Thursday, August 3, 2017

Awesome Life Friday #123

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Last week there were some many great posts sharing practical tips, we decided to focus on those - check these out!

How I "Do" Laundry // A Fireman's Wife
"Laundry can easily become an out of control problem if not constantly kept up with. It is so easy to either have piles of dirty clothes getting out of control, or piles of clean clothes and no time to put it away. Getting a schedule down of how you are going to “do” the laundry can make all the difference."

How to Treat Insect Stings Fast at Home // Family Farm School
"I’ve heard several home remedies for insect stings in my life…most of them from my grandmother.  I’ve tried all of these at least once, and for the most part, she has a pretty good track record for knowing things that work…no matter how crazy they sound!"

Dos and Don't of Going to a Drive-In Theater //  
The (Mis)Adventures of a Born-Again Farm Girl
"Sadly drive-in movies are few and far between these days. I get it, I do. People like air conditioning and plush seat that tip back with cup holders and nachos. But there is something about a drive-in movie that sticks in a child's memory."

How to Easily Clean Wood with Just Two Ingredients // The Boondocks Blog
"For about four years now I have been cleaning my wood furniture with a very simple mixture.  I'm not even sure where I found this  but it has worked wonders for me."

How to Stay Productive While Working at Home with a Chronic Illness // Strength & Sunshine
"Not only do you have the typical “work-at-home” distractions to combat, but tack on the unpredictable struggles of a chronic illness and things can seem like they’ll never get done. But there is a way. Here’s how to stay productive while working at home with a chronic illness."

5 Tips to Start (and Stick) to Blogging // Keeping It Real
"Now, I have nothing against tools and techniques, they are useful, even essential, no matter what you do. But I feel there has to be a bit more than that. Like everything in life, I firmly believe that if you want to start and stick to something, you need to love what you do."

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  1. I hope your August has gotten off to an awesome start!

  2. Thank you for hosting, and for featuring my blogging tips post. ave a wonderful weekend!

  3. Lynda thanks so much for the feature. I hope you are having a cool and relaxing weekend.

  4. Thanks Lynda for your 123rd Awesome Life Friday. Have a great summer week.

  5. Hi Linda! Thanks for visiting my latest post and leaving your sweet comment! I had a hard time finding you since you showed up as a no-reply comment. Come to find out several of my blogging friends follow you! And another thing that's amazing is you live in Fort Washington, Maryland! I lived there for over thirty years and I'm sure our paths had crossed during that time. I'm so glad to meet you and that you host a few parties, one of which includes Donna, another blogging friend!

  6. Thanks for hosting and have wonderful week.