well as being charming and fun to wear.

For very cold weather, the strings can be tied closed and this completely blocks the cold on blustery winter days - open, it provides warmth without overheating. I expect to wear this often throughout the winter, to keep toasty warm during the bone chilling cold of an East Coast winter.

Cathy recommends handwashing as the best way to care for her knit and crochet pieces, and I can tell that this hat will hold up to frequent use without undue wear and tear.

I have to confess I have my eye on several other items available at Golden Hands Design, and am looking forward to new designs she has planned once the Christmas rush is over - she hinted at more cowls and even a poncho to come and I can't wait! Cathy clearly loves creating beautiful things for interesting people, and enjoys the camaraderie of having a shop at Etsy, and being able to get to know people from around the world who share a love of handmade items.

Whether you're young or young at heart, do check out Golden Hands Design - I'm sure you'll find something there you can't live without! I know I'll be back for more.


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  1. That hat looks so good on you! What a cute business, thanks for showcasing them :)

  2. comment for contest: this winter has been incredibly hot for me...i'm in LA

    1. Lol that was my comment as well. I'm a few hours away from you at Fort Irwin. It's been pretty hot! #desertproblems

  3. it's starting to get a LTTLE bit chillier here...maybe dips below 65 one day a week?

  4. I absolutely love her stuff! The summer items aren't for me either but I love her hats, scarves, and shawls!! I would even buy a pair of the fingerless gloves!

  5. Very nice stuff, I loved the shawls and hats :)

  6. This winter has been terrrrrible! Super cold and snowy like crazy. I am really looking forward to the spring!

  7. More snow today!! Jealous of everyone who is experiencing the warm sunshine!

  8. I'm in New Zealand where it is summer :) but I am tired of the heat and humidity.It gets cold in winter but I live where it doesn't snow or get too cold.I prefer winter as there is no limit to how many items of clothing you can put on ,but in summer.......... :)

  9. So beautiful review!
    Here in Tunisia,it has been spring, ummer and winter in the same day!
    Thank you and have lovely day!

  10. Welp, winter is back to bringing the below freezing temps today! I would love to stay inside and be nice and cozy but I have class so I must go driving in this...

  11. I love these! Especially the hooded cowl. I would be happy if I had the talent to knit and crochet, but in my case it is best left to the experts :)