Monday, August 10, 2015

Review/Giveaway: Mindful Soaps Black Velvet Facial Bar

Hello friends! Grab a cup of tea and sit with me as I share something deeply personal with you. You see as a teenager, I was abnormally blessed with creamy, clear skin and bragged about it while all my friends suffered through typical teenage acne woes.

Karma bit me in the ass big time after my daughter was born in the form of patchy, cystic acne on my chin. Big, ugly pimples that started at the mid-line of my chin and crept up my jawline toward my left ear. Always in the same place and always in the summer. So bad that I would get ugly red scars when the pimples finally healed.

I'd show you a photo, but I made absolutely sure to either never be photographed in the summer, or to always use Photoshop.

I've tried the usual remedies including that expensive one that you can get off the infomercial, but nothing really helped. I had basically resigned myself to just dealing with it when the opportunity to review the Black Velvet Facial Bar from Mindful Soap came up. I figured it was worth a shot and boy was I right!

The Black Velvet Facial Bar contains activated charcoal made from Bamboo and also contains essential oil of Lavender and Tea Tree. It smells amazing, feels amazing, lathers up rich and creamy and rinses clean without leaving a residue.

According to Mindful Soap's website, the activated charcoal helps to "unclog pores, tame acne, and control oily skin". The generous 5 oz bar is priced at $6.99 and all single bars ship for $3.00. Orders with multiple items have a flat rate shipping of $6.00 and orders over $75 ship for free.

I've had my Black Velvet bar since the end of June and I've been washing my face with it daily now for a little over four weeks. The bar was so large that I actually took a sharp knife and cut a one inch slice off to make it a little easier to use. I'm down to a little oval of that original chunk after these four-plus weeks so I know this bar will last me a good long while.

I haven't had my usual breakouts at all since I've been using it. When a pimple starts to pop up, it barely makes an appearance and goes away without a fuss. I have had some new little black heads pop up around my forehead but I think that is because the activated charcoal is drawing all the impurities out of my skin. Its like a Biore strip for your whole face.

Trisha, the creator of Mindful Soap, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Through browsing her website, I've learned that she created the company after seeing the benefits essential oils had for her autistic son through scent therapy. Trisha has a background in Biology and was fascinated with the oils' ability to stimulate different parts of the brain, hence the name "Mindful Soap". I thought that was really cool.

Her products are all natural with no artificial dyes, fragrances or ingredients. There are several other products available in a variety of scents, including body cream, body wash and foaming soaps.

Trisha's also giving away one of these wonderful bars to one of our readers in the US! Keep reading to see how you can enter.

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Good luck everyone!

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    Desiree Dunbar

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