Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review: Zizo Bolt Cover Phone Case

I am a proud owner of a Samsung S7 Edge but I was a little upset when I bought it to hear that this phone had no tough case that I could buy. So when the opportunity to review the Zizo Bolt Cover phone case came along I was excited! I have two kiddos that love my phone and also love, almost need, to drop it and hear me scream in horror thinking they broke it.

When the Zizo Bolt Cover military grade ULTIMATE PROTECTION finally came, I put it on my phone and was so confident in it that I couldn’t wait to give my phone to my 7 month old and say DO YOUR WORST!. And believe me, she did - but failed.

Oh wait let me back up…

First things first, when opening the box you will get a instruction (in 3 different languages)  for applying the Tempered Glass Screen. Now right away I was excited for that because not only would it protect my screen from the messy fingerprints but also the dirt, and helps protect the phone when it falls.

Also included is a belt clip and the lanyard. I only used the lanyard a few times because honestly I don’t like having my phone on it, though it came in handy when my daughter almost threw my phone over a railing. So thumbs up on that, but I didn’t use it much otherwise.

Next the kickstand, which would be a LIFESAVER IN CARS!!!! I use this stand to place my phone in an upright position so I can use Google Maps to find my way around Germany where we live, and for me I MUST HAVE GPS ALL THE TIME.

The kickstand is also perfect for allowing my son to watch Netflix at a safe distance away from the danger of spills. LOVE IT!

Following the picture instructions were so easy and honestly only 4 steps and you are ready to use your phone.

So my first impressions were nothing but positive. Then Day 2 happened.

I decided to test the Zizo's durability claims out by putting my phone through the sort of challenges that are typical in my life.

First, I started by going through a few test runs, using the belt clip as I ran downstairs. Perfect.

I am 5’5 and I held the phone above my head and dropped it. Perfect.

I dropped it with a little throw as I sometimes throw it on the bed and it bounces off and lands on the floor…..(Yes I’m that mom) Perfect

Gave it to my 7 month old with the Hulk's strength for breaking things. Perfect.

Then I put in my bag to get ready to leave, and I didn’t put on the second strap of my bag and the phone and my wallet fall out and Zizo's tempered glass protection screen broke.

Really, not even half my height and it broke? It can be thrown, dropped from above my head, go through my daughter’s drop test and it breaks with that?

I was heartbroken and mad!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED! NOOOOOOOO!

Unfortunately, as I continued to use it, minus the broken screen protector, I found other issues as well.

The very first time I was trying to lift the kickstand, it was stuck so I had to use a butter knife to pry it open. Also, when you do have the “fragile” tempered glass on it, sometimes it doesn’t allow you to click on things as if not recognizing your finger. And trying to raise or lower the volume needs a little muscle just to push it down.

So though I really liked the style of the case, and loved its features in theory, I would not buy this item unless they came up with a tougher screen protecting glass that also would allow you to answer the phone without needing to slide right 10 times.

Now with that being said, I may still use the kickstand part of the case but the fear of it dropping will still be there. The back part of the case really is ruggedized, so I will just hope it lands on that side.

 Whenever I do find my perfect phone case, I will make sure it has a kickstand feature - that is still my favorite part.

One final comment, regarding Zizo's customer service. The day the screen protection cracked (March 9th), I sent them over an email to let them know what happen in hopes to hear back. A month has gone by and still no word back from them. Which is not a great sign in the hopes of getting it fixed or being sent a replacement.

The set I received, including holster and glass screen protector is currently on sale on their website for $23.99.  They also have other styles with built in kickstands that are available without the screen protector.


  1. Thanks for attending the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty, I shared your post.

  2. I am so rough on my phone (and everything else) Thank you for sharing this review at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Thank you for an honest review. The screen protection itself is my biggest issue with most phone cases. I want the screen not to break, but I need it to work too. Hmmm. Oh well, the manufacturers are trying I guess.

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity.

  4. Mr. M needs this for his phone, he has the S7 Edge too. Only thing is he already cracked his screen. SMH! He is so rough on his phone.


  5. My Zizo Bolt holster broke in under 2 months. The stress point us on the clip that holds the phone in the holster. I contacted Zizo & they're aware of it but it sounded like no plans to redesign that part. Other than that, the case has been great.

    A few days ago, the screen protector came off. It doesn't stick so well now & it cracked today.

  6. A tempered glass protector is meant to be cracked instead of the actual phone screen. That is the main purpose. Reading how the phone screen has taken some damage from the multiple tests, in my opinion, I think it worked great and did its job in protecting your phone. I would rather replace the $10 screen protector than pay the $150 to replace the actual screen. My phone is still in Brand New condition using this case.

  7. I purchased one of these "great" cases. Dropped my phone from 4 feet and cracked my phone but the screen protector was in tact. Thanks Zizo wireless.

  8. Thanks for sharing your great experience! I am so happy and aggree with you. Please keep up it in future! Hedge Trimmer Reviews

  9. I really like this case, I got it because it's durable and lighter weight then other drop safe cases. I need easy to grip because of my RA things tend to slip through my fingers, with this it's a better grip. I was really happy it had a lanyard attachment so that made it even safer, unfortuately the loop on the case broke off within a week. :( So much for durabillity.

  10. Like the case but it didnt protect my phone at all dropped it from 3 1/2 ft and it broke the screen protector and the screen on my week old phone never dropped till then

  11. Thanks for the honest review. Was looking into this case but not anymore. Cracked my previous phone the same way you cracked the screen protector, by leaving my bag slightly open, fell less than 3 feet with a supcase beetle pro on it, broke the screen and the glass back. I miss the days Samsungs flagships were plastic, dropped my note 3 so many times without a case or screen protector, lasted me almost 3 years before it eventually had a drop too many.

  12. The glass cover is to protect from scratches and dirt.
    Glass being glass, it can break.
    Some people prefer the Skinomi’s MatteSkin or Otterbox Alpha Glass to protect the screen.
    Overall I like the Zizo Bolt double armored case, and keep it in a closing leather wallet that covers the screen with leather and is easy to wear.
    The single swivel belt clips on many cases give you a single point of failure, if it pops off your belt, it drops! But the thick leather wallet covers everything and can not break.

  13. I just received my 2nd Zizo Bolt today. I had the first one for 1 year and 3 months. The first screen protector broke within a couple of weeks but I'm pretty sure it saved the phone screen and took most of the impact on my numerous drops. My first Zizo Bolt is still in great shape it's just that I broke the kickstand and realized verynquickly just how much I use a kickstand. So I ordered a new one in a new color. I will never buy any other case. It's fantastic.

  14. Customer service won't respond I need warranty information and they're not getting back to me I tried chat nobody comes online I send emails I've waited a week nobody gets back to me I'm very disappointed this warranty this company

  15. I bought a bolt for my Samsung Galaxy. The case broke after 3 days. It fell less than a foot onto carpet. Zizo did not back up their lifetime warranty at all. Zizo also lied about shipping. It was extremely late
    . Customer service is horrible! Buy from literally any other company and you will be much better off.