Friday, October 16, 2015

Review and Giveaway: DecalGirl Electronic Device Skins

I've never really thought of myself as a techie. I am not that person who buys the latest device when the newest version comes out, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do have quite a few devices, even though they are probably outmoded. I like to take care of the ones I have in hopes that they will last as long as possible, so when the opportunity to review DecalGirl cases and skins came up, I was pretty excited.

DecalGirl started out as a husband and wife operation in 2003. If you have a moment, read their origin story. It's pretty awesome. DecalGirl offers full color, high resolution, vinyl skins for tablets, phones, notebooks, laptops, game consoles. . . you name it, they skin it.

They also have high quality, protective cases with their unique designs as well. They have teamed up with several licensed brands and talented artists to offer a massive variety of skins and cases.

Seriously. Massive.

Once I was given the go ahead for this review, it took me a week to narrow down my choices. Their website is super easy to navigate and everything is neatly filed and organized. You can filter your options in hundreds of ways, so it wasn't a matter of not being able to find what I wanted. It was simply hard to choose because I loved so many of the designs.

I have a Kindle Fire HD7 from 2013 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I finally decided on a skin called Alice Clockwork for my Kindle and a flex case for my phone with the design called Treasure Hunt.

Once I narrowed down my choices, it took about 4 days for my products to be made. Shipping was super fast and I had my package just a few days after that. Everything was nicely packaged in a sturdy, card board box so that the skin wouldn't become folded or bent and there were very detailed instructions for application of the skin.

I'll admit, I was intimidated by the process of applying the skin. I didn't want to mess it up. I was afraid that I would wrinkle it or end up with a huge bubble. So I did the only logical thing. I made my husband apply the skin. That way I could blame him if it got messed up. (I love you, hunny)

Surprisingly, there were no issues at all with the application. Hubby reported that as he was applying the skin, if he felt things were going a little wonky, he could peel it back up a bit and fix the mistake.

The skin was very thick and flexible, not like a sticker or a cheap wall decal. But it didn't stretch or distort when pulled.

The cut outs were in the perfect place for the power button, speakers and volume control. There were even special cuts to allow the skin to conform to the unique shape of the back corners of the Kindle.

There were two pieces to the skin; a front frame and the large back image.

I love having the skin on my Kindle. It makes it easier to find (we are a two Kindle household, so now I know which one is mine) and I feel it offers some protection against scratches and what not.

It has held up very well during the testing period. My 6 year old daughter frequently uses my Kindle and she hasn't damaged it at all. There was one tiny little area where the skin got picked at but I was able to smooth it back down and it isn't coming away anymore.

The flex case for my phone is just what it sounds like. It was a flexible rubbery feeling, one piece unit that the phone simply snaps into. The design I picked was very colorful and it looks great. The picture wraps all the way around the edges. The cut outs for the camera, charging port, aux port, power button, volume control, speaker and infrared are all in the perfect position.

There have been a few downsides to the case. The thickness of the case makes it a little difficult to get the charger plugged in. Not impossible, just challenging. The overall fit is not 100%. It often looks like my phone isn't snapped in all the way and no amount of pushing will get it all the way in. That being said, I've not had a single problem with it popping off and I've dropped my phone a few times with no breakage so its definitely doing a good job of offering medium protection.

Skins for a Kindle are available in a Matte or High Gloss finish and retail cost is $16.99. The Flex case retails for $29.99. DecalGirl offers several options for shipping from Super Saver Shipping all the way to Next Day Air. They except all major credit cards and also PayPal.

And, if their huge collection of designs isn't enough for you, they even can make custom skins using your own artwork or photos!

Currently they are offering a 25% discount during checkout with the code FALL25. If that code expires before you get a chance to order, you may also use the code DECAL10 for 10% off.

Between now and  February 15, 2016, our readers can also use the code RCHREVIEWS15 for 15% off!

I have been extremely satisfied with my DecalGirl experience and I will definitely be a repeat customer. I love that they are a small, homegrown, American company that offers a great product for a great price.

The folks at DecalGirl have also offered up $25.00 worth of DecalGirl merchandise for our giveaway. You can choose any item in their shop for a value of up to $25.00 including shipping. Read on to find out how to enter to win.

You can learn more by visiting the DecalGirl website or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. 

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this entry as instructed by the Rafflecopter, then leave the name you commented under and your email in the box in the Rafflecopter entry. (This allows us to contact you if you win!)  This will open up additional optional entries to increase your odds of winning.

This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY
and will end just before midnight ET on 10-30-15. 

The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours after the end of the giveaway.  In order to claim the giveaway prize, the winner will need to respond within 24 hours of notification, or an alternate winner will be selected.  The winner may select from any merchandise on and take $25 off (including shipping costs).

Once the winner has responded and confirmed, their first name will be posted on our Giveaways page. 

Good luck everyone!

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