Monday, July 31, 2017

Stitch Fix Show Off

This poor post is actually nearly a month late - I'm showing off my haul from the Stitch Fix box I received back at the beginning of July.  Unfortunately, I also developed a horrible case of bronchitis right around the same time that I am still not fully over, so about the last thing I was in the mood for was taking pictures. (Or, honestly, getting dressed at all.)

On the plus side - this was the first time that I hit the jackpot with Stitch Fix, and decided to keep the entire collection!  I'd asked my stylist, Elizabeth, to focus on some solid colored basics that I could mix and match with some of the pieces I'd already received, and also mentioned wanting to add a lightweight kimono throw to my wardrobe, and she came through perfectly!

So, even though I was too sick to show off what I got, there was plenty of time for picture taking, since I wasn't on a timeclock for getting anything sent back.

The first two pieces are the Andrew Marc Perfomance Marina Straight Leg Capri Pants ($68) and the Bishop + Young Flin Kimono ($48).

The Capris were too large but I could tell that the style and texture were really appealing to me, so I tried to exchange them only to find out they weren't in stock a size down. I was crushed!

Making things worse - I knew I really wanted the whole box which means I'd get a 25% discount, and it was going  to wind up costing more to return them than to just keep them.  And is there anything worse than hanging on to clothing that's too big, just in case you gain weight?

I kept them - and sadly explained my woes in their feedback form.  To my surprise and delight, they found some in my size and sent them out to me, asking that I just return the others.  Happily!

I am very impressed that they were able to make this right for me, and they are so cute and comfortable that I've been wearing them nearly constantly all month.  The navy blue fabric is lined and very lightweight, like parachute material, and there are drawstrings at the waist and the cuffs.

The kimono is an adorable off-white bit of floaty material that makes a great throw on when I want a bit of sleeve - it pairs nicely with casuals, and has some great visual interest.  I'd like another that lays longer because I really like it when my outfits are less structured.

A sidenote on this  - when I'm out, I often get compliments on my blue hair.  It's an odd thing (I am firmly of an age where women tend to be 'invisible') but something that always adds a lift to my day.

The other day, I wore this kimono out and was approached by a young woman who called out "I really like your..."  I was all ready to hear 'hair' but then she finished. "...your kimono!"  How fun is that?!

The floral print is an orange-red, black tan, and pale green and blue, which allows for several possibilities for a simple top underneath.  Here, I just wore a plain v-neck tee from my drawer.

Speaking of going out - this was July 1st, the day my box arrived and also the last day this month I felt well! I decided to wear a couple of pieces to a live performance of Hedwig & the Angry Inch we were attending at the Kennedy Center.

We try to get up there as frequently as we can afford to, but I have learned that in several of their theatres, the seating can be very tight quarters, so something comfortable as well as attractive is critical.

The performance was ammmaaaaaazing. But I also am really sure this was where I got sick.

As for what I wore, this is the Realm White Kay Skinny Jean ($58) and the Teal Green Daniel Rainn Ingleside Short Sleeve Top ($58).

They're calling that teal green, but it's totally a turquoise blue, which is one of my favorite colors.

It lays as if it's a wrap around, although it isn't really, and is both casual and would be just right for work paired with a skirt.  I love the way it looks with the white jeans.

I also really love the white jeans.  They are very, very slightly too large on me, which is fixable with a belt, so that's fine, and I hate when things fit too small.

The fabric is stretchy, so they're comfortable, and while I do live in terror of staining them, they truly are an all-purpose perfect summer basic.

(Sooo much humidity in my hair!)

The last item is this wonderful top - the Statement Tazzi Chambray Henley Top ($54).  The fabric is soft like buttuh and very cool to wear on a hot day. I've worn it with both the white jeans and the navy capris, and it works well with both.

The side seams on this are interesting - The bottom front seam is a large foldover that curves and continues up the sides to the armhole. The back part has a normal seam and connects to the underside of the front half.

I'm not explaining that well at all, but it adds an interesting effect and, I think, also helps it lay well.

Here again is a perfect basic piece that can be paired with almost anything casual and dressed up a bit with some color and a jacket or sweater.

So, my final cost for all these pieces, after taking the 25% discount and knocking off the $20 styling fee was $194.00  With each of these pieces being classic basics, I'm confident I'll continue to enjoy them not only for the rest of this season but next year as well.

If you haven't already tried Stitch Fix, you should!  I highly recommend their service.

Note: I was not given anything in exchange for this post, however if you sign up using my referrer code, I will earn $25 credit toward my next Fix.


  1. It is fun to get clothes you enjoy. :)

  2. I've heard to stitch fix before, but I never quite knew what it was. Your new outfits are so cute! It must be just like Christmas when you receive your box each month! I hope you're feeling better. It is so miserable to be sick when the weather is hot & sticky.
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

  3. What super cute clothes! And your hair does look great too!

  4. Your stylist chose some great pieces! I love that pretty kimono. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  5. Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style party.

  6. Oh what a wonderfull kimono. And this turquoise blouse is adorable. You look amazing in it. Thanks for linking up to tinaspinkfriday, Lynda.

  7. I have not yet tried Stitch Fix, but I love this example of wonderful customer service!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  8. Very pretty! and i love the color of your hair. Thanks for sharing and stopping by to linkup :)

  9. I've heard of Stitch Fix...gonna have to check them out online. Love that flowy scarf-like top you have on in the first picture when I did a double-take on your hair...LOL, but I kinda like it! As we grow older, we should "live a little" the best we can (within reason and if it's not TOO dangerous...LOL) I'm 65, so I can say that. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration this week!

  10. I'm loving all your looks! Stitch Fix did great with their picks for you last month. Also, I hope you get all the way well soon. Get lots of rest!


  11. Hope you're feeling better! Looks like you had so much fun with these clothes. Thanks for sharing with SYC.