Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Since I was very small, I've had a pretty good idea of how I would look as I aged.  I inherited a lot of my mother's facial features and body structure, and she inherited them from her mother, so between the two, I could look ahead and see my own future pretty much all the way to the end of my days.

For the most part, with obvious variations for life circumstances, that prophetic look forward has held up, in both good and not so great ways.  The women before me were blessed with good metabolism well into their mid-40s, and then put on a few pounds, as have I, had graceful, delicate bone structure (although we have all laughed a little ruefully over the family 'chicken knees') that I inherited as well (although with rheumatoid arthritis, 'delicate' has turned into 'fragile' on me).

Our faces are where the similarities really show up, specifically in a ruddy complexion and a tendency to develop a double chin that will get more pronounced the longer I live, and deep lines on the sides of the mouth - grooved into either smile lines or frown lines, depending on our mood, which start to look a good bit like a bulldog in later years.

I'm not a fan of that - to a point, this happens to everyone eventually, but knowing how pronounced it becomes in my family, it's a source of mild dismay to my vanity, which thankfully isn't overly-developed.

I tend to regard it as something to just accept (I have no interest or desire to engage in surgical or expensive needle-dispensed solutions to delay the inevitable), but that doesn't mean I'm not happy when I can find simple ways to minimize it a little bit .  It's also why I am always a little skeptical that much actual difference will be made by any over the counter remedy.

All of this is why I was happy to give Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer a try.  This is touted as an 'all-in-one' anti-aging product, containing Matrixyl, Witch Hazel, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin E, which each play a role in reducing redness, fine lines and wrinkles as well as peptides which doubles the amount of collagen in your skin, increasing elasticity.

Adeline Skin Care products are made in the US and are cruelty-free - never tested on animals! They also are free from parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) & petrochemical derivatives.

I've spent a few weeks now using it daily and have come to appreciate it as a part of my daily routine.

To use it, you need only a pea-sized portion for your face and neck after you've washed.  This really makes the 1 ounce bottle (available for $35.25 on Amazon) go a long way.  I really like the airless pump - I've experienced no jamming or clogging and it's releases just the right amount with a single pump.  (I have tossed items due to bad pumps that made the product impossible to get to, so this was a big deal to me)

The scent is a subtle mint that was not at all overpowering, just pleasant and short lived.

At first, I was a little disappointed in the basic moisturizing capabilities - it felt slightly tacky after application and caused a very minor sensation I wouldn't exactly call itchy, but at least noticable.  It would last about 20 minutes, and I assume is just a factor of what it's doing, but I didn't care for it much.

That said, while it never made my face feel hydrated the way most moisturizers do, about an hour in, my skin feels noticably more firm and elastic. (for you young folks, when you get older, your skin starts to lose a lot of that 'springy' feeling which is why older skin sags)  I loved that effect a LOT. 

After a couple weeks, I decided to start applying my regular moisturizer over it after applying, and that made all the difference for me - now my skin was hydrated, elastic, and even the not-quite-itchiness lessened to the point where it was easy to ignore.  

And yes, the longer I've been using it the less pronounced the lines in my face look, too - I know they're not going away, and the effects aren't permanent in any way, but I am quite pleased with the result and plan to continue using Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer.  

Unlike products where the effects seem to be more about tricking the eye with lighting effects, this is actually making a difference I can feel by touch.

This product is good for all skin types (mine is dry, which may be why I need a more aggressively hydrating moisturizer than some).

In the month that I've been using it, I can't say it's taken away the ruddiness (nothing ever has), it does seem to be evening it out a little bit, which is a real victory when it's summer!

Finally, I discovered that it does a great job on my hands - the skin on the back of my hands have gotten quite 'crepey' over the last few years, with little lines that look like I'm starting to grow lizard scales. (hah, I can't think of any other way to explain it)  Just a tiny bit applied after I wash my hands for the last three weeks, and those lines are very nearly gone.  And unlike the face, I experience no not-quite-itching there at all.

For these reasons, I'd recommend this to anyone who is starting to feel less firmness in the face and neck area, or signs of aging in their hands (or anywhere else)!  Because such a small amount is needed to see these results, it's a very simple and low key way to help roll back the clock a little and maintain the health of your skin.  Just expect that you might still need to use a different moisturizer to go with it.

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  1. Isn't it crazy to look in the mirror and see your mom. It freaks me out how much I look like her, and more so act like her. Although there is no one that I would rather resemble, I do want to keep looking young as much as possible. This product looks awesome.

  2. It's nice to know what comes next. I look more like my father than my mother so I don't have a total predictor of how I am going to age, or maybe I am in denial. I know my problem area is around the eyes, and I use eye cream to tackle that. The product you reviewed sounds great, especially with all of those natural ingredients. #productreviewparty

  3. My problem areas is my eyes, which to me makes me look older. This product sounds like something I could use. #ProductReviewParty

  4. thanks for giving good information about a product I've never heard of. Do the company offer samples?

  5. Great review! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

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