Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Miss B's Rumballs

Rumballs are a favorite holiday treat in this house. A dessert snack that brings out the sweetness of alcohol but with a decadent smooth cookie flavor that removes the bite from harsh liquors. What’s not to love?

The problem with most rumballs is they are tedious to make, and not many stores locally sell them. When I saw that there was a service called Miss B’s Rumballs that will deliver a variety of specialty flavored rumballs via mailorder, I was ready to take action! lol.

But this presents a new problem, now I would be ordering a food item I have never tasted, without actually knowing what I was getting.  Miss B’s has a solution for that, too. You can order a sample of 2 rumballs for free, and all you have to do is pay shipping. This allows you to at least taste test your preferred flavor before investing in purchase a lot of them.

When doing a normal order, if you are local to the creator in California, Miss B even offers free shipping for those orders.

When I initially requested my rumballs, I was expecting them to arrive within seven to ten days as stated on the website.  This is a perfectly reasonable time frame, because each rumball is HAND MADE, and rumballs are made by letting them soak in the liquor for a period of time.

I guess because my order happened during the holiday season, it took significantly longer for me to receive them. Fortunately I wasn’t ordering them for a specific party or anything, so the hold-up did not affect me as much as it might have. However, because of the delay, I definitely suggest giving yourself ample time for delivery if you are ordering for a specific event just to ensure they arrive on time. They do keep in the fridge if you are worried about them arriving too early.  Better to get them too early than too late!

The rumballs arrived in a regular brown box with the Miss B's Rumballs logo. They are wrapped securely in bubblewrap with a business card.

Once I peeled off the bubblewrap, I was inundated with powdered sugar (not always a bad thing, ha). The plastic casing that they arrived in was not quite what was expected, as I thought they would arrive in the little red bags I'd seen advertised on their Facebook page.

The plastic casing used for my order was not completely secure, so the powdered sugar settled outside of the case some during delivery. So, be gentle when unwrapping the bubblewrap, which helped keep my rumballs intact.

On top were instructions to shake the container upside down, I assume to help disperse the powdered sugar that may have settled during shipping.

The container that arrived was organized into four sections for four different types of rumballs. It wasn’t entirely easy to discern which label went to which section, as they were mostly placed on the dividers (or the dividers shifted during delivery, who really knows) , but I think I figured out which was which by assuming what side had more label than the other.

The flavors I received were:
  •  Rum
  •  Cognac
  •  Whiskey
  •  Bourbon

I taste tested all of them, shared them with my fiance and father, and they were very rich in flavor, with a great sticky texture that was complemented by the powdery sweetness on the outside.

The cognac had the most discernible flavor, and was actually my favorite of the bunch.

The remaining three were also delicious, but the taste was very similar between them that one didn’t really stand out from the other.

Still, we devoured these in fine fashion and put ourselves in a delectable sugar coma, with a chaser of fine alcohol.

So if you have been suffering from rumball withdraw and wanted a nice handmade rumball delivered right to your door, I would suggest checking out Miss B’s Rumballs and sate your need for delicious cookie and alcohol.

She appears to always be working on new flavors on her Facebook, and I am interested to see what additional variety she is planning to whip up next.

Miss B's Rumballs Website/Shop
Miss B's Rumballs on Facebook




  1. I love bourbon balls best - although cognac balls sound really intriguing! I'm not a huge fan of powdered sugar though (I always tend look like it exploded all over me...lol)

  2. No kidding! Going to have to buy some for my husband!

  3. Thank you for the informative review, they look and sound delish.

  4. Yum! They all so delicious, your review was making me drool... :)

  5. These would make for a 'happy hour' gift. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. these look like pretty darn tasty; i think i may make something similar later