Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: NaturaLove Amber

Being a mom to young ones nowadays, you can't help but hear about amber necklaces for teething. It might be a mommy friend, somebody in your La Leche League group, or even a family member, but somebody is more than likely going to tell you about the wonders of amber. And then somebody will tell you it's a bunch of hooey. Let me tell you about my experiences with amber teething necklaces and NaturaLove Amber.

I first heard about amber teething necklaces 4 years ago, when Mischief was just a hatchling; one of the moms at my local LLL meeting told me about it, and I figured it couldn't hurt to try, so I ordered one and did some more research.

Amber teething necklaces are worn by the baby while supervised, and are thought to help with the discomfort of teething, including the drooling and bright red cheeks. According to the websites I looked up, amber contains 3-8% succinic acid (which is used in modern painkillers) and when it warms up against the skin, it can be absorbed to help ease pain and inflammation.

Some websites also claim that it stimulates the thyroid gland and the immune system, further helping relieve and prevent discomfort. I have not personally seen or read the scientific papers (if there are any) in relation to this, so I can't claim that this is the gods honest truth. You can also find websites and anecdotes of people that call bull on the amber teething necklace.

I do know this: I know that I never once had a problem with Mischief drooling, nor can I remember his cheeks being cherry red that I've seen on some babies. Not once did we use Orajel, and we only gave Tylenol a handful of times his entire first couple of years.

 I know that he was happier when we put it on him, even bringing it to us once he started walking. I don't know if it was because the amber worked, because it was habit, if it was all in my head, or if it was all in his, but honestly, does it matter? If your child is happier wearing it than not, and it doesn't hurt them to wear it, does it really matter why?

When I found out I was expecting my daughter, I knew I wanted her to have an amber necklace as well. I especially wanted her to have one because she has a rare genetic condition called PKU, which makes giving her medicine difficult. But we had a problem. Mischief still wore his! For a while, they shared, the baby wearing when I knew teeth were coming, and big brother wearing the other days. It was not, safe to say, very effective. So, I was more than thrilled to have the chance to try out NaturaLove Amber teething necklace!

The necklace came via Amazon and was tucked in an adorable burlap bag with a tag that gave me its certificate of authenticity. It is a 12 inch necklace of dark amber beads. Each bead is knotted into place, so in the event that the necklace breaks, only one bead goes flying, and not all of them.

 It has a screw clasp, which makes it difficult for baby to get off by themselves. My Princess has yet to figure it out, and she'll be 18 months this month. It is a cute little necklace that is truly unisex in color and design.

We have gone through many teeth popping out, including FOUR premolars!, and I can honestly say that we have not used any painkillers even once. She had not drooled, not even a little, nor did her cheeks get all red and puffy.

Being her mom, I could tell if we hadn't put the necklace on that morning, but it may not have been that apparent to everybody. Again, though, I ask: Does it matter? Does it matter if somebody else can't see the difference if you can? I don't think so. So, she continues to wear her pretty necklace every day. If we forget, she usually brings it to either my Mister or myself to fix it.

 I'll be honest, it isn't the day and night difference that we saw with Mischief, but there is a difference; a little less whiny, a few less tears, but I notice, and it matters to me.

NaturaLove Amber sells its' darling necklaces on Amazon for $17.95, (honestly, I paid WAY more for Mischief's when he was a hatchling, and the differences between the necklaces are almost nonexistent). I honestly think that this is something you should try if you're looking for a more natural approach to your baby's teething frustrations.   


  1. I remember another blogger raving about these amber necklaces. I wish they were around when my daughters were babies. #ProductReviewParty

  2. My daughter-in-law uses these on the grandkids and they definitely seem to help!

  3. Awesome! I've never heard of that brand, but that's a great price. I love my amber teething necklace for my little girl so much that I just ordered a necklace (with hazel wood too) for hubby, a bracelet for my carpel tunnel, and necklace for big brother.

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