Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review/Giveaway- KinderPerfect Card Game

If your parenting friends enjoys a bit of adult fun now and then, I may have the perfect idea for your next gathering.

KinderPerfect is a card gamed inspired by the popular explicit game, Cards Against Humanity. We bought Cards Against Humanity very shortly after its release, and now own the majority of its expansions. While my husband and I generally prefer more logic based board style games, we love to pull CAH out in a crowd for some easy laughs.

When I heard of KinderPerfect, I knew we needed to add it to our game shelf. We have two very spirited daughters, and have definitely learned to have a few laughs about parenthood! It's nearly identical in concept and gameplay, but entirely parent-centered.

This makes it the perfect game for when you know there will be low concentration, lots of laughter and interruptions for frequent stories about that one time your kid really did manage to paint their entire crib with the contents of their diaper at nap time.

You need at least 3 players to make the game work, though as with any good party style game, the more the merrier.

Each player keeps a hand of ten white cards; These are the “answers.”

The person whose turn it is is called the "Parent" and draws a red card from the deck and reads it aloud.

Each player selects a white card from their hand to answer the red card's question, or fill in a blank on the red card. There is no right or wrong answer! The "Parent" selects the answer they like best, whatever their criteria is, and awards the red card to that person.

When you are done playing, the player with the most red cards, wins.

I brought the game to a recent girls night in at my friend (and fellow RCH writer) Tricia's house. There were four of us playing and we all enjoyed it.

KinderPerfect is cute and a great conversation starter. Many pauses were made to relate to the cards in our daily lives! This makes a ton of sense as all the cards questions were crowd sourced from actual parents.

KinderPerfect is fairly tame compared to Cards Against Humanity. There are still some blush worthy cards, but any profanity was “***” out so you can use your judgement on what to say out loud, just in case little ears are lurking (and really, when aren't they?!)

I'm am excited to see there are going to be expansions in the future! KinderPerfect is currently in the works to create school aged/tween centered versions of the game.

The game as it currently exists goes rather quickly, especially the larger your group, because of the disproportionately small red deck of cards. There are only 210 cards total.

One suggestion the website makes is to mix these cards in with your Cards Against Humanity game.

I could definitely see that adding a fun twist. However, I don't think nonparents would get much our of these questions, except to remind them why they don't have kids. However, there are several specialty card sets out there intended to be mixed with CAD decks, so this would not be unusual.

Another thing I'd like to point out about KinderPerfect: I didn't feel like it was made with PARENTS in mind, as much as just for MOMS. The website is visually oriented to mother and child themes.

Dads can understand the situations, sure, but the wording felt as if it was meant as to come from a mom. Not in every case, and I could be wrong about that. I haven't actually tested the theory with a room of dads, but I do think the deck would benefit from having more dad-centric cards.

You can purchase a copy KinderPerfect on Amazon Prime for $23.95. I don't love the price, if I'm honest. That's about the same as Cards Against Humanity's base game which has more than double the amount of cards. However, I think the higher costs has to do with it being manufactured in smaller quantities.

Overall, I think it was a really cute game, and it will come along to many more mom oriented girls nights or playdates!

If you'd like a chance to win a deck of your own, read on! Two of our readers in the US or Canada will receive a copy of KinderPerfect.

Two winners in Canada or the US (including APO/DPO addresses) will each receive one KinderPerfect Card Game, valued at $23.95 USD ($29.95 CAD) each.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below. This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning. (If you don't leave a comment, any additional entries will be void.)

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Good luck!


  1. This looks like a hilarious idea for a baby shower! I love that you can get a free printable deck if you sign up for their newsletter.

  2. We love Cards Against Humanity so there's no doubt we'll love this game too. I've wanted to add it to our collection room for a while!!

  3. Looks like great fun!! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to look for this one!

  4. I love that it "pairs perfectly with a glass of mommy juice"!

  5. This game looks so fun! It would be great for a Moms Night In get together.

  6. Oh i love the humor on this. Looks right up our ally

  7. This games sounds like fun to get the girls together for a night of fun and laughs.


  8. I'm a huge CAH fan so this game is probably something that right up my alley!

  9. Looks like a good game that would be relatively safe for our teens to stay up and play along.

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