Tuesday, November 28, 2017

MunchPak Subscription Box: Review

Back in the early days of RCH, one of our former contributors reviewed MunchPak and wrote a short review. I've had my eye on the company ever since!

I was so pleased to have the chance to write an updated review on the company. As I haven't tried them before, I'm not certain what all has changed since that 2014 review, except unfortunately, their prices. They are quite a bit more expensive than they were a few years ago. So, without comparison, I'm here to let you know how they are now!

MunchPak is a weekly/bi-monthly/monthly subscription box filled with a number of treats depending on the size of your box choice. 

They offer a MunchPak Mini box that includes at least 5 full size snacks. The MunchPak Original contains at least 10 full size snacks, and finally the FamilyPak is filled with 20+ snacks!

Their prices vary greatly based on your customization. While each size box has a monthly price, that changes based on how many months you pay for in advance, asking specifics of things to be added OR left out of your box ($1 per request), as well as adding a drink to your box ($5 each).

To keep things simple I will tell you what one single box of each size will cost you without any customization:

  • MunchPak Mini- $12.95
  • MunchPak Original - $22.95
  • FamilyPak - $42.95

For review, I received the midlevel size, the MunchPak Original – with a drink included! 

I had no idea what to expect from this box and was so excited to see some cool surprises. I was most especially looking forward to anything international. The box did not let me down! 

The first thing I noticed, though, was the lack of an info sheet. I'm so used to that being standard with a subscription box. As many of the packages weren't in English, I was even more confused that they wouldn't have one. 

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to notice the writing on the inside lid about their Snack Scanner app! 

By scanning any of the barcodes on the packages you can find out what it is, where its from, how much it costs, leave a review, and even purchase more through MunchPak store.  

Once I figured out that this feature existed, I thought that was pretty cool!

So here is what came in my box:

TEN JANG PREPARED FISH BBQ Flavor- Malaysia -$3.00

First Impression: Um... what. No thanks. Fish? I did not expect this. I was fairly certain these a were BBQ fish skins and handed them to my husband to test. 

Taste Test: Chewy. Not nearly as salty as I expected, just ..chewy. But husband (..and dog) actually loved them. I think my one bite for review purposes was enough. It is fish meat, not skins after all.

CHEETOS PALOMITAS – Mexico - $3.00

First Impression: Yesss! Crazy cheese popcorn. Can't go wrong with that. I love the flavor of Cheetos and expected awesomeness.

Taste Test: super let down. They are legit the exact same as bland cheesy popcorn you'd find in a Christmas tri-flavor tin.


First Impression: I love pizza flavored chips but have never seen them in a corn chip. Again, expected greatness.

Taste Test: Not terrible chips. Not at all pizza flavored. They tasted like lime Doritos.


First Impression: Couldn't read the package and assumed these were some kind of coated peanut or corn kernel.

Taste Test: I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was quite surprised by the easily bitten through crunch, and the small gush of yogurt. Extremely flavorful with delicious orange flavor, and as far as candy goes, these are enjoyable. Whole family liked these.


First Impression: I didn't rush to taste these as I have had stroopwaffles numerous times and don't love them. Generally they are sweet, kinda crunchy but almost always taste stale to me.

Taste Test: As it turns out, Russian stroopwaffles blow German ones out of the water. These were incredible! They had a nice sugar like glaze giving it a crunch, and are filled with a caramel syrup in the center making them chewy and delicious. I'm so glad this was a big package! It suggests trying them heated up in the microwave which I plan to do with the rest...likely topped with vanilla ice cream. Mmm!


First Impression: these will basically be Sour Patch Kids.

Taste Test: way more sour than other similar candies. I didn't even eat a whole one, as sour is not something I enjoy, but husband and kids happily ate the whole package.


First Impression: Is this gum? Appears to be a cup of soda on the package, so cola flavored was assumed.

Taste Test: These are very fragrant, very flavorful cola soft chews. I actually thoroughly enjoyed these.


First Impression: It was very hard.

Taste Test: smelled like a cheese danish. Split it between the four of us. My husband's piece had a lot of crunchy sugar bits, but no other pieces did. The outer edges were great, but the center was so dense and dry, it was painful to eat without something to drink. They were described as chewy, but I didn't get that at all.


First Impression: Pretty standard looking hard candies.

Taste Test: I chose a strawberry flavor and upon opening it, it was completely coated in a white powder. I put it in my mouth and hastily spit it out within seconds. I never even got to the fruity flavor because the powder tasted like laundry detergent. It was such a strong chemical taste I questioned contamination. 

For the sake of review, I checked a second piece. The second piece, also strawberry, had a few white specs but nothing like the first. A minutes or so in my mouth, I started tasting it again, and noticed there was now a hollow tunnel through the center of the candy, indicating the powder starts in there—I spit this one out as well. 

Reading up on the candy, I guess this powder is suppose to have some sort of fizzing properties but I just found it awful. Much to my surprise, my husband said they reminded him of a childhood candy and has eaten many of them.


I actually have not eaten this product, yet, because I live in Germany and have had this amazing treat many times! It is crunchy with a creamy Nutella like spread in the center and it totally delicious.


First Impression: What the hell. Haha! These appear to be long lollipop like strips with a small stick on the bottom. Based on the pictures on the back, you are meant to fold or roll the sheet around the stick however you want to create a unique lollipop. Look like fun... looks like a mess.

Taste Test: These were actually a lot of fun to do with the kids. They are a sour apple flavor. I'm sure someone with more artistic ability could do something amazing with these.


First Impression: Yes, this is definitely going to my husband. The can was humorous.

Taste Test: I did take one sip and actually enjoyed the black cherry flavor, as I hadn't seen that in an energy drink before. My husband enjoyed it and said it was similar to RockStar.

I would definitely purchase MunchPak in the future. Although I didn't personally like a few of the items, I loved the mystery and discovery of it, and almost every item was enjoyed by someone in the family! 

While the numerous upcharges seem steep, I can understand why they are put in place. Having to customize each box must be a lot of work!

If you'd like to try Munchpak for yourself, or give a subscription as a gift to someone else, now is a great time to do it! Head over to their website and look for the discount coupons currently available.

Happy snacking!


  1. This sounds like a great box to be able to try out some new things.

  2. I would love to try out this box. I see many different snacks you showed I would like to try out, especially the Sour Blockheads.