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Review: MunchPak Subscription Box

Got the munchies? The solution is MunchPak, a box of goodies delivered right to your door at your choice of intervals: weekly, biweekly, or monthly. MunchPak comes in three different sizes, Original, Mini, or Family.

Why would you want this service - surely going to the store is good enough? Of course, one could go to the store, but what MunchPak delivers is entirely different. First and most importantly, their snacks come from all over the world, places like Japan, UK, and even treats that are available only locally in various places in the U.S. Also, it comes right to you, so all you have to do is open your door to get this amazing box of goodies!

As their website says, "MunchPak was created and developed by two guys who love to snack and hate running to the store. " That sounded right up my alley, and I was lucky enough to receive one of their boxes so I could tell you about them.

When the box first arrived, I eagerly opened it and poured out the treats onto my counter, and I was shocked. 

I thought to myself, whoa! They must have sent me a whole bunch of extra stuff to give a really good impression. But no, when I contacted the company so that I could be sure to include what size I had received in my review, I was told that this was the original sized MunchPak, and that the Family size was about double in size.

I did a double take and pulled up their website, thinking maybe I was misremembering the cost of this box. Nope! This massive box of goodies was priced at $13.95, with shipping included.  Their other sizes are the FamilyPak, for $24.95, which is approximately double the size, and the MunchPak Mini, for $7.95, about half the size of the Original MunchPak, which is what was sent to me.

Although it changes from time to time, here's a list of what was sent to me in the Original MunchPak:

  • Hello Panda Biscuits
  • Kudos Bar - Snickers flavor
  • Jelly Tots
  • Japanese cocktail peanuts
  • Nonni's Biscotti
  • Moon Pie (vanilla)
  • Caramac Bar
  • Walnut WhipQuaker Big Chewy
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Trail Mix
  • HiChew Candies
  • Curly Wurly
  • GooGoo Cluster

The first treat that caught my eye was one called "GooGoo Cluster", which sounded like a really odd name for a piece of food. I read the label and decided it sounded pretty darn good, so I opened it up and bit into it. It was absolutely amazing, it became my new favorite candy in just a single bite!  I cut it in half to share with my husband and he agreed that it was fabulous. 

I quickly looked up 'GooGoo Clusters' online and discovered that this piece of candy is only available in one tiny area in our nation, and yet here it is included in my box of snacks. This is an excellent example of how MunchPak delivers new treats that you might never have found at your local store, all without having to even go anywhere.
Looking at the number of treats that was included, I don't even know how they are making money on these boxes, they are an amazing value and such an exciting thing to receive in the mail.  

Not only is this the sort of amazing box that is fun to receive, I am sure this would be an amazing gift for a fellow snack lover.  My children also had a lot of fun trying out some new snacks and treats, and asked for some of them to be purchased again in the future.

If you're looking to change up your snacking and try new snacks from all over without even needing to get in your car, this is definitely the box for you.   

Here's my thoughts of each of the items in the box:

Hello Panda Biscuits:  Really neat new item to try and the little pictures on the biscuits were adorable.  The whole family sat down and enjoyed comparing pictures, such as a panda playing tennis, a ninja panda, and they tasted good too!

Kudos Bar - Snickers flavor:  This isn't a new item to the household, but it was a nice addition.  I feel less guilty eating these than I do an actual candy bar!
Japanese cocktail peanuts:  These were really neat, I've never had them before and it was definitely a new way to eat peanuts.  Each nut was covered in a crunchy coating with a biscuit sort of consistency, only with more air.  They were strangely hard to put down.  A humorous side note: the brand name was De La Rosa, and they were made in Mexico.

Caramac Bar:  What an odd consistency for a candy bar, it reminded me of the butterscotch chips one buys in the baking aisle.  Strangely delicious also.

Jelly Tots:  Not my favorite item.  I split these up as a dessert for the kids one night, and tried a few myself.  They tasted good, but were a little too hard to chew to really call "jelly".  Kind of stuck in your teeth!

Nonni's Biscotti: This was a really excellent inclusion into the box and made a wonderful snack with some afternoon tea.  It's nice that all of the snacks aren't the same - not all candy, not all of any one category, but truly an assortment and variety of snacks.  By the way, if you like biscotti, be sure to check out this recipe!

Moon Pie (vanilla):  I've never had a Moon Pie before, and maybe this is heresy, but I feel like I can live without them.  My husband gladly finished off the rest, and informed me that the chocolate ones are much better.

Walnut Whip:  This was a large single candy that looked like a chocolate beehive, filled with whipped marshmallow and topped with a single walnut.  I feel like I missed the point this one.

Quaker Big Chewy:  Who doesn't love Quaker bars?  This made a great 'I didn't eat enough breakfast' snack one day while doing some chores. 

Trail Mix:  What can I say?  A nice inclusion that I stored in my glove compartment for some future moment of snacking deprivation.  

HiChew Candies: I still haven't gotten to try one of these, and they are slowly but surely disappearing from the box.  My husband apparently thinks I can't count...

Fruit Pastilles:  A nice treat from the U.K., these tasty little candies have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and contain 25% fruit juice.  

Curly Wurly:  I have no idea where this is from - it has information for the U.K. on it, but also there was what looked like writing from the Middle East on it.  In any case, it was delicious, a swirling line of caramel covered in chocolate, hard to chew but worth every bite. 

GooGoo Cluster:  The best thing in the whole box.  My only complaint?  There was only one!

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I received no monetary compensation for this review, however I was provided with the product for free for purposes of review.  All opinions are my own. Click here see our full disclosure policy.

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