Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stitch Fix Plus Sizes Are Here!

As a woman who has gained enough weight over the last couple of years to find myself needing to shop Plus sizes now, I've spent a good bit of time looking longingly at the large number of Stitch Fix posts floating around.  The looks are cute, have a nice variety and the clothing seems to be of very good quality.  But until recently, there was nothing for the larger woman.

A few months ago, they said Plus sizes were coming and asked people to sign up on their waiting list, which I did.  And a couple months ago, it became available!  I've now had two boxes and over all am very happy to have this service.  I'm still learning how to describe what my needs and desires are, and my stylist is still learning to interpret what I mean - but I can see how good this is going to be once we've each had a little bit of practice!

My biggest specific need is that all fasteners are easy for me to use - my hands have a serious level of rheumatoid arthritis deformation which makes it hard to impossible to snap stiff snaps, or button buttons in too-tight button holes.  That will likely be the most difficult thing to adequately explain to my stylist (or anyone without fine motor disabilities), but I think we'll get there.

Now, I received no compensation for this post, although if you sign up by clicking through the referrer code at the bottom, I will get a $25 credit off a future box, and I would greatly appreciate that!

So, here's how Stitch Fix works - after you sign up, you complete a pretty thorough profile questionnaire to help pinpoint your style and budgetary range.  Each delivery is billed a $20 styling fee, but it is put toward the cost of anything you keep from that month's Fix.

Also, you can leave a note for your stylist each delivery period letting them know any particular upcoming needs, etc. and can also share social media such as a Pinterest Board to help explain what appeals to you.

The stylist puts together a box for you, at which point payment is taken from the card you submitted when you signed up.  The box will have five items that will include clothing and accessories such as jewelry or shoes, and you have three working days to try them on and decide what you'd like to keep. At that point you check out, buying what you want and indicating which are being returned or exchanged for a different size.  You should also leave feedback on each item so that they can pinpoint your personal tastes and needs.

They include a roomy pre-paid shipping bag for everything you want to return, making it very easy to handle the shipping.

They even have an arrangement for the boxes your clothes come in!  You can fill them up with Goodwill items, print out a prepaid shipping label, and cull a few items you no longer need.

Of course the best part for me is NO DRESSING ROOMS.

So here's a look at what I've received the last couple of months - mind you, I am no model nor anyone pretending to be. I am a 55-year-old heavyset woman with blue hair, a hippie sensibility, and disabilities. I would still like to look good more often then not -- but I also strongly favor being comfortable.  Can Stitch Fix work for me? Let's see!

My March Fix included a pair of denim leggings, a lightweight white blouse with a blue floral pattern, a long lightweight blue cardigan with a hood, a floral patterned maxi dress, and a long silver-toned rope necklace.

First - what didn't work.  The denim leggings were very good quality but they were too small for me and because I was afraid of just BUYING ALL THE THINGS, it didn't even occur to me that I could try to exchange them.  I kind of regret that.

The top was really cute - I love the print, and how springlike these two look together. But it was terribly sheer, and would require me hunting down a bra-in camisole to even think about wearing. Rather than having it hang out in my closet until I got around to that, I sent it back. But style wise? Dead on.

And then I kept the other three pieces!

The blue cardigan is shapeless and probably not going to turn heads, but it is incredibly comfortable, and lightweight enough to put on for quick excursions out to walk the dog or when we are having really variable weather that may or may not require an extra layer.

This was a definite win for me, and I have already worn it enough for it to pay for itself.  I think it would have looked great over that blue floral top and denim leggings.

I've also gotten a lot of wear already out of the necklace - the chain is silver toned and looks like rope which is knotted with a set of smoky crystal beads hanging from the ends.  The result is sparkly and neutral and it pairs well along with a shorter necklace.

The maxi dress was the big winner - it fits nicely, feels good, and doesn't wrinkle, and it's just right for dressing up or dressing down as the occasion requires.  This dress is my New Favorite Thing, and the funny part is that I'd never have tried it on if I found it in a store because the pattern (which I like a lot) has a lot of orange in it.

I can see how Stitch Fix is going to help me learn to think outside my own self imposed limitations.

After that successful first box, I was very much looking forward to my second.  This one didn't go as well for me - in the end I only kept one item, but for the most part it wasn't due to not liking the styles.  It had everything to do with sizing or fasteners that were too hard for me.

This box contained one pair of jeans, two tops (one black and one white), a lightweight rain jacket, and a pair of red sneakers.

I liked these jeans a lot - they were straight legged, cuffed up to ankle height (and lightly stitched in place) and fit perfectly.  Two issues made it a deal breaker - there was a heavily frayed area right above one of the pockets - all by its lonesome, I honestly couldn't figure out if it was a manufactured bit of aging or an actual problem. But either way, I am a child of the 70s, and we fray up our own jeans. We don't buy them that way.

The bigger issue, though, were those cute double buttons necessary to close them up. I absolutely could not figure out a way to button them without getting my husband's help.  Twenty years ago, I'd be all over this style - but I can't own a pair of jeans that requires me to have an assistant to use the bathroom.  Very disappointing but I think I just can't wear standard jeans anymore. (See why I regret not trying to exchange the denim leggings from last month for a larger size?)

I also returned this white blouse, which I liked well enough in the box, but much less so on me.

I think this is a good length but something about the fabric made me feel like I was wearing a white paint smock made out of old drapes.

It is highly textured, and wrinkled very easily, and I just know I'd be finding excuses to pass it over constantly, so back it went.

I had better luck with the other blouse, and this was the one item I kept this month.

It fits quite nicely and has a little shape to it. The fabric is gauzy without being too sheer and doesn't wrinkle easily. It's a good neutral piece that will go with just about anything.  The sleeves are rolled up and buttoned for a 3/4 length look that I like a lot.

The shoes were wonderful - very good quality tennis shoes, really comfortable soles, and a fun color. They were about a half size too small, though, so I tried to exchange them for a half size up, and they were out of stock, so that was a little heartbreaking.

Finally, the raincoat - this was so cute in the box and I am so in need of a lightweight rain jacket that I actually squealed with happiness when I saw it.

I love the print and like the way it looks on me.  But, I couldn't get the zipper to disconnect at the bottom without a lot of struggle (and I know from experience that doesn't bode well for the lifespan of that zipper, which did not seem very sturdy), and I was flatly unable to snap the snaps that secure it over the top of the zipper.

A rain jacket that can't be closed up when it's raining isn't very useful, so I had to let it go, sadly.

Overall, even though I didn't keep much from this box, I'm very pleased with the ability to discover what I like and don't like in the comfort of my home, and I'm greatly looking forward to my next Stitch Fix!

One thing I don't like - there is no way to go back and look at the clothes from boxes once you've checked out.  Not a huge deal because cards are included in the box with brand details and pricing, but I'm so used to being able to refer back to such things online, I didn't keep the cards! Now I know better.

Stitch Fix not only offers Plus sizes in addition to their standard boxes, they also offer maternity clothing, and Stitch Fix for Men!  If you'd like to give them a try, I'd appreciate if you'd use my referrer code:  Stitch Fix.


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