Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review: Nourish Snacks

Snacking is my absolute weakness. Some days, by dinner time, I realize I hadn’t had a single real meal yet, just a slew of noshing. As a mom of two, I know I’m not alone in this.

I’m also very guilty of not making the best snacking decisions. If I mange to get the baby down for a nap, while the oldest is in school, you can likely find me parked on the couch enjoying something that, for once, isn’t animated and yelling at me about where we go after Candy Bridge and Fuzzy Mountain. And what goes better with trashy reality TV and daytime talk shows? An entire bag of Doritos or a line of Oreos, of course! Or so I have often thought….

Joy Bauer, NBC’s TODAY Show Nutritionist founded Nourish Snacks, out of a need for delicious crave-worthy snacks, in correctly portioned packaging, filled with nourishing, energizing ingredients. With 25 powerful flavor combinations to choose from, there really is something for whatever you are feeling.

I was sent a small variety that included 5 different bags to try. My first reaction was that I wished they were resealable. They appeared a little big to me for one sitting! I quickly found they were just the right size, and there was always someone nearby willing to share if I dare thought otherwise.

Each bag had a nice clear window on the packaging, which gave a great introduction to which I was about to eat. The names are all super cutesy, but uber fitting for what they are comprised of. I liked the small details on the package, like the ‘Eat Happy’, across the bottom, and the ‘Open with Joy’ at the tear line.

Right away, I wanted to eat the Mr. Popular. Its actually kind of humorous that I had that one, because JUST the night before, my husband and I were a lying in bed, watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn. At the end I was digging through the seeds when my husband asked what on Earth I was doing.

Now, we’ve been together a decade, so I don’t know how we got this far without him knowing but I LOVE the half popped kernels. He thought that was completely absurd. So, HA, in his face! Must not be if there is an ENTIRE SNACK BAG filled with nothing but.

It was so perfect, every kernel was perfectly half popped to perfection. Mmm! With ingredients like Non-GMO corn, soybean or sunflower oil and sea salt, and coming in at a whopping 190 calories (granted the sodium was 130mg) I didn’t feel nearly as guilty as I would after a bag of popcorn.

The next snack I tried, was the Cinn-Sational. It is made up of cinnamon spiced apples and almonds. It was pretty good, but far from my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of the texture of dried apples, but they had a wonderful flavor. I gave most of them to my daughter while I savored in the flavored almonds. This bag was a bit lower in calories, at 150.

For breakfast one day, I decided to give the Berry’d Treasure a go. These super tasty chewy granola bites were packed with real apples, blueberries and apricots. I personally prefer crunchy granola for snacking over chewy, but this made for a wonderfully fueling breakfast on the go. This had the least calories of the ones I’ve tried with only 130.

I was actually a little afraid of the next one. Honey Bee Good is honey-roasted chickpeas. I don’t generally care for chickpeas, and only like them mashed up like hummus.

However, these actually turned out to be one of my favorites. They had a decadent sweet honey flavor and a wonderful crunch like a roasted peanut. They weren’t too hard, and nothing like a plain cooked chickpea. These had 180 calories, but a higher protein count with 7g.

The last one I tried, was the least enjoyed by my entire family. In fact, only enough was tasted to write this review, and the rest got tossed.

Chili’n in the Corn’r were citrus chili-roasted corn. For starters, none of us like corn nuts or similar dried corn snacks. On top of that the flavor was extremely strong, and the smell alone was enough to turn us off. It was par with the rest on calories at 150 but easily the most sodium filled with 260g.

Although there were one or two that I wasn’t crazy about, there are 20 other flavors I haven’t tried (and I WILL change that!). I think Nourish Snacks is filled with a great set of snacks, many of which are super unique, and I’m sure they will come out with even more as time goes on.

There are several collections to choose from when purchasing such as chocolate, crunchy, energizing, etc. Or you can purchase a sampler of their stock. Their collections cost $36 for 20 bags! I think that is a wonderful price, and I will be patronizing that soon. You can also buy multiple packs of one single flavor 5 for $10 or 10 for $20, coming to just $2 a pack which I think is well worth it.

Or you can join their Snack N’ Save program and, along with getting exclusive look at new snacks and promotions, receive 10% and free shipping on orders over $25

On the Nourish Snacks website, you can also find a blog where they share health conscious recipes, highlight their snacks, fun DIY’s, etc.

I was very happy with this company and their products and will very much enjoy remaining a customer.


  1. Oh, these look yummy! I am always excited to hear about new snacks that are Non-GMO :)

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  3. I love when I can find healthy snacks for travel. We're headed to India this Summer and lots of individually wrapped snacks are a must with the children- even teenage ones! Thanks for sharing this review. I found you on a Little R&R Link Party.

  4. These look tasty! I like the variety and that they are non-gmo; nice!

  5. Mmmm these look good! I'd love to try blueberry apple granola bites. I think these would be really nice to pack along when going on a hike. You never know when you'll get hungry.

  6. Wow these look delicious! I too am guilty of the 'mom snacking' throughout the day and this seems like a great healthy alternative.

  7. I love the half popped popcorn too! They are the best part of the popcorn to me. All of these snacks sounded yummy. I can't wait to check out their website.

  8. I'm a snacker myself. I would love to try out that granola. #ProductReviewParty

  9. with so many varieties it should be easy to find a few favs. I will eat those half popped kernels but like the fully popped better :)

  10. Really look yummy and a great alternative to snacking on junk food! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. I never heard of these snacks before, but they look terrific. I would enjoy the Honey Bee Good flavor and I love chick peas.
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  12. These look so delicious--I'd really like to try the Cinn-sational flavor.