Sunday, December 1, 2013

Review: Love With Food

Reviewer: Jackie Snider

I seriously love subscription boxes right now. This next one is no exception. Who doesn’t love getting exciting new yummies in the mail every month? This month I had the pleasure of trying out Love With Food

When I got the box, one of the first things I noticed was how small it was. When I opened it, I was completely shocked by how much was packed inside this package! 

Laying nice and neatly on the top was a detailed list of what everything in the box was. 

There was also further literature and coupons for each item.

Now we can move on to the good stuff! 

The first thing I pulled out was Savory Shortbread by Dancing Deer Baking Co. The flavor was rosemary sea salt. I thought that sounded strange, so I was a little nervous to try it. There were two cookies in the package, and after just one bite it took a lot off willpower to not swallow both cookies whole. They were so incredibly light with a lovely buttery taste that just melted in your mouth. These crispy little treasures were a delicious delight.  

The next item I tried was KuKuRuZa tuxedo popcorn. This was caramel popcorn drizzled with both milk and white chocolate. What immediately stood out was the fact that it was resealable. I thought that was a great feature. Until, of course I realized ten minutes later that it was a pointless feature! Upon opening, they smelled absolutely intoxicating. I meant to just eat a few pieces to get a ‘first reaction’ out of it. However, while taking notes on the rest of the box, I accidentally ate the whole small bag. Whoops! 

I enjoyed the ones that were just slightly covered with the chocolate the most. Some of the pieces were completely covered in the chocolate, and in my opinion there were too rich. It almost had a frosting taste.
Next up was Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods. I was expecting a corn nut kind of snack. I was quite surprised when I opened it to find actual dried corn. It smelled just like a bowl of fresh corn. 

To be honest, I didn’t like it. I’m not a big fan of corn in general. I thought it tasted like dried creamed corn! My husband thought it was good, and my 4-year-old daughter ate most of the bag by herself. There was only 40 calories for the entire bag!
Now onto the chocolate! There was a cute little satchel containing two bars of Green and Black Organic Dark Chocolate bars. They were 70% dark chocolate. They were definitely bold and bitter, and dark chocolate should be. Personally, I’m more of a fan of dark chocolate when it has fruit or nuts in it, but it was very good quality and quite tasty.
One item I put off trying was the Laura Secord Maple Fudge. I’m neither a big fan of maple, nor fudge. As expected it was quite rich! The texture was very soft and creamy. 

It definitely had a strong maple flavor, but it was surprisingly pleasant. I could only eat a few nibbles at a time though.
Another item I wasn’t looking forward to was the Sweet Potato Pop Chips. Pop Chips are chips that are neither fried nor baked. The texture is amazing! However, I can’t stand sweet potatoes. I was very pleased with these, surprisingly! 

They are a perfectly natural blend of sweet and salty! I haven’t yet found these in the store near me, but I can’t wait to get my hand on another bag.

I thought the packet of tea was a nice touch to add to the Love With Food box. 

It was a single packet of Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist. I’m not a frequent tea drinker, but when I do, I enjoy the whole tealeaves like this. Generally speaking, I only drink tea when I am sick. In addition, I only remember to buy tea, when I’m sick and need it! I’m very happy to be able to put this away for the inevitable rainy that that I will want tea. I can smell it through the package, and it smells wonderful!

Also in the box was a full Eat Natural Apricot and Almond fruit and nut bar with a yogurt flavored coating. It was my breakfast, split up, for two days. It was very tasty and had an amazingly creamy apricot flavor.

Lastly, the box included a packet of Chicken Tikki Masala spices from Arora Creations. It smells amazing! 

The first scent I noted was sunflower seeds, which happen to be the main ingredient. I have not tried it just yet but I will. I’m saving it because it looks like it would make great cold whether food! It even has a full recipe on the back of the package.

I was very impressed with the diversity in products included in my box, and I will definitely be a repeat customer. 

Another amazing thing about Love With Food is that when you buy a box, they donate a meal to children in need right here in America! They donate meals to food banks and other organizations such as Feeding America Network. It is always so great to hear of companies sharing their wealth with those less fortunate. It’s also amazing to know that, as a customer, your patronage is for such a good cause! To date, over 156,000 meals have been donated! It even tells you where this month’s meals are going. For the month of November, all donated meals went to San Francisco’s Harvest From the House.

  I’m going to guess that you would be as surprised as I to find out that this box I received was actually their ‘Tasting Box!’ That means that they have an even bigger amazing option called the ‘Deluxe Box.’ 

The Tasting box costs just $12 a month! Or you can choose the 6 month plan which is $11/month, or the 12 month plan running just $10 a box. 

The Deluxe box, which is at least double the amount of goodies, costs between $17-$19.95/a month depending on the plan. On top all that, the Deluxe donates 2 meals, thanks to your purchase. As if all of that wasn’t just amazing enough, you earn points for each box you receive. When accumulated, you earn credits towards products.
Which brings me to my next topic. I think one of my favorite parts of this box subscription is that when you love the things in your box, they make it so simple to buy more! You don’t have to search it out or cry because it’s unobtainable a second time. You just go their website and click on “Shop.”
I can’t think of a single person, man or woman, that wouldn’t love to receive this box as a gift. I can’t recommend it enough!
Love with Food on Facebook
Love with Food Website


  1. This is an awesome product! I got a very warm, fuzzy feeling when you said they donate meals to the hungry right here in America! I am a firm believer that we need a little more love and help sent out to the less fortunate who are close at hand.
    Looks like a wonderful variety of snacks and I was blown away by the price! That seems so reasonable! I'll definitely be checking this one out!

  2. Yes that was a really big winner for me, and I have ordered since, and will continue to do so! The snacks are always so good, and are all pretty good for you! The price is definitely nearly unbeatable.

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