Thursday, May 11, 2017

My May Stitch Fix


I recieved my May Stitch Fix box a few days ago, and want to share with you what was in it.

If you're not yet familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a fashion subscription service that allows members to receive a collection of clothing and accessories selected by a stylist who picks items according to the user's tastes and desires.  They have Men's boxes as well as Women's, and recently added Plus sizes to their offerings, which is why I signed up.

Each box costs a $20 styling fee, which is put toward anything you decide to purchase, and there is a 25% discount if you purchase everything in the box. When you get your box, you've got a couple days to try things on, decide what you're keeping, and send back the rest.

A few day ago, I received my Stitch Fix box for May, and was very pleased with the overall focus on clothing for warmer weather.  This is my third box, and I am really enjoying seeing what ideas the stylist has for me each month.

So here is what I received this month, starting with what did NOT work.  Honestly, in the box it looked like this might be the one where I buy the entire collection - but once I tried things on, two of them clearly didn't work for me.

This blouse.  After I sent back a white blouse last month, they tried again, and I really liked this one a lot better before I tried it on.  The fabric is very lightweight and gauzy, and just felt a whole lot better to touch than the previous one.

It also has a fun crocheted inset at the top that adds a lot of interest in the front and back.

But. BUT.  It is very, very sheer, so either I am showing off my bra when I wear it or I'm adding a camisole and the added layers make it too warm for summer.

In addition, the sleeves were very long.

And lastly (and most importantly), it looks TERRIBLE on me.  I tried it tucked in (the hem is too short for that to be comfortable), and when left out I look half dressed.

I'm sure this would look really cute on someone with a different body shape than me, but for me? No bueno.

Heartloom ~ Elah Crochet Detail Top

Next up, was this skirt.  It is calf length and flared, and has a pale blue and white textured pattern, and here again, in the box I thought it was pretty cute!  It fit well and has deep pockets, which is always a plus.

I tried it on with a tank and crochet'd shrug of mine, and the overall look was... ok.  Both my husband I and were left saying "It looks... nice... but... ?" until we finally decided that it makes me look like several substitute teachers we had back in high school.  So, back it went.  Here again, I think this would look really good on someone who isn't me.

I also think maybe pastels and whites are simply never going to work for me.

Renee C ~ Amelia Embroidery Skirt

The other three pieces in the box were all winners, and I kept them all!

Another maxi dress and another winner!  I adore this dress - the empire waist is comfortable and attractive, the fabric is practically weightless, and the color and pattern of the fabric is just beautiful.

The bodice is going to need either a pin or tiny bit of stitching before I can wear it out, because it keeps gaping open, but that is a minor and completely fixable detail.

While it has no actual sleeves, the fabric drapes nicely to form a fluttery cap sleeve look, and I like that as well.  I expect  to be wearing this a lot this summer!

Loveappella ~ Riley Maxi Dress

This top has another really interesting blue pattern, and is light as air.  I was a little worried about the 3/4 sleeves in heat, but it seemed to breathe pretty well and would be fine for all but the worst of summer humidity.

There is a keyhole opening in the back of the blouse, and the back hem is longer than the front, adding a bit of casual fun (and backside coverage!) to the look.

I'm quite happy to have it as an addition to my wardrobe, and with the longer sleeves, this will work nicely from Spring through the early parts of Autumn, as long as the weather is mild.

Renee C ~ Loni Back Keyhole Blouse

I paired the Keyhole Blouse with this pair of Bermuda denim shorts that was the last item in the box. I really liked the longer length that still let me dress lightly for hot weather.  

The fabric is a dark blue, and really soft and stretchy enough to allow for comfortable movement. 
The hems are finished and can be cuffed or rolled up or down, and there is enough 'give' to do so easily.

 The real winner for me is that they have a wide, comfortable elastic band, so I don't have to fight with a zipper or buttons (my mobility issues make this an important issue, and I was so happy to see my stylist took note of that problem, as well as my lack of interest in denim that has been shredded, slashed or otherwise abused artificially).

Here again, I expect these shorts to be a core part of my summer wardrobe (and maybe by August, my legs won't be quite so fishy white - hah!)

Makers ~ Trudy Bermuda Denim Short

So that was my May box, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!  I think three successful items is a win, and I continue to enjoy trying things on to learn more about what works for me.

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, I'd love to hear about your experience!  Do you ever find yourself surprised about what works and what doesn't?  If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, I'd love if you'd use my referrer code.


  1. I have never tried Stitch Fix but I have heard about it from different people. I might have to try it sometime.

  2. I did Stitch Fix for a while - may need to try them again!

  3. You look great in those 3 pieces and they will be wonderful in the summer weather. I love your blue hair too!

  4. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  5. Those are great pieces! Loving the skirt and blue maxi.I love stitch fix, the best thing ever :)
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  6. It looks like you found some keepers!

  7. I've tried Stitch Fix twice and I can honestly say I'm happy with them. My second box was SOOOO GOOOD, I kept the whole thing.
    I love that dress!! You can tell that dress was made for you with that lovely smile on your face. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH!

  8. I like the maxi dress. Great cut and colors. Looks very good on you.


  9. I've heard so much about Stitch Fix, but they don't do South Africa :-( I would love to try them, that maxi dress in your package is gorgeous

  10. Your keepers are great colors! I've never heard of Stitch Fix but will look into it. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope your week is going great.

  11. You definitely kept the right pieces. Most tops today are sheer, I think it's because everyone wears pretty bralettes now and like to show them off. I am too modest for that, so I wear a tank top underneath. I do like sheer tops for coverage reasons, but you're right having two shirts on in the summer can be too warm. The longer skirts look great on the young girls, but when anyone over 30 wears them we can look frumpy and dated. I think I own one midi skirt (which I've only worn once). Most of my skirts are above the knee.

  12. Such fun clothes. Love the blue maxi!

  13. I really think blue is your color. But you probably knew that already. Love the maxi dress on you.

  14. I love the blue on you. It's my favorite color. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

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