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Review: The Fantasy Box - Spa Date

Note: This review contains adult subject matter and (non-graphic) discussion of sexuality and is not generally appropriate for viewing at work or in the company of children.  Please use your own discretion before proceeding.



Right around Valentines Day, we had the pleasure to announce some big things happening over at The Fantasy Box. First, they were on The View, and then they were able to offer their customers a box exclusively created for that occasion. They introduced a Platinum Spa Fantasy Box with a price tag of $99.

Have you ever envisioned a romantic day at the fancy spa with the person you love? Laying on tables side by side being touched by strangers, self consciously wondering just how much he is enjoying the tiny blonde Russian feeling him up—wait.. erm.. what?

We seem to have strayed from the romantic. As The Fantasy Box puts it, “Holding hands from across the gap between massage tables, is about as romantic as one of those phone calls you make through a glass at prison.”

With this Spa Fantasy date you get to experience the relaxing romance you imagine and add as much spice as you want, in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room, whatever floats your boat!).

When the box came, I kind of knew what to expect because of the previous review of The Fantasy Box I'd done.

I knew that there would be two role cards, one for each of us. This time they read PAMPER and REFRESH. Thanks to the neutral card included, we knew these to mean one would be pampering the other who would be getting refreshed.

In our home, he definitely doles out more massages than I do, so I was more than willing to take lead on this box. Lucky for me, my husband insisted otherwise and I certainly wasn’t about to argue.

Turning over my REFRESH card, I saw two measly paragraphs telling me to basically sit back, and enjoy the ride. He, from afar, turned his card over to show me. It was far enough that I couldn’t read any of it but enough that I could see fine print from top to bottom. I had no idea what it could say, but I was very excited to see it put to practice!

So, because he was taking lead on this, I had to just sit back and wonder when it was going to happen. He told me that he needed to wait until his day off because it would be a bit consuming. I remember thinking how odd that sounded, ‘how long could a massage really take? Why not tonight?’

So his next weekend off, he told me I wasn’t allowed upstairs at all that day, until he said so. Unfortunately we couldn't fully role play a high end spa, we still had two kiddos to deal with. However, he did go above and beyond his duties. He did the cooking that day, helped me with the kids, and allowed me a relaxing nap on the couch, it was great! Whatever he was vying for, he was well on his way to earning!!

Fast forward to evening, he helped get the kids to bed, and had me come upstairs. I was AMAZED. Our whole room was spotless, clean bedding, vacuumed floor, master bathroom scrubbed, and tea light candles (included in the Spa Date box!) lit across each dresser and counter. He told me that no one was going to be able to relax the way I deserved with the mess that was in there.

After a very relaxing shower together, I dried off and got under the sheet on our bed. There was decorative cloth flower petals (including in the box!) around me on the bed. He had a wonderful playlist on Pandora going on his phone that was helping set the mood, aside form the occasional commercial reminding me that I needed to go to college or get my oil changed.

The pampering itself couldn’t have gone better. He really had fun with it and made sure I was enjoying myself. He even went as far as to tell me not to worry about any expectation for after, and that if I fell asleep during, that was perfectly fine with him. I don’t know how much truth that held, and lucky for us both, we didn’t have to find out, but the gesture was really sweet.

The first product we tried was the KamaSutra Chocolate Crème Brulee Body Souffle. It was a very strange mental game. It felt and smelled like decadent chocolate pudding, but as soon as he rubbed it in, it left me feeling completely moisturized. I didn’t care too much for the cold shock of him applying this, but the smell was worth it!

It retails for right about $15. After reading up about it I discovered it not just for sensual partner use, but also great for daily moisturizing. My husband says it made his tongue feel a bit weird when tasting, but wasn’t horrible.

For my legs, he switched to the Sliquid Escape massage oil. In my first Fantasy Box, I was sent a Sliquid lubricant and really enjoyed it. This didn’t dissapoint either.

It wasn’t anything fancy, but we are happy to have in in our collection of goodies now. The Escape oil is unscented, and I liked that so too many things weren’t trying to compete.

It adapted to my body temperature very well, without being on either end of the temperature spectrum.

It wasn’t as greasy or oily as I expected. I definitely anticipated a bit of slippery action after, but it actually seemed to evaporate quickly leaving just smooth skin behind.

This 4.2 ounce bottle retails for $14.

For my back, he used the Jimmy Jane Bourbon Scented Massage Candle. We lit it when we first came out of the shower, and let it burn for at least 30 minutes, as it instructs. I loved the smell of it, and was a big fan of the deliciously warm shock that occurred when he poured it down my spine. It not nearly hot enough to burn or hurt in anyway. We’ve had other massage candles we liked, but none with a pour spout.

 Also, there was a massage candle in a previous Fantasy Box that felt very greasy; this was just like hot lotion. This candle retails for $29.00. At the end of everything, he asked which I liked best, and I quickly said the candle. However by that point, about 20m after blowing it out to use, it had already turned back into a solid.

The last thing he used was the KamaSutra Raspberry Kiss Honey Dust body powder. We have never used anything like it so we weren’t really sure HOW. Does it go on wet, or dry skin? He dusted it across my entire backside with the provided feather duster. It felt amazing and tickly. However, when he touched the area with his hand after, it seemed to be strange following the candle. I felt a little gritty.

After some research on the product, it is a moisture wicking powder. I imagine it would have been great on dry skin, or after shower, but not following lotion.

Aside from a romantic aid, it can be used daily to stay dry and cool (and smelling and tasting fabulous!) as well as using it for dry shampoo! I thought that was pretty cool. I do wish that was all on the container though. This powder retails for $29.99.

I fully expected to have to shower again after all of that, but my skin was silky smooth and not in the LEAST bit sticky. I would happily buy each one of these products again and again.

The only product that we never used that night was the black Coquette babydoll lingerie. It was very pretty, we just never.. erm… made it that far. I can’t find the exact one on Coquette’s site, so not sure of the retail value. I’d suspect somewhere around $30. I have since worn it and it fits wonderfully.  The Fantasy Box caters to women size S-4XL which I find absolutely amazing.

I was a little disappointed that there were no panties with the lingerie. When I was shown the collections to choose from, I missed noticing that detail -  but now when I look at the site, the black lingerie collection is the ONLY one that doesn’t come with a matching panty. They do however come with a pair of super sexy thigh highs, so I got over it quickly. What woman doesn't already have a pair of black panties, anyways?

At the end of our date, I was able to read through the PAMPER card. It gave him a lot of extra ideas to take it to even more of a role playing event. It suggested wearing a masseuses uniform (all white) and maybe even incorporating a name tag. I'm happy with the way he handled it and I look forward to reversing the cards next time.  The provided supplies are generous enough to guarantee repeat Spa Date nights!

This Spa Date Box is available in 3 collections. Mine was the ‘Decadence’. ‘Romance’ has a red nightgown, and ‘Sweetness’ is baby blue. When I was first choosing I thought the color of the lingerie was the only difference, but upon further inspections, all the products that are included are each different scents or flavors for each collection. Makes me want them all!!

This Spa Date is now on Fantasy Box’s spring cleaning sale! You can now get this same treat for just $49!! I honestly can’t believe that. These are huge full size products, people!! Even better, you can pair this with the French Maid Fantasy for a measly $99. Two boxes for the price of one?? Yes please!

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