Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Roundup

My husband and I have been together for 9 years. That’s nine birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and Valentines days. Some years it’s a mostly ignored hallmark holiday, other years it’s a big deal- like the 5th one, where he proposed (for a second time).

This year we are keeping things mostly simple and just ordered a decadent flight of gourmet chocolate bars to share.

With just under two weeks to go, you still have enough time to score an awesome last minute gift for the important someone in your life. I decided to scour the depths of Reviews, Chews, and How-to’s to bring you a list of what I think would make the best gifts.  In honor of our nine years together, I've come up with nine great gift ideas.

Keep in mind, if any of our other writers put a list together, each one would be vastly different. But these are what I would want to receive, or what I would buy for my husband.


If you're looking to get her something a little different than the usual flowers or a box of chocolates, consider these ideas!

Handmade Charms by Sasha Smith - Review
Jessica reviewed this company, also known as Squished Berries on Etsy, not long ago. Sasha makes incredible charms, earrings, and the like with polymer clay. There is little I wouldn't do to be the owner of one of her book charm bracelets. The detail she goes into to recreate a book cover (or movie cover, or video game case, or slice of pizza for that matter) is absolutely breathtaking!

The best part is, they are beyond affordable. Each individual charm ranges from about $4 to $10.

Box of Happies - Review
It has been more than a year since I had the pleasure of receiving a Box of Happies, and boy, have I missed it! Box of Happies is a subscription box filled with unique handmade artisan goods. You never know what you are going to get - soaps, jewelry, beauty products, decor, and more! I think any woman would enjoy this subscription box. It even comes in a reusable case. A one-time box costs $24 with the option of buying a subscription that comes every month, or at intervals of every 2,3,6 or 12 months.

Alchemy & Ashes - Review
This company creates beautiful cold-pressed soap bars, each with a unique story and scent. Additionally, lip balms, perfumes, and other body products. I've tried numerous artisan soaps, but this one takes the cake and has earned its place in this list! Alchemy & Ashes products vary in price, but the amazingly gorgeous soaps are only $6.50!


Don't forget! Valentine's Day is not just a woman's holiday. 
If you enjoy receiving tokens of love, see how fun it is to give them, too!

Wet Shave Club 
Michael introduced us all to this very dapper, sophisticated subscription box. Wet Shave Club brings an array of facial grooming needs for the man that likes an old-fashioned shave. Do to his job, my husband has to keep a cleanly shaven look on the daily, and something like this would be a nice treat to make the mundane task at hand a pleasurable experience. Currently, they have many sets specifically for Valentine's Day in addition to their regular subscription boxes - you'll want to order by the 10th to get there on time. Orders over $100 always ship for free.

Loot Crate
This is for a fairly specific kind of man, the kind in which I married! (For that matter, many women would love this, too!) Loot Crate is filled with nerdtastic themed gamer gear and novelties.  February's theme is "PLAY" - boardgames, video games, card games, etc. My husband is a huge fan of this box, and I know he would feel the love on Valentine's if he got one! I can't tell for how long, but they currently have a code (SAVE3) to save $3 off their subscriptions, which are regularly $19.37/month total.

Soundwave Art 
Here again, this is on the men's list because it's one many men would enjoy, but both men and women of a specific sort would really like this science-meets-art gift. Soundwave Art let's you record a sound clip, then digitizes the resulting soundwave and creates a number of keepsake products with it. You can get a print, a nice canvas, and more recently added, a stunning ring with your soundwave etched on the band. Act now and use code: LOVE to get 15% off your canvas or print.


This category encompasses some of my favorite gift ideas - I love the togetherness that these products/services provide.Each of these are perfect for creating memories together.

Blue Apron
There are a few other similar subscription boxes like this out there, but I have yet to come across one as comprehensive. Blue Apron delivers a cooler box filled with EVERYTHING you need (down to that TBS of butter!), including recipes, to make gourmet meals in the comfort of your own kitchen. Plans are available in varying family sizes and meal amounts. My and my husband loved cooking together with Blue Apron, and it will be in our future! Whether you're both experienced in the kitchen or still learning, this provides the opportunity for a more intimate special Valentine's Day dinner than reservations at an overcrowded restaurant.  Meals cost $9.99 per person, so this won't break the bank, either.

Love Is Art
This is by far one of the most unique products on the market for couples. Love is Art is a kit that comes with paint, a canvas, a tarp, and a body scrubber. To put it plainly, the idea is to lather yourselves, or the canvas, in paint, do the deed on top, and have a forever keepsake, in the form of art, of all your rolling around. This is hilarious, and amazing all at the same time. I have not had a chance to try, but Jessica speaks very highly of it! In addition to their regular offerings, they've currently got a special Limited Edition Valentine's Day Kit, that not only contains the kit in a deluxe bag, but includes several other items to make the night special, from champagne glasses and chocolate to incense and massage oils. From now until Feb. 15, 2015, use code LIAFB20215 to receive a full 20% off your purchase!

Fantasy Box

Note: This product is for adults - the images on their website are tasteful and suggestive, but are not safe for work or for viewing by children. Please practice good judgement and timing before following the links below!

I saved what is, in my opinion, the best, for last! Fantasy Box has being nearly therapeutic for my marriage. It is, exactly what is sound like! A box to help you achieve your romantic and sexual fantasies in an loving, intimate way. Even in a nine year relationship, it can be hard and embarrassing for my husband and I to discuss intimate things with one another. Unlike other 'adult' subscription boxes we have tried, Fantasy Box isn't just a box of toys that leaves you awkwardly floundering, it assists you in figuring out how to navigate the bedroom in ways you have always wished, or never knew you wanted.

The Fantasy Box has a number of great things happening right now, I think our readers should be made aware of:

The Fantasy Box is running the mother of all giveaways - a trip for two to San Francisco or Los Angeles, a boudoir photoshoot with Alloria Winter Photography, hair/makeup, your choice of lingerie sets and more! The winner will be announced on, you guessed it, Feb 14th!

The Fantasy Box has your Valentine's night covered! For couples interested in a sensual pampering experience, they are offering, for just $99, a version of their best-selling Platinum Spa Fantasy that was created exclusively and featured on The View.

They also have a spicy new Valentine's Fantasy Box that includes the sexiest lingerie they have ever sent for $119. Last day to order is February 7th so don't wait!

For any order, use code VDAY10 to get 10% off!

I hope these ideas jog your mind and assist in helping you achieve the most memorable Valentine's Day ever!  Again, these are just my picks - you can graze all of our past reviews to find just the right gift for your special someone!