Monday, May 22, 2017

Unboxing: Anime Bento Box

Once again, this past month, I was treated to an Anime Bento Box in my mailbox! For those of you unfamiliar with Anime Bento, it is a subscription box filled with anime/manga goodies and a snack from Japan. Each box also includes a tee shirt!

In this month's box, I received another DIY treat kit, a Yuri on Ice tee shirt, a folder, a CD with anime music, two cell phone charms, and a $5.00 gift code to bookwalker, a website selling digital manga and light novels. The one thing that was missing from this box that has always been included in the others was a card detailing the contents, but that's ok, I could figure it out with my friend!

The treat kit was entirely in Japanese, which meant that once again, I had to rely on only the pictures to make it. I don't think I did half bad, as the pictures are very detailed. It ended up being this color changing fizzy sweet. It' wasn't bad, but lacked any definite flavor and the texture was...odd.

Yuri on Ice is not an anime that I am familiar enough with to instantly recognize, but my friend did! This light blue shirt has a skate with the quote “we were born to make history”. It makes a great lounging around the house shirt.

The folder is another pocket style that I don't see in stores around here, but is still pretty useful. Though I don't know the anime, and lack the information card, it seems to be an Alice in Wonderland theme that is nonetheless pretty to look at. I love the detailed artwork in anime stills and there's always something interesting to find.

I was very excited for the CD with anime music, as I think that anime intros and credit songs are, for the most part, super fun! I never skip them when binging! This CD has six tracks, but only three songs. The first three are the regular versions, and the last three are the karaoke versions! I'm honestly not mad, as it makes for good background music.

The two cellphone charms are identical, a pink haired girl, and I instantly knew that they were to become the BFF charms for my bestie and I! Unfortunately, mine broke within the first couple days from getting caught on my seatbelt while my phone was in my pocket. Hers, however, still dangles from her phone case!

The last thing in this box was a $5.00 gift card to the website bookwalker. I knew instantly that I wanted to use it towards getting the next book of the Ancient Magus Bride! Using it was easy, and I'm glad to be aware of a digital source of new manga.

If you think that this box and the others I've gotten sound like something you or someone you know of would enjoy, you can get your own subscription starting at $35.00/month!


  1. How fun about the ice skate! #FridayFrivolity

  2. My oldest daughter always buys those DIY candy kits. She loves watching it fizz up. Awesome products you got in your anime bento box!


  3. Ohhhhh I'm glad I clicked over from the blog link up! How neat, had no idea they sold these boxes. Before my kids took all my attention there was nothing better that I loved than watching Anime and J or K dramas!! We are heading to Epcot for a day this summer and I've already planned to stock up on special treats at the Japanese Pavillion!

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