Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: Scent Trunk Women's Box

I wish I could start off by telling you how excited I was while waiting for my Scent Trunk box to arrive so I could review it for y'all, but truth be told I ended up with this assignment on accident. Scent Trunk does two versions of their fragrance subscription boxes - for men and for women. We had two reviewers set up to review Scent Trunk, one man and one woman.

Our male reviewer, who happens to be my husband, was sent a woman’s box, while our female reviewer, Chelsea, received nothing. After I spoke with the company about what had happened, they attempted to fix this problem, however only sent another female box to my husband, Daniel. Realizing it was just going to be too much trouble to ask them to send out any more boxes for review, I opted to take over the women's box since it was already in my home. At this time, we are still awaiting the arrival of Daniel’s male box.

I have to start off by admitting I am not a perfume wearer on regular occasion. Back in the day I use to wear body sprays often, but once I had nursing babies I didn’t like the idea of them any longer. That being said, and in spite of our delivery miscommunication, I still think this is a pretty great subscription service!

Scent Trunk sends three fragrances to your mailbox each month, allowing you to try a variety from top of the niche indie market to small batch companies. Their goal is to get you away form the big names so everyone isn’t wearing the same few scents. I really love that idea.

As a customer, you get to fill out a unique profile on their site, so Scent Trunk can get a good idea of your personal preferences. This allows them to curate a box specifically geared to your tastes.

For this review, as the originally assigned reviewer, Chelsea did fill out a profile. We are still unclear on whether or not the boxes that arrived to my house were based on that profile, or selected at random.

In the box I received was three very different small sample bottles in a black velvety drawstring pouch, a cardstock description of each, and four tester strips.

The first perfume I tried was called Interlude Woman by AMOUAGE. Flipping the card over, I got to know it a little bit more.

I loved that they show you on the card what the full size bottles look like.

The fragrance had a very citrusy, fruity smell right off the bat. As the day went on it dulled to a more sweet and floral scent which I enjoyed. It lasted just about all day.

This was probably the most grown up and ladylike of the three I got to try. I would wear again, especially for an evening out. I notice the bottom of my card for this one stated “PRICE: 384 CAD”

My first thought is sheesh that’s some expensive perfume! My second thought is.. why don’t the other two cards give me price points?!

The next one I tried, I honestly didn’t even want to put on. For the sake of review, I did of course. It was called Elegance Sombre by PERFUMES BY TERRI, and is not currently available for sale by Scent Trunk.

The bottle looks to be a more inexpensive homegrown business. It didn’t come off as less professional than the first.  But that wasn't what made me leery - removing the cap, its immediately smelled just as the card described and I feared. I smelled the hint of vanilla and orange, but overpoweringly I picked up my most hated smell—black licorice.

I was very pleased that this one only lasted a few hours. I will not be wearing this one again. I know this is some peoples cup of tea, in fact my husband was quite the fan, but a big hard pass from this lady. I’m blaming this one on something Chelsea said in her profile quiz.

I somehow managed to accidently save the best for last. It came in a bright hot pink sample bottle, which actually made me think I wouldn’t be a fan, go figure. This last sample was called Lady Cool by Dueto Parfums.

I noticed right away it didn’t have a cap covering the spray nozzle, and that bothered me for some reason. but it meant I could smell it before spraying and I was very intrigued. I thought it smelled nice and fruity, with gentle intoxicating earthy notes underneath. I LOVE the smell of sandalwood.

I put this one on in the morning and stopped noticing it probably around 4pm or so. I would wear this again, and I have a few times. I liked finding this one in my box!

I thought the three samples were all very different from each other and I really appreciated that about the box. I realize a customer who fills out a scent profile may not have the same diversity within their own box, but at least it’ll be in tune with what you may wear. I also really loved all the information the cards gave for each one.

I even had to look up what SILLAGE means. For anyone else who doesn’t know, it’s the trail of scent left in a room after you leave it. Good to know…

It was really hard to find their price points for a subscription box on their website. So much so, that I never did. Luckily their Facebook page has it on the banner.

A box of unique scents could be yours for just $18 a month!

I think that is a very fair price, especially when I clicked on the SHOP tab on their website. Browsing there, I discovered you can purchase the full size bottles of anything they send. Some were priced as low as $18, however many resided in the “over $400” gated community, and everywhere in between.


  1. I love getting parcels and this one would be lovely to use. So many unusual fragrances in this pack. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes link up :)

  2. I like how descriptive they are. It's hard when you are buy scents to describe what you like but I think of you used this service for a few months, you could learn quite a bit about how to describe what you like.

  3. I like the variety of perfumes they offer. It seems like a great deal, considering what you're getting and I just might consider subscribing!

  4. I like the variety they offer. I am sure there's something for everyone and it seems to be a great deal!

  5. This looks like a great box! I love that it's affordable.

  6. I think I would like this Scent Trunk Women's Box. Sometimes I have a hard time finding a scent I like, so this would be a good idea for me.
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  7. Thanks again for the review. We've recently transitioned so all of the cards had prices on them!