Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Dr. Squatch Artisan Soap for Men

Dr. Squatch is a soap company unlike many other soap companies. There are tons of soaps out for women. They have tons of wonderful scents … for women. Dr. Squatch brings artisan soap to MEN. Manly men. Their scents are designed for the wild side in all of us.

I have never been a huge fan of bar soap since switching to liquid shower soaps. They always left my skin feeling dry and all of them seemed to leave behind a soapy residue. That's not the case with here. When I spoke with the guys over at Dr. Squatch, I informed them that I currently live in the Mojave Desert and that the dry winter air was destroying my skin. They said that the Bay Rum bar would be a great choice for me.

I have to say that they were definitely right. The bar feels soft and smooth on your skin. I left the shower with my skin feeling moisturized and smelling like a million bucks.

When I first got the bar in my wife said that I should cut it down into smaller pieces to make it more manageable. The 5oz. bars are fairly large compared to what I have used in the past. I told her that I wasn't some sissy. MEN don't have time to cut their soap!

Even as large as the bar is I found it easy to use. I originally tried it without a wash cloth. It didn't seem to suds up very much with the bar directly contacting my skin. When I switched gears and grabbed a wash cloth I was very impressed at the silky smooth lather that it produced. And the scent is very pleasing.

I found that my wife would often just sniff me. Which, under any other circumstance, might have seemed really weird (or not!). But she loved the scent of the Bay Rum bar just as much as I did.

The Bay Rum Bar is aptly described as "a traditional men's scent that is a timeless blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine needles, and a sweet orange freshness. Its a smooth and creamy bar with a tropical twist that will transport you to the islands before that big day at work."

Some of their other scents include Pine Tar, Gold Moss Scrub, Cedar Citrus, and Spearmint Basil. With so many scents to choose from you it would be hard to get bored or not find one that you like or suits your skin type.

Dr. Squatch offers their 5oz. bars for only $6 each and for $5 per month you can get a monthly subscription of  one, two or three of their soaps.

Not only do they offer soap, they also have a line of scented oils to use as cologne or beard oils for $42 per 1oz bottle. You can also purchase gift boxes for your friends and family so that they too may experience what a true man should smell like.

So you don't know which soap would be best for you? Take the test on their site to figure out which bar would best suit your nose and your skin.

Orders over $50 are free to ship by using the code 50FREESHIP at checkout on their website.

Dr. Squatch is also available on Amazon.


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  1. there are some men in my life i believe for whom this would make a great gift. starting early

  2. My son's ,and husband will LOVE this,thanks so very much for the share.

  3. Never mind men, after that write-up I think I want to sample some of that soap for myself. I have a wild side too!


  4. This sounds really great for men. #ProductReviewParty

  5. Sounds like wonderful soap! My hubby would love it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. The Bay Rum bar soap sounds like a soap not only my husband would like but I would like too along with the Cedar Citrus, and Spearmint Basil.

  7. Love Dr. Squatch, especially the pine tar and the bay rum, and just ordered the samples for their cologne for my hubby.
    feel free to use a referal link below for $5 off your order:

  8. The company uses a bait-and-switch dishonest marketing. I'd avoid doing business with them.

  9. Not every customer has a fairytale ending with Squatch.. I just sent this today after 8 previously unsuccessful attempts in a week to get a response...

    I have now attempted to speak with someone at Squatch EIGHT times in a week (since last Saturday). I have sent two site emails, 3 voice mails, 2 FB page messages, posted on their wall like this previously, and now for the NINTH time I am attempting a final form of contact through this message.

    In a week NOBODY has called me, emailed me back, responded to my Fb posts, not responded as a live human to a FB message. I did get a bot message last night but still no human. NINE attempts now.

    And the subscription I was trying to modify a WEEK ago.. just showed up today.. incorrect. Because that’s what happens when you have TOTAL DISREGARD for your customer base. You mess up their orders. And the lack of response proves undoubtedly that they don’t care.

    Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Probably due to a COMPLETE LACK of it. I’ve never seen something so ridiculous. And now I’ve spent $12 on soap I didn’t want and asked for it to be changed a week ago.

    And you know what? I could have handled getting the wrong soap if it was too late to change my subscription.. even though I modified it through their website THREE days prior to it shipping. How do I know it was 3 days when they don’t send order shipping acknowledgements like every other subscription on the planet? Because on the 3rd day is when my card was billed. They can’t even do something as basic as tell you when your order ships so you can plan accordingly.

    I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and gave many chances for this to be rectified. All it required up until this point was a simple email or call back from a real person. But for a WEEK they completely ignored me. And now it will be 9 days at least before they could even possibly contact me because they’re closed on the weekends.

    BEWARE! This is what you’re in for if you ever have an issue of any kind. There is no customer service. They don’t care about your business.

  10. I ordered my soap on June 9th 2020. Today is June 19th 2020. I have received nothing from this scammer company except for automated emails. They sure took my money immediately though.

    Definitely a shady company.

    No more Dr. Squatch - buy locally instead!!!

  11. This company is a SCAM company! They CHARGE your card ..take your money but DON't deliver the product. They send you these automated messages like "Oh I will make sure you are taking care of" and it is all BS....They lie ..only response you get is an email and no way of reaching live person. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I just read this company is worth like 8.5 million! Sure that is easy when you just take money but dont deliver a product! STAY AWAY