Monday, March 28, 2016

Review: February Pet Gift Box

This is my last installation of my three month PetGiftBox review, and let me tell you, I still love it!

I have spent the last three months eagerly awaiting the day when a medium sized box appears in my mailbox with my pup's name on it, so that I can spoil him (even more) rotten. Even Gregor knows when his box has come in, he gets super excited and dances around as I open it and present him with the new goodies!

February's box did not disappoint us at all. In it were two types of treats: a box of heart shaped biscuits and a heart shaped cookie, and two toys: a fluffy bone shape and a disk with a puppy face, along with a car magnet that proudly declares your canine affection. Everything was all wrapped up with festive Valentine's Day paper inside the box.

Let's talk about these treats. The first thing I gave my Muttface was the heart shaped Valentine's cookie from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. It was an adorable heart shaped frosted canine confection that declared “I woof you”. I have to admit, it looked so tempting, I tried a nibble. Not gonna lie, I've had worse cookies that were actually intended for human consumption. Also had better, but for a dog treat, it was rather tasty!

The other treats were a box of heart shaped whole food biscuits from Isle of Dogs that had a blissfully short ingredient list intended to help keep your dog's teeth healthy and breath fresh. These I didn't taste myself, but Gregor seems to adore them, always asking for another after he's finished the first.

On to the toys! There were two toys in this month's box - a fairly obvious fluffy bone shape from Zanies and a disk. While both squeak, only the bone with the heart embroidered on it gets really played with by Gregor.

The disk with the puppy face from Petlou, while it is a perfect flinging shape, is very difficult for him to pick up if it is flat on the floor, leaving him to abandon it after a few tries for a toy that fits his mouth better. The children, however, love it. The squeak is more akin to an accordion's wheeze, and its large disk shape make it perfect for little feet to stand on it and bounce, much to their delight.

The car magnet is a sturdy thing, and one I have proudly placed upon my vehicle, after a few weeks of it being on my fridge as a fidget for the kids while I cook. It's a traditional bone that simply says I heart my dog. Honestly, you don't need to say much more than that.

In all, I love PetGiftBox. Gregor and I enjoy looking forward to our package, and we have so much fun discovering what goodies await us inside. I think that everybody who is looking for a way to treat their furbabies definitely should consider PetGiftBox!

As a gift to us humans, PetGiftBox is offering half off your first box 
when you use the code RCH50.


  1. Aww, he got some great toys and treats in his box. #ProductReviewParty

  2. I bet he loves his box and I agree with you that the cookie looks good! My dogs are older so they don't play with toys that much anymore, but they love treats! Thanks for linking up with #BloggersSpotlight and please come back next week!

  3. Your dog photos made me LOL! Mine always turn out the same way. I can't ever get him to sit still for a photo. That looks like a great box. #ProductReviewParty

  4. This sounds like a great box. I am sure your dog is very happy with it. #ProductReviewParty

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