Friday, May 29, 2015

How to One-Up Boxed Mix Brownies

Now I will be the first to say I love….no LOVEEEEEE brownies. Though I cannot eat them everyday, I do enjoy them and when I do make them I also love to one-up the boxed mixed and get my full fill of chocolate.

During this month I have some of those "ugh" kind of days and needed a pick me up of chocolate goodness. And with the handy help of my son I was able to make the best batch of deliciousness. 

How to One-Up Boxed Mixed Brownies (aka Cooking with Kids)


Brownie Boxed Mix (I used Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix Original with Hershey’s syrup pouch)
*Egg (per box instructions)
*Oil (per box instructions)
*Water (per box instructions)
Real Milk Chocolate Morsels (I used Toll House Milk Chocolate Morsels)

Measuring cups for liquids
Measuring cup for morsels (1 cup)
Stand Mixer
20x 20 glass Baking dish

First, of course, if you have helpers make sure all hands are washed.

For the beginning you will follow the box directions regarding pre-heating the oven and the measurements of the required ingredients.

Combine the water, egg and oil in your stand mixer, and mix this well.  Next add the powdered brownie mix from the box.

Make sure to stop and give your helps a chance to push down any dry ingredients..

While mixing,  get ready the morsels (that is, feel free to sneak a few when no one is looking.)

Add 1 cup of chocolate morsels and mix again.

This next step is purely optional!!

You can add the Hershey syrup that came with the box, as you can see I only added a little since we are putting in morsels.

Mix Well.

Once this is done take your dish you can do one of 2 options to grease the pan:

The cleaner way is to spray pan or some non-stick spray into the dish and then pour goodness inside.

The DIRTY WAY aka fun for kids

Take a little bit of butter and use your fingers to spread in the entire dish.

If you are using glass as we did, you may find some areas will not hold the butter so then you would use some mommy or daddy power and sprinkle a little all purpose flour into the dish to give the butter something to hold onto.

Now that that is done, pour the chocolatey  goodness inside.

Level it out by shaking it lightly to each side.

Into the oven it goes but this is where things change up again. The box says to bake 34 to 35 minutes at 350F. This all depends on the humidity and oven used!!

I am using a gas stove, so I like to start off  15 minutes and then check using a butter knife and stick in the middle if when pulled out, it's covered you need more time. Since there are chocolate morsels if by chance your test knife is in the middle of a few of those there will be syrup on the knife. What you are checking for is batter.  For this time I use a cool total of 30 minutes!! (I live in an extremely low-humidity environment, so it may take yours longer.)

Allow to cool if you can then serve with ice cream or nice cool glass of milk. ENJOY!! Let me know how yours taste and if you liked the one up method.



  1. These look delicious! Now I'm craving brownies! Thanks for sharing

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  14. Thanks everyone for your comments, they were amazingly good and sadly gone in one day.

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