Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review/Giveaway Ora's Amazing Herbal

My opportunity to review Ora’s Amazing Herbal could not have come at a better time. Living in the Mojave Desert, I always find myself a bit dry. For whatever reason, this winter in particular has been horrid for my skin - particularly my hands!

I’m thinking it's because we welcomed a new little squish into our family, so we are washing our hands much more throughout the day than average. We have terribly hard water - we’re talking Erin Brochovich stuff here, folks.

Over the course of about a month, the back of my hands became painfully chapped. I had never experienced that and didn’t know how to deal with it.

I tried expensive lotions, I tried my arsenal of steroid creams, I tried switching soaps. NOTHING WORKED. It only got worse, and the various methods I tried stung terribly.

In reading Ora's Amazing Herbal's website, I learned that the salves particularly are good for skin issues, so I was very excited when our package arrived. Even though we checked the mail late at night, I tore open the package right away.

Among a great package of goodies Ora sent along, were a couple of the salves, along with a bunch of other goodies.

I applied some of the salve on the back of my hands right away before going to bed, and my husband stole some of the salve as well, for a few calloused spots on his feet. When we woke up we were both is shock!! His feet were soft in places they never have been, and my hands were not in pain for the first time in months. Just over night!

Healed up after two weeks of using Ora's Amazing Herbal products!

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. From that day on I used a mix of the salves, as well as the healing cocoa butter daily. Now my hands look and feel mostly normal with the exception of a few stubborn discolored patches.

The two salves were a 1oz jar of Touchy Skin Salve and a 1oz jar of All Purpose. Each retails $8.99. She also sells 4oz jars for $18.99. I plan to keep this still on hand at all times!

The ultra healing body butter I received was unscented, but she also sells a citrus grove version, both sell for $14.99 each. I use this on EVERYTHING. Cuts, burns, diaper area, hands, you name it! It has almost a gritty feel at first, but then instantly melts into a smooth butter-like cream and absorbs right in.

When my 5 year old has ‘booboos’, and insists on "medicine", we happily use the salve and save unnecessary chemicals for when really hurt. Also when my 5 month old developed her first ever diaper rash, I was excited to put the all purpose salve to use. (However it ended up being yeast based and needed a prescription, sadly.) Nonetheless, I was happy to have a cloth diaper safe tushy lubricant.
Embarrassingly, I had to actually look up some videos online to figure out what face serum is and how to use it.

I was sent the ‘A Little Bit Of Both’ gift set that includes small sizes of both the day and night serum and retails for $19.89.

Ora’s Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil Serum is very refreshing. Dripping about 6-8 drops (that came to be a full vial mostly) and then lightly patting into areas on my face eliminated my crutch of a pint of lotion a day, which just left me feeling greasy.

You’d think oil would make you feel slimy, but I honestly just felt clean, and fresh and glowing. I truly felt like it made my skin healthier.

Ora’s Advanced Nightly Skin Repair Phytonutrient Face Oil Serum promotes anti-aging, healing and moisture replenishment. This one also felt very good on my face, but I have to admit, I HATED the smell. Along with tamanu oil and pomegranate oil, carrot seed essential oil is one of the main components and by far the most fragrant.

In the mix was also a sample size of Blissful Earth body powder. It is free of talc, ensuring it doesn’t stay in the air and get inhaled into your lungs.

I used this product least of all since it's just not something we have ever used so wasn’t sure where to start.

However, my younger daughter wears a corrective brace that includes suede boots. Thanks to them, she has lost the cute baby feet smell and went straight to potato patch feet.

I did find that patting some of this in her socks before putting them on really cut down on the odor we noticed when we would take her boots off for an hour a day. A full 2.5 oz container costs $10.99 and comes in an unscented and vanilla options.

In addition to the products I reviewed, Ora’s Amazing Herbal also carries lip balms. Based on what I have seen from other products in the line, I can only imagine how soft and moisturizing it must be!

I highly recommend Ora’s Amazing Herbal to anyone seeking out moisture rich, anti-aging, healing products that are free of parabans, sythetics, gluten, grains and fragrances. You won’t be disappointed - I am totally sold on this company.

Ora's Amazing Herbal is available for purchase directly from their website, or through Amazon.

Ora's Amazing Herbal on Facebook
Ora's Amazing Herbal Website
Ora's Amazing Herbal on Amazon

To help introduce you to these amazing skincare products, Ora's Amazing Herbal is offering a "Love Your Skin" Gift Box valued at  $66.99 to one of our US readers!

Included in this generous gift box are three lip balms (Minty Cocoa, Vanilla, and Earl Grey), Citrus Grove Body Butter, 2 body powders (Vanilla, and Blissful Earth), 2 facial serums for day and night, and to top it off, a bag of organic potpourri described as  "a sensuous and fragrant blend of rose petals, lavender, chamomile, amber resin, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, jasmine and neroli essential oils in a quaint muslin satchel."

The box is limited edition, so if you or someone you love would enjoy this (and I promise you, someone you love would LOVE this), you should consider ordering one soon!

But meanwhile... enter to win one of your own:

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Good luck everyone!

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