Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Cakewalk Desserts

 Reviewer: Jackie Snider

Cakewalk Desserts breaks new ground with their sweets! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has never heard of pie pops, and founder/baker Andrea Smetona wants to change that. 
Founded in 2010 just as a side hobby, Cakewalk Desserts has grown immensely and has been featured in countless bridal magazines and blogs. These adorable little pies on a stick add a touch not found by any other pastry.

I was sent a box overnight filled with 12 yummy pie pops, and their recently released full color cookbook. When I opened the box I saw it had some brown packing paper crumpled on top of the pops, which were lying loose in the box.

Unfortunately, a few of the pie pops were crushed already, and more crumbled as soon as I took them out of their plastic.

That could easily be a problem with local postal service delivery, so I wont hold that against Cakewalk based on one delivery. However, I do think the box was a little big for the amount, which left a lot of empty space for moving around.

The taste more than made up for it! There were 3 different varieties, four of each one. I could visually tell that there was apple and cherry, but there was star shaped pops that gave no indication of flavor. That was the first one to try! I tasted some kind of berry like fruit, as well as a crunch of walnuts. Using the cookbook I was able to determine that I was eating Cranberry Walnut Crisp pie pops thanks to the glorious photos and descriptions in the book.

I love the presentation of the pops. Each one of them were individually wrapped in cellophane with a colored ribbon around the stick.

The Cranberry Walnut Crisp was really good! It was quite festive. The crust was a little dryer than I would have liked, though. The apple was really cute as well, and had a Christmas tree shape cut out of the center. The crust was a little better than the Cranberry, but there was only a small bite of apple filling. The cherry was by far the best! My husband, daughter and I all were in agreement that this one was amazing. These weren’t crumbling; the sticks stayed put through most of it and it had a wonderful flavor and soft buttery crust.

I could really see these being a staple at wedding or barbeques.

The other great thing included was Andrea’s cookbook, Easy As Pie Pops. It is 175 full color pages. The book includes 5 sections; fresh and fruity pie pops, sweet and sophisticated pie pops, scrumptious and savory pie pops, cake pops, and tea time mini loafs. Before you get to any recipes, there is a section introducing you to pie pops, telling you what tools you need, and explaining the technique for both crust and filling.

I have not had a chance to try out any of the recipes but I have taken to the time to bookmark the ones I will try first! I am most looking forward to the savory pops. How unique! I can only hope that these recipes will come out as good as the ones she made.

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  1. I tried some of the recipes in the book. I didnt get them to come out nearly as pretty, but they were super tasty!

  2. These are super fun! This sounds like a nice book to have. I know mine would not be as pretty as the ones in the pic.