Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: EcoClear RatX Pet-Friendly Rodent Bait

I have lived on farms with many animals my entire life. It is unfortunately common when you are dealing with farm animals to also deal with rodents on a regular basis. Farm girl or not, though, rodents are still not something I’m interested in having around. They are dirty, spread disease, get into things, tear up equipment, eat our chicken feed, etc.

Despite wanting to rid of these “varmints”, I am also very conscious about the well-being of my animals and pets. I lost a young pup once in my early 20’s that was half wolf and half German Shepherd due to him killing a rat that had eaten rat poison. It was fairly devastating, as it’s not a mix of breed that you run across very often.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review a product that was both friendly for pets but heralded as being effective against mice and rats, I was very intrigued. EcoClear RatX has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly and biodegradable, which are top concerns in my book.

The creator of EcoClear RatX developed this product after having experienced the same type of tragedy that I had.

The site says he has worked with some of the top scientists in the United States to develop this product to ensure the protection of your pets while still being effective.

On the linked page, he provides MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), product labels, and test results all for your review before purchase.  The product arrived in a regular priority mail box with a sealed package and some pamphlets to provide information on what I had received.

They give clear instructions on how best to use the product effectively and what not to do, such as mixing with other rodent eradication products.

Since our garage is right next to our chicken coop, we see a lot of traces of mice there, so that is where I decided to experiment with the product. I did speak with the creator and he said that the product may not produce dead bodies, as often the mice will die where they sleep and not out in the open.

My dad and I placed the product where mice frequently travel, and over the course of a few weeks we monitored the activity, even though the food is supposed to take effect in 3 to 5 days..

The bait was definitely being eaten, but it is honestly not easy to tell whether it is working. They are clearly eating it, but I have not yet seen a dead mouse, and perhaps the amount of mice we have out there is not conducive to the amount of product I had to test with.

I am confident that those that are eating the product are being eliminated.

I will also say that none of my other animals appear to have gotten sick, and I think with more persistent availability of the product I could see a great difference in activity in addition to the sparseness of the product being eaten.

I am very supportive of a product that can provide results without harming the environment or my pets and animals.

EcoClear Website.
Search for a distributor of EcoClear products near you.
Also check them out on Facebook.


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