Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Daily Skin Active Hydration Moisturizer

As a woman in my 50s, I've gone from oily skin, to combination skin, to dry skin over the years, and have had to adjust my moisturizing regimen accordingly.

Skin Daily Hydrating Moisturizer is meant to combat each of these conditions.  It is a US made product that uses natural ingredients, is completely scent free and doesn't involve any animal testing.  It is available from Amazon for $19.97, and comes in a generous 3.4 oz dispenser, making this a very cost effective solution for problem skin.  I received mine for review via Tomoson.

I liked the easy to use pump, and found the product to be thick and creamy.  It is meant to be the last thing used before applying make up, after washing, using any toner or serum.  I did find that it doesn't immediately soak into the skin, so it was best to wait about 15 minutes before using any other cosmetics.

I didn't experience any facial tingling. reddening or irritation from it (I problem I often have with anti-aging products). I did find it was very important to exfoliate regularly to remove dry skin before applying in order to feel as if my face were hydrated well, and the thickness of the cream means that this will be a winter product rather than one for summer for me.

That said, I also found that it works very nicely as a night time moisturizer, protecting and hydrating my skin as I slept.

Due to it's affordability and the care to avoid issues with skin sensitivity, I would recommend this product as a starting point for anyone who is unsure where to begin with their own skincare concerns - it may very well be the answer for those with multiple, often incompatible skin issues and is not likely to cause any new ones.  If, like me, you have a whole pile of 'almost but not quite' products you've tried, some quite pricey, this could well be the one that lets you clear out the clutter!

Check out Skin Daily Active Hydration Moisturizer on Amazon, where you'll also find their natural serums and oils!


  1. I was able to review this moisturizer as well! I really like it, and I have oily/combination skin. Stopping by from the Wake Up Wednesday Link Up :)


  2. I have combination skin, so this product would work well for me. #ProductReviewParty

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