Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Design History

Before the mail man delivered a box with Design History goodies in it, my wardrobe was mainly workout clothes. I am a running shorts and razor back tank top kinda girl. But let’s be honest there’s times when workout clothes are “not appropriate.” I was very excited to be receiving these three tops to add to my minimalist wardrobe and I think quite a few people were surprised to see me out of my workout clothes and in bright colors.

Here’s what I have added to my wardrobe - a purple, yellow and pink top.

I was excited to start pairing them with my current options. I did not see any specific instructions on the label, so I washed the tops on cold, threw them in the dryer and they came out ready to be worn. I have not had an accident (yet - I do have a toddler). I’m hoping I can do my normal vinegar spray and wash if one happens.

I was told that Design History clothing usually fits as a “small”. As I looked through their catalog I noticed most of it looked loose on the models. I was curious how small the shirts would be. The yellow and purple tops are a great fit, I love the loose flow with my short shorts, tight yoga pants and fitted jeans. I found it a good balance of tight on bottom and loose on top. The pink shirt was a little too loose for me with it’s wider style but I did like how it was shorter.

I loved the fit, color, light weight feel, and style of the purple top. I wear sports bras with the creative backs that you want to peek out. I really like how the design had a see through side and back. I was able to pair it with light jean shorts, jeans, and my comfy Hawaii beach shorts. I wore this top to Mom’s night out and received a bunch of compliments on it.

I also enjoyed the fit, color, light weight feel and style of the yellow top. When I first tried it on with just a sports bra, I felt like it was too see thru for me. I really liked the front and back pattern so I had the wild idea to try it on backwards. I loved how it looked once I flipped it around (I know you don’t usually wear shirts backwards on purpose, but I will be with this one). I also tried it on with a tank top underneath which was another good option. I found I can wear this top with dark jean shorts, black floral shorts, and my yoga pants.

The pink top was heavier and wider than the other two. I’ve had this skirt for a long time and never a top that match right. This ended up being the perfect fit. I’ve been needing another outfit option for my husband’s work gatherings and this top paired with my maxi skirt was the right fit.

So how much of an investment is it to add Design History to your closet?

The pink shirt came with a price tag of $59. The other tops did not have a price tag with them so I did some online researching for price range. These are the two tops I found available online:
Bloomingdales - Double Layer Tank $68.00 and Anik - Colorblock Short Sleeve Hi Low Top- White/Inkspot $108.00.

The price tag may look a little steep at first compared to options such as Target but you have to remember quality. Shirts I’ve purchased in the past that were cheaper didn’t last. They slowly shrink as you wash and dry them, color fades, and before you know it it’s time for new stuff (which is fun but you could be spending more in the end).

I really like the purple and yellow tops, I see myself wearing them the most when it’s time to put the running shorts and tank to the side. I feel like Design History added the spark of color my wardrobe needed. 

You can shop for Design History apparel at several locations, online and off.


  1. Those shirts are so cute! I, too, am a minimalist sort of person and its hard to get me to wear anything outside of my safety zone! Is that a dress in the first pic? (blue/white stripe).

    1. The picture from the top is one from their website. It is a dress. They had a lot of cute dresses in their catalog.

  2. Great tops! I really love the light purple one.

  3. I never order clothing on line, but looks like you got some fun pieces! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. I would definitely wear the purple top. I really like the style of it.

  5. I love these items and your own skirt, too - so cute! I want to check this out asap!!!

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