Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review: Packable Pails

For those of you with kids, let me introduce you to Packable Pails. This is a family owned company that was conceived after a family trip to the beach.  Buckets are a beach necessity, but they tend to be awkwardly shaped and bulking, making packing them in a full car challenging. Packable Pails are brightly colored square shaped silicone buckets that collapse when they're not being used down to 2 inches, making them easy to tuck away.

When you get your pail, you also get a sturdy white shovel AND a great mesh bag for carrying everything.

Although this product was initially designed with the idea of using it for the beach, it has so many more uses for it! You can use it for carrying toys, for use with your crafts, as a cute little pail for baby stuff and the list goes on.  Opened, they are 8.5" wide by 6.5" tall, roomy enough to hold a good bit, but no so big it'll be too heavy to carry.

I don't know about you moms out there but with two little ones around Easter time, I like to give buckets rather than baskets. This way they can use the buckets for the whole year rather than a flimsy basket that usually gets destroyed pretty fast. If I had received this product closer to Easter (and it had stayed clean), I definitely would have filled it with all the little goodies..

I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. We have used our buckets in the desert so the girls could fill it up with sand and have fun.. We have also used it to transport weeds when doing yard work with the kiddos. It is now being used for my kiddos to transport toys from room to room in our house.

I really like the fact that these pails are sturdy, sturdy enough to withstand the wrath of two very active girls! They held rocks, heavy toys and and odd sized objects and never lost their shape.

As I mentioned earlier, these pails are unlike any out there - they collapse! You can go from full size bucket to virtually flat with just a little push of the sides. It is pretty easy for adults and older kids, my 3 year old had a little trouble getting it to fully collapse down but it is not impossible.

I would definitely purchase these pails in the future as they really are versatile and a great thing to have around the house.

They have 4 color options for you to choose from and they run at $14.99 apiece via their online store ( not bad for such a cool toy).

There is also the option to get what they call The Official Bucket Fillers Bucket which is gray with a little smiley face on it and that also runs at $14.99

Check out their website to look over the site for ordering!



  1. Cool pails for kids. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Super cute pails! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cool idea. I love how little space they take up. #ProductReviewParty

  4. Great idea for the little ones. #ProductReviewParty

  5. These are cute! Don't know that I've seen them, but I love the packable aspect! Thanks for sharing at #SnickerdoodleSunday

  6. These would be so great for traveling to and from the beach or on vacation. They take up so little room, but could be used for hours of play time! So cool!

  7. What a clever idea!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. I think that these pails are super cool! I like that you made them Easter baskets and then they can be used for beach toys. I like that they flatten and don't take us extra room as well. Thanks for sharing them at the Over the Moon Link Party.